Oral Sex

I had a headache Tuesday night and another on Wednesday night. This morning I woke up with one. It quickly morphed into a migraine. I’d say Lion doesn’t have a hope in hell for play tonight, but it might feel better later. I never know. Last night I asked what he wanted to do. He said he doesn’t get a choice. Hello? I’ve been asking the past few days. If I didn’t want him to have a say, I wouldn’t have asked. He said he could always go for clothespins and then quickly added that he meant regular wood clothespins. Bummer. Well, he might get his choice but I can put a twist on it.

I wasn’t going to swing all the way to the nasty dollhouse clothespins. I’m not that mean. However, we just did the regular clothespins not too long ago. I put a bunch on him the other day and avoided the stripe up the middle. This time I grabbed the clothespins with the grip tape on them. They’re mean too, but nowhere near as mean as the little ones. And I put them straight up the stripe. There are some spots that really hurt. I made sure I was at least close to them if I didn’t entirely hit them. My weenie was very excited. It’s interesting how the weenie enjoys himself even though the surrounding area is hurting. Of course, when the tiny clothespins are on the head, the weenie still enjoys himself. He’s a strange little being.

I still sucked Lion after I was done with the clothespins. He got close and had a very good time, but he still ended rather abruptly. I’m not sure why. As long as he’s enjoying himself along the way, I won’t get too concerned that he can’t last long. But when I decide it’s time for an orgasm, he better look like being ready. (I talk a good game but what can I really do if he’s not ready. Even if I spank him, it probably won’t change anything.) All I can do is keep at it until I get him off. Poor me, having to suck him more. Good thing I love doing it.

Various women, including Mrs. Lion, have told me that they like putting my soft cock in their mouths and feel it as it gets hard. Obviously, I like that too — a lot. It is a feeling of power for the woman. She can make me change physically just by the simple act of holding my penis in her mouth. Oral sex gives the woman, at least temporarily, control of sex for her partner.

The first woman I had sex with commented on that sense of power. Before then it never occurred to me. Is oral sex the first form of orgasm control a couple enjoys? The male has a lot of control over his arousal and ejaculation during intercourse. If he is getting a handjob, he can always take over. But when his penis is ensconced securely in his partner’s mouth, she is in charge. She can slow down, stop, speed up, and finally push him over the edge. He is powerless.

Before Mrs. Lion, when my penis entered my partner’s mouth, a very happy ending was assured. I would usually finish in her mouth. A few times she might take me out of her mouth and finish with her hand. Or, she might have me enter her and finish in her vagina. One way or another, an oral start assured an ejaculatory finish.

Then, along came Mrs. Lion. As my keyholder, she has sexual control wherever my penis is residing. For a long time, she would only suck my cock if she intended to let me ejaculate in her mouth. She loves that. At some point, she decided that she could tease me to the edge as well with her mouth as she could with her hand.

The first few times she tried, I managed to ejaculate. Eventually, she learned my warning signs and was able to edge me as efficiently with her mouth as she could with her hand. That’s when a blow job stopped being the signal for a happy ending. She starts and stops leaving me panting and sweating.

So far she hasn’t waited until I get soft to resume sucking. I suppose that she is too impatient for that. Being in sexual control means she can bring me from soft to hard in her mouth as many times as she wants in a single session. It will be slow because I tend to stay hard a while after being pushed to the edge. I don’t know why I even thought of that idea. It is pretty impractical.

I’ll bet that very few women realize how close oral sex is to male chastity. The only difference is time. With oral sex, the wait between wanting an orgasm and getting one is brief. With male chastity, it’s much, much longer. I think it’s the same thing despite that difference. In both cases, the male is desperate for an orgasm. He has no ability to bring it on. He must wait until his partner decides to let him come. She is in charge and most of the time she knows it and likes it.

There’s a good chance that she might enjoy more extended control. What do you think?

Lion was all excited to be blindfolded. I’m sure he was a little nervous too. What would I do to him? Would he like it? Would he hate it? Yes, to both. Since the blue menthol rub didn’t go over so well the other night, I figured it needed another try. The lion didn’t agree.

