Penis size

Sometimes I think I spend way too much time thinking about my penis. I’m wearing a chastity device that makes it impossible for me to have an erection. This is been my norm for six years. I wonder if I’ve forgotten how to be spontaneously physically aroused.

Mentally, I’m as horny as ever. I have sexual thoughts and imagine scenarios with Mrs. Lion. These thoughts do not result in pressure inside my chastity device. Even when I’m not wearing it, physical arousal without touching is extremely rare. What got me thinking about this was that when I woke up this morning my penis was trying to get hard inside its cage. I’m sure it’s what’s commonly known as morning wood. I wasn’t having any sexy thoughts or dreams and the attempted erection persisted for a few minutes after I was fully awake.

I’m well aware of this physiological phenomenon. It’s a way the body has to assure that its reproductive equipment is functional. I admit thinking that it would have been much more fun having morning wood if I weren’t locked up. It is good to know the equipment is working. That really isn’t an issue with me. Mrs. Lion unlocks me and teases me almost every day. Currently, the longest I’ve stayed in the cage without being unlocked is three or four days.

That doesn’t mean I’m a chastity brat. My unlocks are accompanied by edging and then I get relocked when I calm down. Mrs. Lion, I believe, finds my chastity device to be an inconvenience. She likes my penis to be available for her attention whenever she wants to play with it. She knows that I’m trained not to masturbate. I, on the other hand, like wearing a chastity device. I enjoy the sense of bondage. I also like knowing that I have no choice when it comes to being stimulated. I think about sex more often when I’m locked up. The chastity device, while so comfortable I barely realize it’s there, sends a strong sexual message to me.

There’s one rather important thing I learned about penis maintenance. The mechanism that gets us erect depends on blood flowing into spongy tissue inside the penis. Over time, especially when we are prevented from getting hard, this spongy tissue becomes more difficult to fill. This can result in less-than-fully-hard erections. Fortunately there’s an easy way to prevent this. Viagra, now available in an inexpensive generic form, works by improving blood flow in the penis. From what I’ve read, regular use of the drug along with stimulation that gets the penis erect, help prevent this. Men have reported an increase in penis size of up to an inch when they use the drug.

It turns out that is perfectly normal that our erections become smaller as we age. This is due to the tissue being less able to accept the blood flow that inflates it. Apparently, Viagra will help restore the tissue closer to its earlier size.  I’ve noticed that my erections seem to be stronger since I’ve been using the drug.

It’s not necessary to take the tablets every time, nor is it necessary to have frequent, unrestrained erections. However, depending on your individual physiology and mental state, it makes good sense to have some augmented erections on a regular schedule. I am not suggesting that ejaculation is required. It’s not.

I’ve never been particularly concerned about the size of my penis. I think I’m average. I started this research because I get questions from time to time about whether enforced male chastity will cause the penis to shrink. Initially, I rejected that concept out of hand. After doing some reading, I realized that it’s perfectly normal for us to lose an inch or more in erect size over time. As far as I could learn, there is no information about how wearing a chastity device might affect loss of size.

That’s not surprising. Enforced male chastity is a relatively small kink and probably never shows up on sexual researchers’ radar screens. The “use it or lose it” concept probably applies to penises the same way it does to most everything else. Fortunately, it’s very easy to provide penis exercise without violating our chastity.

Regardless of whether you are kept in chastity by a keyholder or you lock yourself up, there’s no reason why scheduled “exercise” can’t be included in the chastity regimen. Unfortunately, there is no scientific information about how often a penis must get hard in order to stay toned. I suggest that at minimum, one erection session a week makes sense as a basic minimum. If that session can be accompanied with an erectile drug (Please consult with your physician before attempting), you’re very likely to avoid excessive loss of size.

Apparently, chastity device or no chastity device, erectile drug or not, there will be some loss of size over time. The penile tissue simply ages and loses flexibility. It’s possible to minimize this loss. I’m very lucky that Mrs. Lion gives me lots of exercise.

Bruised Lion bottom
Bruised Lion bottom.

