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I worked an hour later than normal yesterday. I’m attempting to make up some of the time I missed on Monday and to dig myself out from under the mountain of work on my desk. By the time I got

February Sucks Too

Not only did the Rams lose in what had to be the most boring Super Bowl ever, but we also got snow yesterday into today. Western Washington does not do snow well. I heard on the news that there were

Snarky Lion and Some Panties

I unlocked Lion last night and edged him closer than I ever have before. Mr. Weenie was still at full attention for a few minutes afterward. As he slowly started to sink to half mast, I grabbed him again and


I was determined to play with Lion last night no matter how tired I was. Around 9 o’clock I heard him muttering to himself. I just wanted to finish one thing in my game and then I was heading to