This time I didn’t put as much on. Almost immediately, he said he couldn’t stand it. Coward! But I knew he could make it. It was a little more than a stripe but certainly not as much as I’d used before. He could do this. He insisted it was too much. Nope. Sorry. It’s not. Besides, Mr. Weenie was happy to play along. Of course, I think he was happy to play along when it really was too much. I kept rubbing my weenie and telling him he could get through it. When we hit the minute mark, I knew he’d be okay. Sometimes you just have to get back up on that horse.

He was minty fresh smelling when I sucked him. I thought I was getting him close at one point, but I wasn’t. Within a few minutes, he was close. And again. And again. And then I left him hanging. Poor thing. He wanted more. I don’t think he wanted an orgasm. Well, he probably did at that moment but if he’d gotten one he wouldn’t have been very happy. It’s too close to the last one.

I’ve noticed a strange thing happening. Somehow our angle has changed. When I suck him for any length of time, it seems like he’s pulling up toward his head. I think I’m in the same position. I don’t think his position has changed. He’s not really bucking. But my teeth seem to be more prone to making contact. I know some men might like to be bitten, but Lion doesn’t. I don’t think it’s conducive to his reaching the edge or having an orgasm. It’s almost like I’m slipping down his body. Clearly I’m not. I don’t know if Lion has noticed a difference but it’s becoming a little uncomfortable for me as I try not to scrape my teeth across him. I mentioned it to him last night but I noticed it the other night too. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on.

The good thing is that the menthol rub is gone for the time being. I guess we’ll be doing anal things for a few nights. And then it will be time to return all the cards to the Box O’Fun. All the tortures will be in play again. [Lion — Oh boy.]

As promised, we played early yesterday. It wasn’t at 3. It was more like 4:30. Lion chose butt plug from the Box O’Fun. There are only four more cards left. I didn’t look to see what they are. I think one is menthol rub. Lion had no trouble taking the smaller nJoy plug. He normally doesn’t, even after not having any anal fun for a long time.

Once the plug was in, I didn’t really know what to do. Normally, I’d just leave it in there for a while and eventually we’d play, but we were specifically playing early. I asked if he’d like to lay across the bed and be sucked. He said, “Oh God yes.” He was, apparently, a very horny boy.

I had no trouble getting him hard. I still think being unable to have an erection is not a good reason to be punished, but I didn’t have to decide since he was hard in no time. It didn’t really take him long to get to the edge either. I don’t know if it was the butt plug or if he was just really, really horny. I wanted to edge him a few more times, but he was so horny I only made it twice before he was at the tipping point. He had a very nice orgasm. He said it had been a long time since he’d had one. I couldn’t tell you how long, but I’d estimate at least nine days. [Lion — it was 12 days.]

His wait time doesn’t often sway me. I go by how horny he is. I love to watch him tense up when he gets close. I love his little noises. Generally I use those to gauge when to stop. Sometimes he stays near the edge for longer than others. Yesterday was one of those times. I think I would have had to wait a full minute between tries and then risk him losing his erection before I was done with him. So I kept teasing him with my tongue. When I sucked him again, it was clear he was too close to the edge to stop again. Full steam ahead, bosun.

About ten minutes after his orgasm, I removed the butt plug. I guess it had been in about an hour. I think orgasms are a little more difficult with the plug in. I don’t always leave it in, but I’d just put it in before I started edging him. I wasn’t going to take it out that quickly.

While I was washing the dishes after dinner, I realized Lion hadn’t put the coffee pot together. Since he was already in trouble for eating before me at lunch (he didn’t even look at me — just ate), I debated whether I should let him get in trouble again or if I should be nice. I decided to be nice. I told him when I was done beating his butt and I went to shower, he should look in the kitchen to see if maybe there was something he forgot to do. He admitted he forgot. I don’t know how he felt about the reminder. He might have wanted me to punish him for that too. I know part of him was grateful. Another part of him probably wanted another spanking.

Silly old Lion.