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Lion has been very horny the past few days. His wait was only five days. That means nothing to him. Horny is horny. I’ve had a stiff neck for a few days. Yesterday it became painful. It hurts to turn

Which is More Fun ?

I was so distracted yesterday I misrepresented Lion’s thoughts on maintenance spanking. I should have reread his post before I offered my tarnished two cents. Today, however, I’m more on the ball. The hurricane is weakening and it has changed


Now 167 is the number of orgasms Lion has had. He’d already written his post when I decided he was sufficiently horny to warrant an orgasm. Actually I was thinking of making him wait seven days, but, oh well. You


Lion’s choice from the Box O’Fun was spanking. I know he was dreading making a painful pick, but he was lucky. Not all of the selections are as wanted as that one. Next time will probably involve more pain. The