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We Live In Marvelous Times

While I think I will always be concerned about people discovering that I wear a male chastity device, I’m no longer self-conscious about shedding my body hair. Apparently, the world has become much more tolerant of male body grooming. There

A Lion on the Edge

I’ve been so tired lately and I don’t know why. Last night I took a sleeping pill and it seems to have helped. At least, so far. There’s still a lot of day left and a lot to do. At

Weebles Wobble

As advertised, I locked Lion into the Jail Bird last night. He seemed surprised. Hadn’t I said in my post that the best Christmas present would be locking him in the Jail Bird? I even said I wondered how long

No Choice for You

I was waiting for my eyes to dilate for my eye exam when I remembered I hadn’t had Lion pick from the Box O’Fun. I thought about it when he was getting ready for bed and then promptly forgot again.