Category: Orgasm

You might assume, from the title, that I put Icy Hot on Lion’s balls and that skyrocketed him out of the bed. Luckily for Lion, I did not. I haven’t used Icy Hot on him in quite a while. I didn’t even put the tiny, evil clothespins on him. I was very nice.

I thought Lion might enjoy a round with the Magic Wand. Boy did he! It got him very hard. As I used it, I watched the muscles in his legs. One muscle was twitching. Another bulged out like it does when he starts bucking. He did buck a little but I think I was going the right speed so he didn’t feel the need to help too much.

I can usually tell when Lion is close. It’s sometimes difficult to tell how close. Last night there was a very short window between close and too far. That’s okay. I’d decided to let him go all the way once he started to get close. I know. I know. I said I wanted to edge him until he was very horny. What can I say? I love giving Lion orgasms.

There wasn’t much semen production. There hasn’t been lately. I told him there wasn’t enough to share. I know he wasn’t disappointed. He hates when I feed it to him. We haven’t figured out if the semen production is a consequence of age or of the difficulties he’s had lately. One theory we debunked a while ago is that the hornier he is, the more semen he’ll produce. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Basically, it seems like a crapshoot. Sometimes he has a lot and other times not so much. I don’t tend to share it with him no matter how much there is and that’s just fine with him.

It should come as no surprise that Lion likes to come. When he has his slumps, like he’s had lately, I think he likes it even more. There should be fireworks going off. Hurray! He made it!

I swatted Lion with him wearing an old pair of my cotton briefs last night. I hit quite a bit harder than I did the night before. He yelped quite a bit louder. And he bled more. I think he’s learned his lesson about forgetting Saturday punishment day. But, then again, I said that last week. We’ll have to see what this weekend holds.

We were watching TV and snuggling when I decided to get the Magic Wand. I figured if oral attention wasn’t getting the job done, I’d go for the big guns. He was very interested. I thought I was even on the verge of edging him, but then everything fizzled out. He said he didn’t think he could go any further. Dammit! I really, really wanted him to have one last orgasm in 2019. Not that there’s any real difference between yesterday and today in the overall scheme of things. One day just rolls right into the next. But the calendar says there’s a difference and we’re programmed to notice.

Lion is worried that he’s really broken. It’s been less than two weeks since his last orgasm. I think it’s too early to proclaim him broken. I’m pretty sure he’s come back from longer slumps than this. However, I’m wondering if I contributed by not edging him. I’ve just been playing with my food. I haven’t been getting him all the way to the edge. He’s been close but not quite there. Now that I want him to get there, he can’t. Did I do him a disservice? I guess there’s no way to know for sure. The best we can do is keep trying and hopefully, he’ll get there before too long.

When I did just the oral activity, I didn’t play with him. Maybe his body is waiting for his balls to be tied, or Icy Hot or some other evil thing to happen. If I find the other straps and cuffs, would the simple act of tying him to the bed be enough to tip the scales? Like a reset button? “Ohhhh, okay. I’m tied down. I recognize this. Continue.” And we all live happily ever after. I’m not sure. I can tie his balls up tonight and see what happens. But I was sure the Magic Wand would work and it didn’t. I feel like I’m just rolling the dice and hoping for whatever number means you win in craps.

It’s a good thing I don’t give up easily. We’ve got a whole new year to work with. This one will be better than last.

Yesterday, Lion went in for a steroid shot into his shoulder joint. He’s bummed he won’t be eligible for the Olympics. We waited about two hours for him to have the five minute procedure done. We snoozed a bit and Lion was about to leave when they came to get him. I just hope it helps his pain so he can get the full benefit of physical therapy.
The area of the hospital we were in was the Interventional Pain Clinic. Of course, Lion saw that as having multiple meanings. He said I do interventional pain therapy too. When he misbehaves, I intervene with pain. This is true. Not at all what the hospital had in mind, but true nonetheless.
I was supposed to soap Lion’s mouth last night for forgetting to set the coffee pot up. We ate dinner early and expected to play earlier than we have been. When I came out of the shower he was snoozing. Knowing how hard it’s been for him to sleep lately, I decided snoozing was needed more than mouth soaping.
Once he woke up, he requested we do anal training. I took out the new butt plugs and the lube that got the best reviews for anal training. The butt plugs are sort of like papa bear, mama bear and baby bear, except that papa bear was the one that was just right. Baby bear was hardly noticeable. Mama bear was slightly more of a challenge. Papa bear didn’t pose much of a challenge until I started moving it in and out faster.
Tonight I guess I’ll start with papa bear and move on to the NJoy butt plug. It’s bigger and has a more pronounced neck. That’s why it stays in so well. And, I assume, why it will cause Lion more discomfort. I’ll have to make sure I start out slow to get him used to it and then I can go a little faster. Of course, there’s no rush with this. There’s no reason he absolutely has to get used to the NJoy tonight. It can take as long as it takes.
When we were done with his anal fun, I started to masturbate him. It went well at first. He was excited by the attention. Then he started to fizzle again. Eventually I moved on to his best friend, the Magic Wand. Even with that he seemed to fizzle until I decided to keep going even though he said he was done.
He wasn’t done. He got hard again and I think his orgasm snuck up on him. He seemed surprised by it. He might have been more surprised by the fact that I allowed him to have an orgasm. Why not? I like it when he has an orgasm. It’s a reward for me too. I get the cream filling and, even if there’s not a lot of cream filling, I get the satisfaction of getting him all the way. We both win.
Tonight he’ll get his mouth soaped for not setting up the coffee. He’s already reminded me about punishment day. We’ll see if he can get himself into any more trouble.

We did another Costco run yesterday. This time it was for food and other supplies. We also went to the grocery store for more manageable-sized things. We got home at a reasonable time and vegetated a bit. Dinner was late but neither of us took a shower so there was plenty of time for fun.

I don’t think Lion would exactly call it fun but while I took care of the dinner dishes, he stood in the bathroom with a bar of soap in his mouth. I owed him that from the other day and, since I can’t swat him yet, I decided to make it happen. He was less than amused.

Once his soaping sentence was over (it was only about five minutes)[Lion — It felt like an hour.], we settled in for more TV. By 8:30 we were snuggling and I was touching my weenie. I figured we might get somewhere because it was early. I don’t know how long I was working on Lion’s hand job before he told me he might need some lube or “other liquid”. Subtle. Very subtle. Lion loves blow jobs. [Lion — I thought I was being subtle – Humph!]

My weenie had faded a little by the time I got back to him but mouth to penis resuscitation worked just fine. Lately, Lion has been telling me I’m stroking too fast. In the past, he’s told me I go too slow. Can’t win. Except I did. I’m not sure if I was going fast, medium or slow, but Lion was heading for the edge.

I’m always in a quandary when he’s been “broken”. Do I edge him and hope we can make it to the edge again? Do I give him an orgasm to end however long a wait it’s been? [Lion — 12 days thistime.] Usually I decide to let him come. I figure it clears the pipes out and from then on we’ll be fine with edging. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. If memory serves, I wasn’t able to edge him between the last two orgasms. It’s possible I wasn’t able to edge him between the previous two orgasms too. I hope that trend doesn’t continue.

Lion thinks he won’t have an orgasm before the end of the month. That will only give him two for November. I think there’s a week to go and a motivated partner who has a say in the matter. I’m not going to give up that easily especially now that it’s a challenge.