Category: Pain

Another Weekend

I think we might have played in the sling last night if our dog hadn’t had a seizure. I had to get her cleaned up and clean the floor and then dinner was late. Life conspired against us. However, another

Fair Weather

Lion had physical therapy yesterday. Sometimes it makes him feel better. Other times it makes him hurt. Last night was the latter. When I told him it was time for his punishment he said he didn’t feel sexy. I said

Frustration…And Not the Good Kind

Lion is still snoozing a lot. When I got back from work yesterday, he said he’d slept the entire time. Granted, it was only a few hours, but he was apologizing. The way I look at it, he’s got some

Not the Good Kind of Pain

Lion is still a pain. I mean, he’s still in pain. He thinks he’s being a pain because he’s asking me to do things for him. He’s not asking me to do anything I don’t normally do. Granted, I may