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security screw on lion's chastity cage
This little security screw locking a cage around my penis is a powerful symbol of our devotion to each other.

On Christmas night, Mrs. Lion locked me into my Jail Bird chastity device. I was concerned. After I had it on only an hour, I asked her to take it off. It felt fine locked around my cock. My problem was that something, maybe the side effects of the eye medicine I’m taking make me feel unsteady. I was concerned about peeing into the toilet without falling over. She understood and unlocked me.

I commented that I thought she was going to lock me into the cock ring. She said that her post made it clear the Jail Bird was coming. I misunderstood. Yesterday morning, I told her that I felt steady enough to manage the Jail Bird if she wished.

I don’t think it is important to her if I wear any device on my penis. I’m pretty sure that’s true of almost all keyholders. How often does a woman think about her man’s cock? I’d be very surprised if Mrs. Lion gives any thought to the state of my dick. Yes, she likes seeing it hard; but does she care whether or not it’s sporting hardware?

She probably thinks about my wedding ring a lot more than any chastity device I might be wearing.There’s a good reason for this. My cock, at worst is an instrument of betrayal if it is involved with another female. So long as it remains her exclusive sexual property, it’s of little interest unless she wants to use it.

We guys, on the other hand, spend a lot of time thinking about our cocks. Those of us into male chastity can become obsessed with the idea of penis bondage. We try to get our partners invested too. Mrs. Lion is willing to support me. She has taken ownership of my penis (her weenie) and the hardware she locks onto it.

She does it because she knows it’s what I want. She’s even willing to assume the behavior of true owner and keyholder because I want it. I love her for that. I would love for her to actually embrace male chastity and FLR. It is the narrative of my fantasies.

I don’t expect her to do that. It makes no real sense in the context of who she is. There might be a more realistic goal. First, no device is  needed for me to not masturbate or have sex with others. I know how important it is for her that she and only she provide me with sexual release. I really like knowing how important that is to her. I won’t betray her.

Over the years, Mrs. Lion has written about my locking penis devices as a concrete sign of my commitment to her. I don’t think she believes it, but the concept is very close to how I feel about it. I’ve long ceased to consider a chastity device a way to assure I won’t jerk off. That’s why the locking cock ring is just as effective for me. I consider it a symbol, one I can’t remove, of our commitment to each other.

It’s obvious that having it locked on my penis is a more graphic version of my wedding ring, so it’s easy to understand why I consider it a powerful symbol. The reason she might is more subtle.

When she locks a device on me — the fact it is my penis isn’t really that relevant — she is symbolically claiming me as her own. She’s marked her claim. This isn’t literally true. It’s, as I said, subtle. Servicing it — putting it on and taking it off — might be considered a ritual that underlines our commitment to each other. I surrender control of my favorite toy and she accepts it as a way of showing her love for me. I never lock or unlock myself. It’s an event we share; a ritual.

The devices keep these wonderful, positive values close to the surface of our marriage. Demonstrating our devotion to each other is never further away than the security screw securing a device to my penis.

lion orgasm frequency chart
Lion’s orgasms by month for 2018.

Our practice of male chastity has made changes in both of us. The biggest change, I think, is that we are both consciously aware of my ejaculations. This appears to be true of many guys who practice this. We keep track of when we come and how many orgasms we have during any period of time. I’ve been tracking my orgasms since January 2016.

I started so that I would remember my performance over time. Mrs. Lion doesn’t keep track all the time. She’s usually aware of how long it’s been since my last ejaculation. Sometimes she asks me and I refer to the spreadsheet. I don’t think it is particularly useful to keep these statistics. I just want to know.

The reason, I think, is because male chastity focuses on my orgasms. Since they are never up to me, keeping track gives me a sort of control over the process. Let’s face it, this kind of sexual surrender focuses a guy’s attention on his cock. It’s not that we don’t think about them anyway, but being locked up and controlled by a partner makes our dicks even more interesting to us.

For example, how many couples spend any time discussing the state of the man’s penis? “Are you horny today, dear?” is a question most wives never ask. The point is that for most, sex is something that you do in the dark. Even if you are kinky, non-bedroom conversation doesn’t generally include penis talk.

I realize that there is wide variation in terms of how interested keyholders are in the mechanics of enforced male chastity. Some have no interest at all in the hardware. The man locks and unlocks himself. She keeps the key. Mrs. Lion is more involved. She locks and unlocks me. I, however, do the hardware shopping. She’s shown no interest in what chastity device I wear. She trusts my choices will do the job.

She’s involved in the process. She likes teasing me and owning every single orgasm I have. She also likes my semen. She considers the hardware as something I want. Her interest is that I keep my paws to myself. If she feels I might not be trusted, then she will get very interested in me wearing a chastity device.

How many wives are aware of how often their husbands ejaculate? How many guys keep track? Male chastity puts a focus on the penis that doesn’t exist without the practice. I wonder how many women even think about penises? I’m sure they think about sex, but not necessarily the penis in isolation. I wonder how many women can identify their partner’s penis in a “lineup”? I wonder how many guys can identify their own? Whatever the number, I’m sure that couples practicing male chastity will score higher.

After five years of this, it’s unlikely that our penis focus will change. It’s become something we share. I carry it around and Mrs. Lion owns it and controls it. I’m pretty sure that most other couples don’t think of it that way.

lion's body
Isn’t this tasteful? Is this better than revealing my naughty bits?
(Click image for the uncensored view.)