Thursday is one of our punishment days. Mrs. Lion rarely uses them by reserving punishments until Monday, Thursday, or Saturday. Nowadays she’s much more likely to punish the same day I break a rule. Thursday night I was spanked for spilling on my shirt. I’m not sure which spill was covered since I made three slips within the last week. It doesn’t matter. The offense was the same each time.

spahing spoon on Lion's butt
(Click image to view larger)

This was the second night in a row that I was spanked. It’s part of Mrs. Lion’s new serial-spanking policy. When she came out with a paddle (the spoon -shaped heavy wood model), I groaned inwardly. The spanking I got the other day had a mildly erotic flavor. That was because I hadn’t been spanked in a while and I looked forward to the sensation. Thursday night wasn’t erotic one little bit. I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Mrs. Lion started out with bursts of 10 or 11 swats to each cheek. She focused them on the small “sit spot” she favors. You know, it’s the area just below the crease. I have no idea how many rounds of swats she administered. I was yelping by the second round. It kept going on and on. Finally, she started applying single, very-hard swats to different spots on my bottom. I wanted to escape. It took everything I had to stay in place.

Those isolated, very-hard swats produced bruising. That was what Mrs. Lion wanted. Finally she was done. She went back into the guest room to return the paddle to its place and came back with the rough matting normally covering my punishment stool. She had me raise my body and she slid the coconut matting under my bottom. I slowly lowered myself on it feeling the sharp bristles digging into my tender, bruised skin.

I had to remain in position with my weight on the matting for what seemed to be an endless period of time. In actuality it was probably between 30 and 45 minutes. Finally, when she let me move the matting away, it felt like my bottom was corrugated by the sharp coconut mat. Yesterday morning, I had numerous tender spots on my rear.

I still have several daily installments to go for my serial spilling. By the end of the weekend I won’t be sitting comfortably. I’m not complaining. I’m just reporting. It looks like Mrs. Lion has discovered the best way so far to punish me.

My health has been steadily improving. One of the reasons I’m spilling more is that my coordination and balance were affected by the surgery I had in March. I’ve been told it can take up to a year for me to fully recover. However, I’m finally at the point where I can walk steadily without too much wobble. I’m going to begin physical therapy next week to help hasten my improvements.

Lest you think it is unfair of Mrs. Lion to punish me for slips caused by my surgery, I specifically asked her not to cut me any slack. We both need the FLRD to resume full speed. It’s a fortunate side effect of my surgery that I am spilling more on my clothes; it’s helping us continue our growth.

I’m still wearing the Cherry Keeper chastity device. My urethra remains nicely centered. Mrs. Lion took it off last night for a teasing session. I couldn’t get to the edge but certainly enjoyed the attention. Once finished, she put the cage back on.

penis skin overflowing Cherry Keeper cage
son you can see how some of the skin from behind the head is overflowing the back of the cage.

The fit isn’t perfect. Due to the design of this particular chastity device, the cage may be a bit short for me. Some of the skin from just behind the head is overflowing the back of the cage. It really should be contained inside. You can see what I mean in the picture, left.

I’m working with the designer for a custom cage that will continue to keep my urethra pushed forward and centered while covering the penis skin shown in the picture. My other cages don’t do this. It’s a matter of how the cage is angled and how it relates to the base ring.

I believe the Cherry Keeper orientation is very good. The question in my mind is whether a longer cage will permit the head of my penis to recede into the cage. The designer plans to reduce the diameter of the cage to the actual size of my penis head. I supplied detailed measurements of diameter, length, and circumference to assist in the design.

Because this device is 3D-printed, it’s possible to refine the design in any way imaginable. The possibilities are endless. I’m going to hold off the full review until we have a final custom design. I want to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the standard Cherry Keeper models. The design is absolutely solid. The cage I’m wearing now, as shown in the picture, is completely and comfortably functional. I just want to take advantage of the 3D-printing capability to build something 100% perfect for my penis.

