Category: Orgasm

Flash Flood

Lion snoozed a lot yesterday into last night. This morning we both slept late so I’m hoping his falling asleep at random times is behind him. We did play, somewhat late, but I guess his power naps helped in that

Pressure Relieved

I decided I needed some practice in the art of oral stimulation last night. Lion is, of course, very willing to be my guinea pig. He just doesn’t like when I stop before he gets over the top. It is


I worked an hour later than normal yesterday. I’m attempting to make up some of the time I missed on Monday and to dig myself out from under the mountain of work on my desk. By the time I got


We finally figured out we could go to the local community center, which has gym equipment (sort of like a YMCA), to take a shower last night. On our way home, we saw a power crew on our road. One