Category: Orgasm denial


Lion has been very horny the past few days. His wait was only five days. That means nothing to him. Horny is horny. I’ve had a stiff neck for a few days. Yesterday it became painful. It hurts to turn

Which is More Fun ?

I was so distracted yesterday I misrepresented Lion’s thoughts on maintenance spanking. I should have reread his post before I offered my tarnished two cents. Today, however, I’m more on the ball. The hurricane is weakening and it has changed

Lion Candle

I finished up waxing Lion yesterday. He keeps finding spots I missed. I’m not a professional. There’s bound to be spots I missed. Some of them are barely stubble so waxing won’t work anyway. The hair that had grown back

Just for the Heck of It

I know Lion doesn’t think about sex all the time. Just most of the time. I imagine, from his posts, the conversations in his head must go something like this: Maybe tonight we’ll play. Maybe tonight I’ll finally get that