Lion wonders what I feel when he breaks a rule. Sometimes I’m amused. Sometimes I just can’t believe he broke that one rule (whatever it might be) again. Sometimes, like yesterday, I’m unsure if we’re still playing the “game” anymore. He was upset with me and not showing much interest in my kisses or anything. Was I supposed to waltz into the room and say, “Nanner, nanner, nanner! You didn’t do the coffee again. I get to spank you!”? From my point of view, he could have told me to take a flying leap.

When it comes to the actual punishment, I’m hit and miss whether I tell him, or make him tell me, why he’s being punished. If I remember Lion likes pomp and circumstance, I go through a whole spiel about why he’s being punished and how he could have easily avoided it. Sometimes I tell him he’s bleeding all over my paddle like it’s all his fault, which it is since he caused the spanking by not following the rules. I think it all depends on how much I’m in character.

Of course, I have to be in some sort of character to punish him. “Just me” wouldn’t do it. I’m not sure Lioness 1.0 or 2.0 would either. Lioness 3.0 can get into it to some extent. Lioness 4.0 doesn’t care if he’s bleeding. She will keep going until she’s done. Maybe it was 3.5 who spanked him yesterday. She sort of cared that Lion said the swats were too hard, but she didn’t stop. It couldn’t have been 4.0 because she stopped when it looked like there would be bruising and some blood appeared. (There was no bruising, nor any sore spots afterward.)

I like to hear his report of how sore his buns are. If I’ve done a good job then he has trouble finding a comfortable position to sit. I know I’ve made a lasting impression. Maybe he won’t forget that rule again for a while. I’m not happy I’ve hurt him. Well, “just me” isn’t happy. But I realize this is something he needs and I can do it for him. It’s not like I feel guilty about doing it. I don’t need therapy. I don’t need to join a twelve step program for wives who spank their husbands. Unlike Lion telling me he can give up BDSM and our lifestyle, I can actually give it up. Lioness 4.0 would fade into the background, never to be heard from again.

That definitely does not mean I want to give it up. We’ve come a long way from my silly little barely-felt swats all those years ago. Lion must have wondered what he got himself into. “I’m sorry. Was that an actual swat or did a breeze blow through?” Now he knows what he got himself into and he hopes for a breeze to cool his fiery buns off. What a difference seventeen years can make!

ferrule and rubber paddles
Ferrule (left), Rubber (right)

I almost forgot to spank Lion last night. Of course, if he remembered, he wasn’t about to remind me. That’s not one of his requirements. Should it be? When I picked up the bloodwood ferule paddle, he winced. That’s a mean one. He didn’t see me pick up the wide rubber paddle. I started with the wooden paddle. Ten swats per cheek. I do it this way to give him a little time to recover. If I did 100 swats right off the bat he wouldn’t be able to stay still. I suppose if I swatted him long enough, he’d be able to handle a barrage of swats but, at that point, would he really feel them anymore? Ten seems to be working for us.

I didn’t count how many rounds I went on his buns. I alternated between the wooden and rubber paddles. He yelped for both. It looked like bruises would form and, toward the end, some blood poked through. It wasn’t as much blood as last time, not that there was much blood last time either. Maybe the rubber paddle doesn’t make him bleed. Maybe it was the alternating of the paddles. Maybe it confused his butt so it didn’t know whether to bleed or bruise.

I usually end with five harder swats to each cheek. Sometimes I do that twice. I don’t know if he realizes that’s the end or not. When I told him I was done and that he had a tiny amount of blood but nothing that needed cleaning. (I think he was already done bleeding.) He said that paddle was mean and caused the blood. I asked which paddle. He said the ferrule. Then I realized he had no idea I’d been using two different paddles. Either his butt was on fire and he couldn’t differentiate or both paddles have the same quality. I thought the ferrule was stingy and the rubber paddle was thuddy. That’s not why I chose them anyway. I just thought it would be interesting to try two paddles.

A while ago I thought about categorizing the paddles. Sometimes I want it to sting and sometimes I want a thud. It would be nice to know which paddle does what. I can never remember. I guess if I was on the receiving end I’d sure know. Nope. That’s not an invitation to spank me. Don’t get any ideas, Lion.

[Lion — I couldn’t feel the difference between the two paddles. They both hurt!]

Ferule paddle on my butt.

