Category: Orgasm denial

Just Frustrated

My knee is feeling a lot better. It followed the same recovery period as my neck, which makes sense given it was also a garbage injury. Tonight we’re going to see “Bohemian Rhapsody”. For real, this time. I will drag

No Hibernation

My dream of hibernating this weekend has been dashed. The landlord found someone to fix the rotting deck and he’s supposed to come today. Lion’s car is also scheduled for a maintenance appointment this afternoon. Damn! On the plus side,

Treats for Lion

Yesterday we went to get bagels at the only place that makes decent bagels in the Northwest. Of course, that’s our opinion. And we picked up Lion’s birthday cake at an Italian bakery with a “small” sub that would feed


Lion snoozed a bit while we watched TV. After he was done snoozing, we started watching a show I like that he doesn’t. He asked if we could snuggle. Of course. When I moved over he asked if there was