When I wrote my post yesterday, I was going to include a picture of my penis oozing semen as I experienced a broken orgasm. I thought better of it late Sunday night. If you’re curious, here is a link to it. Is this an image you would like to see with a post? There are times when I think it’s unavoidable to reveal my genitals or butt. The recent post on CBT and the post on spanking are good examples. Spanking implements need visual context. What’s better than showing them against their intended target?

I can think of rationalizations for publishing explicit images of me. I wonder how these images affect you. When I read other blogs, I have mixed reactions about explicit pictures of the blogger. For example, there is a femdom blog written by someone claiming to be a lifestyle, female dominant. This person includes some sexual image with every post. Most are gratuitous. Of course, I’m not offended by the images, but they frequently feel odd because they are out of context. To me, at least, a picture of a guy eating a pussy isn’t very interesting unless there is some story attached. It would be like me putting a picture of my hard penis here in the middle of this post. It’s just out of place, right? But it is a good picture.

Similarly, penis pictures, particularly locked in chastity devices seem to be everywhere. Guys use then as their avatars, theme pictures on Twitter or their blogs, and tweet them constantly. Why? I think exposing their locked state is a turn on. It’s a kind of anonymous, public humiliation, at least in the mind of the poster. I just find it extraneous.

In a totally hypocritical sense, I like seeing pictures of my penis. I generally like publishing them. I don’t feel humiliated or, for that matter, particularly proud. It’s just a turn on. I try to resist gratuitous posting of these images. Sometimes I can’t resist.

The big question is how you feel about seeing them. Is it fun to see my cock during CBT? Do you enjoy views of my spanked butt? Is there any value in seeing me erect with clothespins on my balls? Do these nude shots add anything to your enjoyment of the blog? I’d really like to know. You can comment or use Contact Us to respond. I’m genuinely curious. Thank you.

Holy Trainer Nano
This is the Holy Trainer Nano. It’s a new model that is the right length for almost every man.

Monday night we got back to business. Mrs. Lion edged me over and over. I was desperate to ejaculate. That wasn’t to be. The way she was edging me felt a lot like going for a ruined orgasm. She got me to the edge once, then paused. She went back to masturbating me pausing when I got really excited. Of course, that’s what edging is. The difference to me was that she waited 10 to 15 seconds and then started again. That;’s typically how a ruined orgasm is produced.

The idea is to masturbate the man until it looks like he is just ready to come, stop stimulating him and then wait. Since it can take 15 seconds between stopping stimulation and the ruined orgasm, the woman waits to see if he will ejaculate. If nothing happens, she masturbates him some more, stopping when he looks ready to come. She waits 15 seconds. No semen, start again. That’s how it felt on Monday night.

Mrs. Lion didn’t want a ruined orgasm. She just wanted me desperate to come. She was very successful. I’m getting hard now writing about it. Mrs. Lion hates giving me ruined orgasms. I think that’s because I get them by accident. She pushes just a bit to far edging me. So, my ruined orgasm feels like a failure to her. I, of course, am not too happy about it either.

So far, our experience with ruined orgasms has been completely accidental. I think that soured her on the idea of using them as part of her bag of tricks. Maybe she should consider adding ruined orgasm to her Box O’Fun. Delivering one intentionally may feel a lot different to her. Also, she could give me multiples, one after the other. She could also make the last one she wants to deliver a full orgasm.

The reason I thought of this is that a ruined orgasm certainly qualifies as a dominant activity. The Box O’Fun is full of things that hurt. Why aren’t ruined orgasms in the same category? So far, Mrs. Lion has kept sexual activities off limits for play or punishment.

Replacing a full orgasm with a ruined one can be a punishment or play option, especially when I am told in advance that is what will happen. An intentionally ruined orgasm that isn’t a surprise is very different from one that just happens. Announcing it and then doing it is a powerful expression of sexual control. I can’t prevent it.

A new chastity device
I ordered one of the new Holy Trainer V3 Nano chastity devices. It’s the first off-the-shelf chastity device with a cage short enough for me. It also has exactly the right tube diameter to fit me. Mrs. Lion agreed to lock it on instead of my Jail Bird or the 3D-printed one. I’ll publish a full review after I’ve worn it a while.

The Nano has a tube length of 1.36″. My Jailbird is 1.25″. This length is almost certainly right for any man. The only factor that would justify ordering the “Maxi” (tube length 2.5″ diameter 1.4″) is the need for the wider tube diameter. This device is almost the same price as the CB6000. It’s considerably more advanced in design. It’s inexpensive enough for first-time chastity players to buy it. It’s also inexpensive enough to buy if you have a longer tube/cage and want to experience the improved comfort and security of a short cage. I find that it doesn’t matter how long your flaccid penis measures. It will comfortably fit in a very short cage.

Those of us who have been doing this a while and who like to experiment, have discovered that we were wrong in measuring the length of our flaccid penises. It doesn’t matter what you measure. When you’re soft try compressing your penis. You can get it down to just a little bump. It’s designed to be very flexible and easy to compress.

It turns out that the only critical dimension when ordering a device is the diameter of the base ring. Otherwise, just get the shortest length you can. You’ll fit. Don’t believe me? Invest in a device like the Holy Trainer Nano. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.