Category: Orgasm

Waxing Time Again

Last night we had very vanilla sex. Well, Lion did. And vanilla in the sense that we used no implements or BDSM. I didn’t make Lion choose from the Box O’Fun so he didn’t have anything to look forward to.

Eventful Night

I think I bruised Lion’s buns a little last night. Coming on the heals of the football swats, his punishment swats added insult to injury. Or, depending on how you look at it, injury to insult. I wasn’t looking to


I was determined to play with Lion last night no matter how tired I was. Around 9 o’clock I heard him muttering to himself. I just wanted to finish one thing in my game and then I was heading to


I guess it should come as little shock that Lion’s friend is quirky. I don’t even know her and it seems like perfectly normal behavior for her. They haven’t seen each other in decades so it’s like a high school