Oral Sex

I know Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have given their lives serving the country, but it’s also a day off and sort of a celebration. Summer is almost here and people break out the barbecues. We celebrated a slightly different way.

Lion mentioned that we don’t play our games anymore. I actually thought of playing Zapardy! last night but then I just sat there till it was almost over without suggesting it. However, I pulled out the Box O’Fun. I wanted to review the cards to see if any needed to be taken out. I removed spanking but then put it back in. A play spanking would be nice in the midst of all the evil things on the cards. I did remove a card for tying him to the bed since I haven’t found the restraints yet. And I decided I need to add a few to the box. A handjob with coconut oil comes to mind. I’m sure I can find more nice things to counterbalance the tiny clothespins, Velcro and Icy Hot.

Since I had the Box O’Fun out, it just made sense to use it. I was mentally chanting “Velcro, Velcro, Velcro” as Lion selected a card. Damn! He picked plastic clothespins. Oh well. We make do with the hand we’re dealt. I only had eight plastic clothespins at my immediate disposal. Lion said I have more. I know, but if those eight are strategically located then eight should be enough. I made sure they were strategically located. [Lion — Here is a link to a picture with just 3 of those painful clothespins on my balls. I had a frenum piercing when Mrs. Lion took this picture.]

There’s one spot on Lion’s balls that hurts more than others when a clothespin is applied. I found it right away. Of course, I found other spots that are also sensitive, but that one spot makes him wince the most. Naturally, I flicked it and yanked on it while I got my weenie hard. Jerking him off makes it both better and worse. Obviously, he likes it, but it also tends to wiggle the clothespins. Wiggling can hurt. The other thing that can hurt is removing them. Usually I take them off nicely and let him adjust to the pain. Last night I sort of pulled them off. That way the pressure was off but it dragged across his skin as it went. I hope he appreciated an extra shot of pain.

When I was done with the clothespins, I had him get in the blow job position. I knew he was hard but I had no idea how far we’d get. In a matter of minutes, he was at the edge. In another few minutes, he was over the edge and having a nice, creamy orgasm. Afterward, he told me it had been eight days since his last orgasm. Okay. All I cared about at that moment is I got Lion cream filling out of him. I guess we both won.

I finished mowing the lawn this morning. It was 72 by 10 am. An hour later, it’s 75. I’m sweating and recovering while I write this. We’re supposed to hit 82 today. I’m glad I got the lawn done early.

Last night, Lion didn’t take his blood pressure medication. We’re experimenting to see if his lack of erection stamina is linked to low blood pressure. He already takes boner pills to counteract his medication but maybe the BP meds are doing too good a job. This morning, Lion reports that he thinks he’s horny. Of course, he said he was horny the other day and it didn’t amount to an erection at all.

Lion also reports that his stomach issues seem to be getting better. I think going to the doctor scared the illness enough to get out of town. We’ll see how he feels later. We’ll see how I feel later too. I’m wiped out from mowing the lawn but I should be okay. It’s nothing some hydration and a shower can’t fix.

I think, just to help matters along, I’ll pull out my handy dandy rope and tie Lion’s balls. That usually gets his motor running. And it should go without saying that I’ll give him some oral attention. He’ll have every advantage toward getting and keeping a woody. I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. [Lion — 15 days today] We were going pretty good for a few days and I was contemplating giving him an orgasm the first day he waned. Now I wonder if I have to reset the game clock to build up the frustration all over again. I still maintain he can’t be frustrated the entire time he’s not horny. I concede the days still count but they don’t count as horny days.

When Lion can’t get hard, I tease him that I’m not enough for him. I don’t really think that’s true, but after a while I do start to wonder. I know I’m not enough when he’s not feeling well. No one is. My weenie has a hard time overriding the rest of his body then. The rest of the time, he can think with his penis.

I’m really hoping he’s horny enough to make it to the edge tonight. I can’t contemplate whether or not to give him an orgasm if he can’t get that far. Come on, Lion. My weenie, my mouth, what do you say?

