Oral Sex (Page 7)

Two days after his orgasm and Lion was horny. I was surprised. It’s been taking him a while lately to get back into the mood. Two days is more like it was some months ago. Maybe we’re heading in the right direction. On the other hand, maybe he was horny because I swatted his buns as soon as I got home.

Yesterday he asked if I could do the punishment early. He didn’t know I’d already decided to do it super early. I wasn’t going to wait until after dinner. I wanted to do it before I got all snuggled in and comfortable. Some evenings I’m cold so I crawl into bed to get warm before I crawl back out to make dinner. None of that when I owe him a punishment. I want to get it out of the way early so I don’t forget and so I don’t have to worry about Lion snoozing.

new crop on lion's butt
This is my new crop on Lion’s butt. When he spreads wide, I can reach everything.(See image below, left)

When I grabbed the lightweight wooden spoon my hands were freezing. I warmed them a little bit on Lion’s buns before I started. I figured it was a good way to survey the area before I started whacking it. The wooden spoon might be the correct size to get into his crack but it is not heavy enough to do much damage. I’m not saying he didn’t feel it. I got him pretty rosy both inside and out. He’s asked if I want to try a different implement tonight. That’s a sure sign I didn’t do much damage last night.

Lion's tender little anus
Lion spreading himself wide for my crop. His tender anus will feel its sting.

I know Lion wants to give me practice. I also know he likes to be spanked. It may seem like he’s sacrificing his butt for my “craft” but, don’t you worry, he’s getting something out of it too. The trick is to make it less enjoyable for him. He shouldn’t ever equate maintenance or practice swats with pleasure.

Tonight I’ll give a crop a try. It can be eviler than a paddle. I think the head is small enough to get into Lion’s nooks and crannies. Plus it does a good job across his whole butt. Poor Lion.

Because he expressed interest in a good time last night, I gave him some oral attention. He was in heaven. I don’t know how close I got him but he was very unhappy when I stopped. And then he was in heaven when I started again. I started to say I gave him the better part of a blow job, but it’s the end that’s the better part. I guess it depends on your perspective. Lion loves the lead-up. I assume he likes the happy ending best but I may be wrong.

I just like to play with my food. I like the little noises he makes. I like it when he moves around and bucks trying to get me to move in a certain way. I like doing something that’s getting his motor running and then abruptly stopping so he feels just the slightest bit let down before I go back to it again. Yup. Playing with my food.

I swatted Lion with him wearing an old pair of my cotton briefs last night. I hit quite a bit harder than I did the night before. He yelped quite a bit louder. And he bled more. I think he’s learned his lesson about forgetting Saturday punishment day. But, then again, I said that last week. We’ll have to see what this weekend holds.

We were watching TV and snuggling when I decided to get the Magic Wand. I figured if oral attention wasn’t getting the job done, I’d go for the big guns. He was very interested. I thought I was even on the verge of edging him, but then everything fizzled out. He said he didn’t think he could go any further. Dammit! I really, really wanted him to have one last orgasm in 2019. Not that there’s any real difference between yesterday and today in the overall scheme of things. One day just rolls right into the next. But the calendar says there’s a difference and we’re programmed to notice.

Lion is worried that he’s really broken. It’s been less than two weeks since his last orgasm. I think it’s too early to proclaim him broken. I’m pretty sure he’s come back from longer slumps than this. However, I’m wondering if I contributed by not edging him. I’ve just been playing with my food. I haven’t been getting him all the way to the edge. He’s been close but not quite there. Now that I want him to get there, he can’t. Did I do him a disservice? I guess there’s no way to know for sure. The best we can do is keep trying and hopefully, he’ll get there before too long.

When I did just the oral activity, I didn’t play with him. Maybe his body is waiting for his balls to be tied, or Icy Hot or some other evil thing to happen. If I find the other straps and cuffs, would the simple act of tying him to the bed be enough to tip the scales? Like a reset button? “Ohhhh, okay. I’m tied down. I recognize this. Continue.” And we all live happily ever after. I’m not sure. I can tie his balls up tonight and see what happens. But I was sure the Magic Wand would work and it didn’t. I feel like I’m just rolling the dice and hoping for whatever number means you win in craps.

It’s a good thing I don’t give up easily. We’ve got a whole new year to work with. This one will be better than last.

We’ve been writing a lot lately about anal play and punishment. You may think we’ve strayed from enforced chastity. While Lion may not be caged, I am still his only source of orgasm. I decide when he gets played with and when he has an orgasm. Well, that’s not technically true. When he’s in a slump, I may want him to have an orgasm but he’s unable to get there.

Recently, I’ve changed things up a bit. I’ve been giving him oral sex, but rather than give myself an achy neck or sore jaw, I only do it until I want to stop. Did Lion make it to the edge? Did he have an orgasm? No? Awwww. Too bad. Maybe next time. Or maybe not.

I think it’s been about a week since I made this change. I’ve wanted Lion to have an orgasm a few times. He’s wanted an orgasm every time, I’m sure. I’d guess about 90% of the time he never makes it anywhere near the edge. I know it feels good. He’s told me and I can hear the moaning. Maybe 2% of the time he’s at the edge when I stop and the rest of the time he’s pretty close.

I don’t think Lion would argue with this new technique. It certainly gets him more oral sex which he loves. He may not be getting to the edge as often as before but he is enjoying the journey.

Last night we finally solved the issue of my legs hitting the footboard of the bed. I had Lion lay diagonally across the bed. As a result, he enjoyed a much longer session. See what happens when the Lioness is comfortable? He still didn’t make it to the edge, but we had fun.

