Category: Orgasm denial

Lion is funny. He keeps questioning the discharge papers that said to avoid intimate activity for two weeks. Why didn’t the other surgeries require that? I think it could be because the other surgeries were done in ambulatory surgery centers

I am attempting to make up some time at work this afternoon. Being gone all day Wednesday has me playing catch up. The good news is, I think we found a place to live. We just have to figure out

Lion asked me how long he’s been caged this last go-round. How should I know? He’s the one who keeps track of such things. He keeps track of his orgasms, but not the cage. I guessed that it was since

I don’t think Lion was very happy to see it but I brought the kitchen paddle into the bedroom last night. He certainly wasn’t happy when I told him I needed him on his knees. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Poor Lion.