If you’re interested in trying one of these, I strongly urge you to resist ordering it in color. Colors are just a die on the surface of the nylon. They will rub off. White is the color of the material itself. This material is a medical-grade nylon suitable for use in implants. It has a 300° melting point, so it’s safe to be cleaned in hot water.

Each cage is available in two quality levels of material: standard and premium. The premium is nearly twice as expensive. Actually, both are the same exact 3D-printed objects. The difference is that the premium finish has been tumbled with abrasive ceramic balls. This tumbling smooths out the rather rough surface 3D-printing produces. I can’t wear a device in the standard finish. It irritates my skin enough to make wearing extremely painful. So far, the premium finish is not bothering me a bit. It looks and feels a bit like an eggshell. It’s not shiny-smooth but it is smooth enough to avoid abrading me. If you’re interested in trying a Cherry Keeper. click here to go to the website. You will be taken to the Shapeways shop of the maker. You are ordering the device directly from the 3D-printer. Shapeways is the biggest, and in my opinion, the best of these public printing companies.

I wonder if enforced male chastity is becoming less of an oddity. It’s hard to tell based on the Internet. Popularity of chastity sites says less about how many people are interested than how good a job search engines are doing pointing people at our particular kink. In any case, I think there is progress being made in producing wearable chastity devices that are comfortable and do the job.

Many of the mainstream off-the-shelf and custom devices are made by people who don’t necessarily wear them. Until very recently, to get into the business of making and selling male chastity devices, you either had to have the special metalworking skills needed to build cages or the design skill and the financing required to create injection molds. The plastic chastity devices are all injection molded. 3D-printed devices are just now beginning to appear.

If you have any experience in computer-aided design, or are willing to learn, you can now become a chastity device maker. Shapeways and other similar companies make it easy to interface your design with their systems. It’s relatively inexpensive to get a design printed. If you are just paying Shapeways, for example, a typical cage and base ring would cost around $50 in the premium finish. That’s inexpensive enough to allow iterative design to perfect a new device.

I think we will see more and more new devices coming out of 3D printers. This is a very profound change in the evolution of male chastity. Before 3D printing, chastity devices had to be built obeying rules that have nothing to do with the male anatomy. For example, my Jail Bird had to be made with a relatively crudely shaped cage. It’s round and tapers toward the front. It can’t taper too much because it would become impossible to polish the metal in a too-narrow space. A lot of compromises have to be made to permit efficient manufacture.

Similarly, products like the CB-series and Holy Trainers have to be designed to allow the injection molds to properly eject the plastic. The same is true of any other metal or plastic device. 3D-printing, on the other hand has no such limitations. Almost any shape you can imagine can be printed. There are rules in terms of thickness of material that must be followed. But, it’s no problem to build a cage shaped exactly like a specific man’s penis. The custom cage I get should precisely conform to my anatomy.

It won’t be perfect since it’s based on dimensions I provide. If more accuracy is needed a 3D-rendering can be made from a series of still photographs taken of my cock. I doubt that will be required. The point is that with a little patience and some design skill, it’s possible to build a device that will be perfect for you and you alone. I consider that an irresistible challenge.

I’ll keep you posted as we make progress on the new Lion Cage.


Every so often someone asks if wearing a chastity device will cause the penis to shrink. On the face of it, there’s some logic behind this question. After all, if you stuff your penis into a small container for years on end, shouldn’t that have some lasting effect on it?

In a word, no. Every guy knows his penis changes size all the time. When he’s excited it gets longer and thicker and harder. When he goes swimming in cold water, it shrinks down to a little nub. Our cocks are flexible little buggers. I have had mine squished into a 1 inch cage for a long time. When Mrs. Lion lets it out, it springs back to its original size. As long as blood circulation isn’t cut off — this can happen with a cage that is too narrow — no harm befalls it living in captivity.

Another popular myth is that wearing a chastity device that has a base ring will make the scrotum narrower. The idea is if you start out with a ring that is one and three-quarter inches in diameter, after a while you will be able to get by with one that is only one and 1/2 inches across. I don’t understand the logic behind this, but some guys believe it.

