The more evil things Lion picks from the Box O’Fun now, the fewer there will be in the future. At least that’s what I told him last night when he picked Velcro. I mean, think about it. He doesn’t have to worry about Velcro anymore…unless I use it when it’s my turn to do whatever I want.

When I use Velcro on him, I like to put it on his soft penis. By the time he’s hard, the little teeth are biting into him and when I release it all the blood flows back in. It hurts. A lot. However, when we play, Lion wants me to get him a little interested before I do things. I understand that. He needs a warmup. You don’t run a marathon without stretching. If I get him excited first, the Velcro doesn’t bite in as much. Bummer. I try to compromise by doing things his way sometimes and my way other times. That just seems fair.

Last night, I got him interested first. Of course, he wasn’t all the way interested. My weenie was on his way to hard when I put the Velcro on. There was still room for improvement. I put a second strip just above the first. It’s nice when the first one restricts blood flow and the teeth bite in, but it’s also useful if there’s another strip to bite in on another level. This one can move a little and I can vary pressure so the teeth bite a little or a lot. I even put one just below the head for a short time. This is his favorite spot. Obviously it’s not his favorite spot for Velcro. He just loves to be stroked there. Adding Velcro to that spot and stroking at the same time is definitely not fun for him.

Since he wasn’t soft when I put it on, there was less of a blood rush when I removed the Velcro. It still hurt. There was also a red ring around my weenie proving just how nasty those little teeth are. I got up close and personal to the red ring while I was sucking him. If I was a meaner person, I might have manipulated that spot to keep it hurting.

After a while of sucking, it seemed like Lion was done. However, I didn’t give up quite so easily. In a very short time, he was heading in the right direction. I edged him a few times and, just when he thought I was done, I gave him an orgasm. He didn’t produce much but we haven’t been able to figure out why he does at some times and not at others. I got a little taste and that’s always appreciated.

After I was done with the dinner dishes, I sat down to watch TV. And then I remembered I should have peeled ginger for figging. Rats! Oh, well. It didn’t take long to get it ready. I’m not sure Lion was really ready, but off we went.

ginger that went up lion's ass
This is the piece of fresh ginger root that I carved and then inserted into Lion’s waiting ass.

As I was peeling it, I thought the ginger was pretty potent. Even though it was fresh from the cold fridge, it didn’t take long to heat up Lion’s ass. I’ve never had ginger up my ass, (and no, I don’t intend to) but I assume it feels similar to toothpaste on your gums – a little spicy but then cool. [Lion — It’s very hot!] Of course, you don’t suck air into your ass so I may be way off. In time, the heat subsided and I removed it. That’s it. I don’t know what the appeal is. Maybe it needs to be moved to have more effect.

My shoulder is still sore so I had Lion lay across the bed for more oral action. I think he moves faster into that position than any other time I see him move. I got him ever-so-close once and then went for another. For whatever reason, I decided to go all the way. It wasn’t that he was highly frustrated (he might have been) or that I needed to taste him (I always do). I just kept going until I sucked him dry.

I don’t think it was as big an orgasm as last time and the ejaculate was more liquid, but we both enjoyed ourselves. That’s the most important thing. I love sucking him and he loves being sucked. What more could you ask for?

He informed me it had been nine days since his last orgasm. That’s within the sweet spot. He averages four to ten days between orgasms. I was guessing it was seven so I wasn’t far off. I don’t usually base it on his wait anyway, but I do like to have some idea so I don’t give him too many. Can’t have him getting spoiled, can I?

Ironically, this morning I have a big headache. If I’d had it last night, Lion might have had to wait for his fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, the last card in the Box O’Fun is Icy Hot. I could follow my usual routine of taking the night after an orgasm off, or I could see how Icy Hot affects him if he’s not horny. How mean do I want to be? On the other hand, he ate before me at breakfast, so the Icy Hot could be his punishment. Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of that till just now. Icy Hot as a punishment. That’s very interesting. I’ll have to think about that more today.

I wasn’t sure Lion wanted to play last night. We’d settled in to watch TV and the Box O’Fun was between us. He made no move to choose anything. Finally, I asked if he wanted a night off or if he wanted to delve into the Box O’Fun. He wanted fun.

