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On Christmas night, Mrs. Lion locked me into my Jail Bird chastity device. I was concerned. After I had it on only an hour, I asked her to take it off. It felt fine locked around my cock. My problem

She Owns It And I Carry It Around

Our practice of male chastity has made changes in both of us. The biggest change, I think, is that we are both consciously aware of my ejaculations. This appears to be true of many guys who practice this. We keep

Wanna See My Weenie?

When I wrote my post yesterday, I was going to include a picture of my penis oozing semen as I experienced a broken orgasm. I thought better of it late Sunday night. If you’re curious, here is a link to

Penis Chat: Play Ruined Orgasms And A New Chastity Device

Monday night we got back to business. Mrs. Lion edged me over and over. I was desperate to ejaculate. That wasn’t to be. The way she was edging me felt a lot like going for a ruined orgasm. She got