This one has some truth to it. The body can get used to compression behind the balls and over time tolerate more squeeze. As far as I can tell, there’s absolutely no benefit to wearing a smaller base ring. Guys used to believe that a tighter base ring would add more security to their chastity devices.

I suppose this is true. It’s easier to pull your soft penis out the back of your chastity device if the base ring is roomier. A smaller base ring will increase the challenge.

I really hope you’ve gotten past the idea that a chastity device needs to be inescapable. Back in the day when guys believed the myth that keyholders made the choice to lock them up, they reasoned that trying to escape was their duty. Let’s face it, we ask our partners to lock us up. Enforced male chastity is a male concept. Women may like the idea when it’s introduced to them, but guys are the ones who initiate the lockup.

I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. Why in the world would I try to escape something I asked for? It’s illogical. Any device that attaches using a base ring around the cock and balls is escapable. This is even true if a piercing is involved. If you can get a piercing on, you can get it off. The best you can do is make escape more difficult.

That begs the question why would you want to escape something you asked for? If escape isn’t a concern, comfort certainly is. A proper fit is essential for a device you will wear 24/7/365. Therefore, you won’t be needing the tightest base ring. You will want ring small enough so that after you thread your balls and cock through it, nothing will escape on its own. When I was trying to determine what size I need, I found that a 2 inch ring allowed a ball to escape on a regular basis. A one and three-quarter inch ring kept everything in place. A one and 1/2 inch ring hurt and required some kind of lube to prevent irritation.

Clearly, the optimum base ring for me is one and three-quarter inches. That’s what I wore over five years ago, and that’s what I’m wearing now. As far as I can tell, I’ve suffered no disfigurement.

The question of permanent change comes up whenever I talk about short chastity devices. Rest assured that my cock is no shorter, thinner, thicker, or longer then it was before I ever heard of a chastity device. As long as you make sure the diameter of the tube or cage for your penis is no more than 1/4 inch narrower than your member, you can have a cage as short as you want. I think 1 inch is perfect. It’s long enough to accommodate all or most of the head and very little else. Wearing a cage this small makes erections just a memory.

Don’t worry, your penis will remember how to grow once it’s freed.

Ever since I discovered that Viagra has a very inexpensive generic available from legitimate pharmacies, I have been excited to get some. ED, or erectile dysfunction can range from impotence to difficulty getting and keeping a full erection. From time to time, it’s been difficult for Mrs. Lion to get me hard. Once hard, I sometimes have a problem staying that way without constant stimulation. Part of this is just age, most though, is due to allergies and blood pressure meds i am taking. Low blood pressure, after all, is the enemy of a stiffy.

Saturday night was a bad night for penile hydraulics. I’ve been taking a strong steroid for my recent itching and that has distracted me from sex. So, when Mrs. Lion played with my penis, it was frustratingly unresponsive. So, I asked her if we could wait a while and quietly took 60mg of generic Viagra. A half hour later I was ready to go. This time, Mrs. Lion had complete success, and I had a great time.

She’s mentioned that she wants to know if I take the magic pills. I told her last night. Usually I don’t mention it. I don’t like to admit that I need help down there. Truthfully, I don’t need help that often. But I like the little added zing the pills add. I’m harder and stay hard longer. I love that.

It’s ironic that the blood pressure medicine I take will extend my life by lowering blood pressure, while the lower blood pressure affects getting hard. For the record, I’m proud of my unassisted erection. You can see for yourself here.

The thing is that I really like the way I feel when I take the boner pills. I feel more sexually confident. I have more fun. The pills do not turn me on or make it easier for me to be aroused. All they do is make it easier to get a solid erection. If you’ve thought that giving these pills to a man who is caged will torture him further, you’re wrong. They don’t make him easier to turn on or make him want sex more. They just make boners, um bonier.

I love it and I’m grateful I can get them legitimately for an affordable price. Ok, now you know too. The lion takes boner pills when he can.