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Waxing is Taxing

I hope waxing goes better the next time around. It was very effective but I ran through a lot of wax because of my technique. And I was still hurting afterwards. As I was nearing the end of the areas

No Reason

I brought out the Magic Wand last night. I didn’t really want to do anything painful. Actually I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything. We had a big dinner and, for a while, even snuggling seemed impossible. Lion

Make Ready the Dungeon

I haven’t seen Lion this intent on getting something done in a long time. We need to get the dungeon cleaned up so we can get our new massage/waxing table set up. Currently it is set up but the dungeon

Best Purchase!

We have an interesting new piece of furniture in the dungeon. We need to clean up a bit more to make room, but the massage table is set up and ready to roll. The stool should come today and we’re