Category: Punishment

Don’t Move!

Yesterday, Lion was quite busy. He had meetings. He had to get fitted for a knee brace. He had to go to physical therapy. In all the running around, the poor boy forgot it was punishment day. I noticed he

The Lion’s Share

At one time or another, most of us use the expression “The lion’s share”. This expression refers to the fact that after a kill, the lion (male) gets the first shot at eating. He gets the lion’s share. This expression

Day 2 In The Dark

As you might imagine, not too much is happening here. The power company hasn’t managed to even start fixing our downed power line. Our energy is going into staying warm and keeping the generator gassed up. Stubborn optimism prevails. We’re

What’s the End Game?

Pardon the pun. I don’t mean Lion’s end but it does deal with it indirectly. Comments to Lion’s post “300 Blows” wonder what punishment will look like now that we’ve embarked on a new experiment. I don’t know. I haven’t