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Castrated Lion

The other night we were watching reruns of the sitcom “Mom”. Bonnie, mother of the main character, is an amoral sociopath. In the episode we were watching, Bonnie had just reconciled her on-again-off-again relationship with her paraplegic boyfriend. As part

Mrs. Lion’s Little Helper

It seems to me that people read about enforced male chastity when they are horny and are looking for titillation, not information. I get that. I have to say that most of my early reading on the subject was fodder


I still owed Lion a punishment last night for the whole interrupting fiasco from a few days ago. I really didn’t feel like spanking him but I couldn’t do Icy Hot since I’d waxed his balls earlier in the day.

He Knows What He Did

Twice yesterday, Lion was a know-it-all and an interrupter. I let one of them go but on the second one I asked if I could finish what I was saying. In both cases I already knew the information he wanted