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Lion Doesn’t Know Yet…

But he’s going to have to send me a picture of the cage with the seal today. Then he can unlock himself, check a sore spot I noticed on my weenie before I left, take a shower, and lock himself

I Hate Flying

No, I’m not afraid to fly. The way I see it, if the plane goes down I may have some time to be scared but it certainly won’t be for long. After that I won’t care anymore. I hate flying

Playing with Lion While I’m Away

I’m trying to be a little proactive. I have a lot to do, both for Lion and myself, and I don’t want to leave it all till the last minute. I need to clean the house and change the bed

Checking Up on Lion

We had a fairly quiet Sunday. Lion watched another James Bond movie. The only Bond movie I’ve ever liked is Skyfall. I’m not sure why that held my attention. The others all just seemed stupid. Since Lion had an orgasm