Category: Power Exchange

Control Issues

Lion is having issues with our power exchange again. He thinks he’s controlling things more than I am. Several weeks ago he asked how I determine when he gets an orgasm. I told him, jokingly, that he can have one

Whimpering Slave Boy

It’s difficult to be in charge when the person you’re in charge of is uncomfortable from allergies. I suggested playing Zapardy! last night but Lion had to take his contacts out to use allergy drops. It might have been fun

Order, Order

Lion left out one fairly important fact from our day out. I ordered for him at the Chinese restaurant. Admittedly, I didn’t necessarily intend to order for him. That is, I started with the appetizer, ordered my own food and,

Cheese on a Cheeseburger?

Back to work. Insert frowny face here. Add to that the fact that I was too wiped out from driving to play with Lion last night and I have nothing to write about. And Lion was due for a punishment.