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Bakeries and Waxing Lion

Yesterday I went for the analysis of my sleep study. I have mild sleep apnea. I get to wear a stylish mask to bed. If that doesn’t get Lion’s motor running, I don’t know what will. It’ll be a few

Third Waxing Session

This afternoon will be our third hair removal session with wax. It’s been five weeks since our last session. In general, the hair that has returned is lighter and thinner. There is a lot less of it too. If you

My Brazilian Adventure

It’s been three weeks since Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian waxing. No hair seems to have grown back. I spotted a couple of longish hairs, but I think they were missed when I was waxed. Unless there is a

Eventful Weekend

(Monday) Here in the Northwest, the sun at noon is sunset orange. It feels like a cloudy day, but no clouds are in sight. The strange light is caused by smoke from Canadian wild fires blowing down over this area.