His first two picks were do-overs. I pulled one out and put the other one back. His next pick was coated clothespins. I asked if he wanted to use his do-over or go for the clothespins. He opted for the clothespins.

These clothespins have tread tape on them for extra grip. I decided I should make a porcupine of Lion’s balls. I haven’t done it in a while and I don’t usually do it with the nastier clothespins, but he wants excitement so… When I pulled them off I made sure to drag some of them so get even more grip from the tread tape. Of course, my weenie was standing tall. He always gets excited when the boys get attention.

While I put the clothespins away, I invited Lion to lay across the bed for some oral fun. I was pretty full from lunch still and then we had dinner so I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to suck him but I figured I’d go as long as I could. Without the clothespins, my weenie seemed a little deflated. He never did regain the full hard-on he had when his friends were being pinched.

As I sucked him, I thought he made a noise like he was near the edge. I stopped but he wasn’t. At some point, I guess because he was not as hard as I thought he should be, I decided I was going to take an orgasm whether he wanted to give it up or not. A little while later, he did make the noise that meant an orgasm was coming. And boy was it!

Actually the first noise wasn’t it. The second noise was more of a roar and I got a real mouthful of Lion cream filling. Yum! I don’t know where he’s been hiding it, but I’m glad he finally shared. I might go so far as to say it was the biggest orgasm he’s ever had. At least, that I know of. It was both noisy and productive. It was great. I look forward to many more just like it.

[Lion — It was an amazing orgasm. I can never tell how much semen I produce, but this orgasm felt amazing. It almost hurt!]

In keeping with our recent Box O’Fun usage, I brought it to Lion and he chose the card that called for regular clothespins. It’s important to note that there are a few different kinds of clothespins. Regular clothespins are just that. They’re wooden clothespins you can buy at many stores. Plastic clothespins are like regular clothespins but, you guessed it, the plastic version. They tend to be meaner. I don’t know if it’s because they’re plastic or because the spring is stronger. Coated clothespins are wooden clothespins with an added kick. They have no-slip tape used for stairs applied where the they pinch. It’s almost like sandpaper, except much rougher. Last, but certainly not least, are the tiny, evil, mean, dollhouse clothespins.

All these types of clothespins are used for the same purpose. I pinch different areas of Lion’s body, mostly his balls, with them and watch him squirm. Obviously, the meaner the clothespin the fewer I can use. It also depends on where I put them. I think I may have gotten three or four of the tiny bastards on Lion’s balls at one time, but no more than two on the head of his cock. No matter where I put them, they hurt like hell. Sometimes I put the regular or the coated ones on his nipples. He doesn’t like it, but I figure it’s payback for all the women he’s done it to. I know they actually liked it so maybe it’s really payback for the one time he pinched my nipple. I really hated that. [Lion — I did that in my sleep.]

So last night he chose regular clothespins. Sometimes I make him look like a porcupine. I think I got 45 clothespins on him once. I usually start with a stripe up the middle and go from there. I did that last night, but decided to keep going. I went right on up his cock almost to the head. I have put them around the base of his cock before. I don’t know what made me do the stripe all the way up last night. I guess I wanted to see what would happen. He winced. He squirmed. He wasn’t very happy with it. Well, Lion might not have been happy, but my weenie was. It always gives him away. He was standing proud and tall. “Look at me! I have clothespins on me.” Silly thing.

I had to remove the top clothespins so I could really stroke Lion. By the time I had all the clothespins off, he started to fade. I asked if he needed the clothespins back on to get harder. He suggested I move my hand up. That seemed to help but then he looked like he was fading again. I still kept at it. He was bucking a little bit and I thought he was getting there. It was getting mixed messages. He wasn’t very hard but he was bucking. I kept going.

I don’t know how long it was before he made his I’m-getting-close-to-the-edge noises, but I stopped just in time. Less than a minute later I started again. He didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, but all of a sudden he was. And then it was too late to stop. I tried but I realized it would be a ruined orgasm. We hate those so I started stroking again.

I hadn’t intended to give him an orgasm. I don’t think he waited long enough and I wanted to keep the oral orgasm streak alive. I am determined to give him more oral than hand orgasms this year. What can you do? I guess I was just a little too successful with my hand. I can’t help it. I like to get him to the edge and sometimes I get carried away. Lion now has his first June orgasm to add to the chart. I wonder how many more he’ll have?