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Heading in the Right Direction

I’m still really tired today but I got a lot done yesterday. The thing that I thought would be the worst chore turned out to be nothing. And the chore that I didn’t even realize I had to do turned

Right Over the Edge

We slept late this morning. The dog woke me up at 6:30 to go out and then I slept until 9. The dog woke Lion up at 9:30. We ate amazingly huge donuts from a local bakery very similar to

Do That Voodoo That You Do

I gave Lion a more comprehensive bikini wax than I did some days ago. Obviously, with more lighting, I could see better and what I saw was all the fur I’d missed on his balls. Long fur. So I cleaned

Magic Wand For the Win

I don’t know why but I decided to use the Magic Wand on Lion last night. He usually suggests it when he thinks he’s taking too long and needs more help. I guess I just eliminated his suggestion. I’m sure