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Should We Tempt Fate?

Lion wants me to enjoy doing things to him. He said he thinks I like to make him yelp. I don’t think that’s true. He said he’d like to think I like to make him yelp. We compromised when I

Failure to Edge

As you’ve probably read in Lion’s post this morning, he wants more communication. Face to face communication. Well, I assume that also includes our emails back and forth during work days. And I also assume he does actually want more

Horny with a Chance of Road Block

For the past few nights, Lion has been easily aroused but hard to edge. I think it must have something to do with the fact that he hasn’t gotten his punishment swats. He wasn’t feeling well Saturday night and we

Long-Haired Hippy

When Lion first got the Cherry Keeper, I didn’t like it. I had trouble getting in on and then getting it locked. It did seem to keep him centered well, which is good for his peeing needs. Over the course