My shoulders were hurting all day yesterday. The only thing I can think of is that giving Lion a blow job puts a certain amount of stress on my shoulders. I guess it depends on how I position them and how well I do my job. Apparently, if I do it with reckless abandon, as I did Friday night, my shoulders will hurt the next day. Then I made the mistake of getting the mail while it was raining. By the time I made it back into the house, I was freezing and hurting. It was about 55 degrees. There’s no reason I should have been freezing, yet there I was.

I dove under the covers and attempted to get warm. Nothing was working. Lion joined me although we didn’t snuggle to get warm. Eventually, we both fell asleep. I guess sleep was very much needed. I felt much better after my nap although I was still tired. We’ve been keeping some very strange hours lately. It’s not unusual for us to stay up until after 1 AM. This isn’t because we aren’t tired. It’s because we can’t sleep. It’s a vicious cycle.

It was almost 8:30 by the time we started our activities last night. Lion wasn’t oozing horniness like he had been the night before but he assumed I could summon it with some attention. I knew I wasn’t up for a handjob. That usually hurts my shoulders more than a blow job, which is why I’ve opted for blow jobs more often lately, that and because Lion hasn’t been responding very well to handjobs. But he certainly responded to a blow job.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the same level of blow job from Friday night. I was trying to put less strain on my shoulders. I don’t think Lion’s commitment was the same either. He wasn’t as hard and he never made it anywhere near the edge. Maybe the best part about a blow job is that a little goes a long way. By that, I mean that I don’t have to complete it to make Lion happy. He says it feels good even if we don’t get very far. I don’t think the same can be said of a handjob. I mean, it feels good too but it’s no match for a blow job.

Lion asked how I learned to give a blow job. I don’t really know. No one showed me. I guess it was trial and error. Does that work? No? How about this? Or this? Lucky for Lion, I like to perfect my craft.

My plan yesterday was to run our errands and come home to wax Lion. Unfortunately, I fell asleep just after lunch. It was 3:30 before I got myself out the door. This actually worked out well because we wanted to get food from our local Chinese place. I found a gas station with prices forty cents cheaper than other area places. The bad part about that is that I only needed half a tank of gas. While I was fueling up, I dared to use my cell phone to call the Chinese place. No answer. Rats! When I went past the restaurant I checked it out. There was a closed sign on the door. No other explanation. Is it just closed yesterday? Is it closed for the week? Is it closed permanently? The latter is particularly disturbing. It’s the best Chinese food we’ve found since we’ve been here.

As I was putting the groceries away (yes, I stayed in the stores long enough to get our prescriptions plus things we can’t necessarily get delivered), Lion informed me he was horny. Actually, what he said was that he wasn’t sure I’d be happy to hear he was horny. Why wouldn’t I be? It’s been quite a few days since he’s been interested. He hasn’t been feeling well. If he’s horny, doesn’t that mean he’s feeling better? Why wouldn’t I be happy about both?

As it turns out, he wasn’t entirely feeling better. But he was horny. I can work with that. I wasn’t sure how long his erection would last but I was game. I grabbed my rope, tied his balls, told him to get in blow job position and off we went.

I don’t know if he was hard because he was horny or because his balls were tied. I’ll take it either way. It took a little bit, but he got to the edge. And then he got closer to the edge. And then I bet he thought he was going over the edge. Not so fast! Sometimes I reward his first horny night after a dry spell with an orgasm. Yes, I debated doing it last night too. In the end I figured he needed to suffer a little bit. Okay, he seemed to be suffering a lot when I stopped. He’ll be fine.

For a while afterward, he kept telling me how well I give blow jobs. He knew I wasn’t going to finish him off so I don’t think he was buttering me up. Actually, he’s said it in the past too. What can I say? I love giving him blow jobs. And it’s nice to have such an appreciative subject.