Lion attributed last night’s “failure” to the fact that his ass hurt. I’d done quite a bit more anal play than I have in the past. Both the length of time and the movement increased. I still only got four fingers in but I moved them around a lot more. I even shoved them in sideways. If I’m going to open him up, I need to be bit more aggressive than I have been. That’s not to say I was violent. I just stretched him a little more than I have in the past. I was still conscious of his discomfort level and I never went past it.

He also spent some time standing in the punishment corner. He forgot to set up the coffee the other day. Last night, he remembered the coffee but forgot punishment day. That damn Saturday punishment day got him again! That’s normally a funishment, but he’s been forgetting so often that it’s now a punishment. I’m hoping eventually a sore bottom will help him remember.

Tonight maybe I’ll take it a little easier on his ass so he can make it to the edge. I sure would love a Lion orgasm.


Mrs. Lion surprised me Thursday night. After her shower, she came back into the bedroom and without a word got out the lightweight Tenderizer paddle and walked over to me. Still silent, she stood by my side of the bed. I asked her what she was up to?

“What do you think? You are getting spanked for being snarky yesterday and today.”

Not wanting to get into more trouble, I got myself into position. Mrs. Lion had chosen the lightweight tenderizer paddle. This particular panel was one of the first we bought on Etsy.com. One side is full of little points the other is smooth. This paddle stings more than any other she has. It doesn’t inflict much damage, but I really hate the way it feels during my spanking.

I yelped from the very first swat. She made a point of pulling my cheeks apart and spanking the tender flesh inside. Because the paddle was so large, she couldn’t get all the way into my crack but got far enough to elicit some particularly loud cries from me. Mrs. Lion has learned to ignore any sounds I make. She calmly goes about her business. After she finished, she said,

“Now you’ll remember to watch what you say, at least for a while.”

lion's naked butt
That’s my bottom after a spanking

Hoo boy, I sure will! Now in the cold light of a new day, I’m not so positive. Sometimes I don’t learn as quickly as I should. If Mrs. Lion catches me even if I make a little slip, and spanks me for it, my confidence that I will behave the way she likes will grow.

There is something important that happens when Mrs. Lion focuses on observing my behavior and punishing infractions promptly: I will learn not to make those particular mistakes, as she says, at least for a while.

I believe that she changes as well. The best way to explain it is that she learns to expect the behavior she has corrected. For example, one rule that she has enforced mercilessly is that she must eat first. I have to either wait for her to begin or get her permission before I can begin eating. I rarely slip on this. When she went to visit her family back East, she found herself uncomfortable at meals when members of her family ate before her. She had been conditioned to observe and react when the rule was broken.

I think the same thing is going to happen as a result of her enforcing the rules about my behavior. I’m hoping she will observe behavior that annoys her and will deal with it promptly. If she does, it will become second nature to her. I think that will be very healthy for our marriage.

Lelo F1s

After my punishment, we rested for a while and then Mrs. Lion got out our new Lelo F1s male masturbator. This is a high-tech device designed to get me very excited and even ejaculate if Mrs. Lion wishes. It’s controlled via a phone app. The current version has 10 sensors that report various conditions about my penis. Currently, there isn’t any software that makes use of this information to change the way the product stimulates me. It appears to have two vibrators inside: one with low, thumping, and one that is higher frequency vibration. The high-frequency vibrator can be adjusted to make it vibrate faster or slower. The low-frequency vibrator can be adjusted in intensity only.

Mrs. Lion began by using her hand to make me hard. Then she put the machine over my penis and turned it on. It took us a little while to figure out how to couple it via Bluetooth with my cell phone. I managed to stay fairly hard until we got the thing working. The sensations were less than thrilling. I tried a wide variety of settings. A few felt pretty good, but there was nothing to get me even close to orgasm.

Autoblow ai

Maybe if someone writes an app that makes use of the sensors to vary the vibrations to maximize pleasure, it could work. Right now, I would label this product as pretty useless. It got fairly good reviews from people on the web. I don’t know why. It just didn’t hit me in the right spots. My next experiment will be with the Autoblow ai. This device is one of the oldest and most successful male masturbators on the market.

It works by having a moving sleeve outside of a silicone sleeve into which the penis is inserted. The sleeve moves up and down stimulating the penis. The older versions of this device maintained a steady up-and-down movement over the full length of the penis. The user could adjust the speed for maximum pleasure. The new ai model is much more sophisticated. It still has the same mechanical up and down motion. However, it’s capable of changing the length of the stroke, the speed, and where on the shaft of the penis it’s operating.

The manufacturer struggled through watching several thousand porno videos of blowjobs. They analyze the mouth movement of the porno actors and programmed the Autoblow to simulate the same actions. It sounds like it’s great. I don’t believe it has the intelligence to understand how excited the person using it becomes. This could mean that people who don’t react in the same time as the program expects, might not have as much fun. We will get one of these and report on our experiences.

After the failed F1s experiment, Mrs. Lion had me wash off the lube from our machine test, and then she used her mouth to stimulate me. No machine will ever feel as good as Mrs. Lion’s mouth. She knows how to play me like a Stradivarius. I loved every second of her sucking. I didn’t get all the way to the edge, but I got very close. When she decided to stop I was very sorry. I’m still really horny the next day.

December 26 is Boxing Day. Traditionally, it’s the day people used to return or exchange gifts. For me it was a day of a sore bottom, a machine test, and a great blowjob. I think that’s way better than having to stand in line to return or exchange gifts. My bottom and penis got a good workout. I hated one and love the other. It’s a bittersweet life I lead.