Mrs. Lion spanked me on Wednesday night for eating before her. Her spanking was very painful. She used the very painful ferule paddle. I was out of practice since it’s been weeks since I’ve been spanked. Soon after we got up yesterday, she asked me if I had any sore spots. I said that I didn’t. She was disappointed. I could almost hear her thinking that she would do better next time.

Next time could be sooner then I would like. We are both at home until next week. So far, Mrs. Lion’s office will open on Monday. My office is closed with everyone working from home. So far, our Internet service has held up nicely. We are in a sparsely populated area so there would be little stress on our local service. I don’t think the Internet backbone will be particularly stressed. After all, there really isn’t any new traffic. Existing traffic has just moved.

With both of us sheltering in place, there is an opportunity to catch up on some of our play. I don’t know if that’s occurred to Mrs. Lion. We still have a bunch of toys that are untried. I was a little surprised on Wednesday night that nothing sexual happened after my spanking. I imagine that Mrs. Lion was just too tired and the energy it took to beat me was as much as she could handle.

As I write this, I’m squirming a little in my chair. Perhaps I was premature telling Mrs. Lion there were no sore spots. I think there may be a couple. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear this. I was a little surprised to find that I didn’t have a very sore bottom yesterday morning. Her spanking started off as she said, “not too hard.” I would disagree. I was yelping right from the start. She picked up both the pace and the intensity of her swats. She had me in the normal punishment position lying face-down on the bed with my legs dangling over the edge. There was no question in my mind that she meant business.

That paddle hurts a lot with even gentle swats. She wasn’t being gentle. I’m pretty sure she’s dialed up the intensity. At least from the perspective of punishment. Lioness 4.0 is here. She’s pretty much given up on other disciplinary choices. Spanking is definitely her sweet spot. It makes sense to me as well. I suppose I’m a simple creature. I do best when there are a clear cause and effect relationship between my behavior and the resulting punishment. Creativity is absolutely unneeded. Mrs. Lion can save that for our BDSM play.

This is in line with what I know about other couples who practice domestic discipline. It isn’t fancy, it’s just painful. Also, distinctions aren’t made between offenses. If I do something that requires punishment, I will get a very painful spanking. It doesn’t matter if I spilled food on my shirt or interrupted Mrs. Lion. I broke a rule and I have to pay the price.

It’s all very simple. We’ve tried it the other way with different gradations of severity and different punishments based on the offense. It didn’t work. What works for us is a uniformly severe spanking for any offense. It’s simple for me to understand and easy for Mrs. Lion to administer.

There’s a temptation to try to relate this to childhood punishments. That was a mistake. It’s not the same at all. In some respects, adult punishment is far easier than punishing kids. Mrs. Lion is confident that I understand how I got into trouble and her only job is to make me very unhappy about what I did. Corner time, mouth soaping, etc. have too much potential to be sexually arousing. Paddling is very easy to make thoroughly unpleasant. It may turn me on to think about but is absolutely miserable to receive.

The idea isn’t to fulfill a sexual fantasy for me. It’s to make me thoroughly unhappy that I upset Mrs. Lion. She has an easy way to learn if she has to up the ante. If I repeat an offense, I am obviously saying that I didn’t get the point. Fortunately, it only takes a little more energy from her to dramatically increase my suffering. Lioness 4.0 embraces that concept.

For the past few hours, I’ve been listening to the person on my webinar drone on and on. To be fair, a webinar is far better than being there in person. I’m reading emails, playing games, texting with people, etc., which I couldn’t do if I was in a face to face seminar. My boss and I are taking turns sending text messages back and forth to keep the other awake. If this was the requirement for my working at home I think I’d rather deal with being at risk for the virus. The good thing is that if I worked from home, I’d do pretty much the same thing I do at the office. And for that reason, I don’t understand why the big bosses won’t approve of my work from home. I assume we’ll break for lunch soon. My boss says her boss wants to discuss something with her. We’re wondering if it has anything to do with closing the office. It’s possible that a few of us would still be able to work since we do paperwork and billing. You have to keep the money flowing while you can.

When my webinar is done, I’ll be able to spend some time with Lion. He’s working from home and I’m not sure if he’s busy with things or not. He’ll have time for lunch and maybe some snuggles later. We’ll see what happens from there.

Last night I whomped his buns for eating before me at breakfast yesterday. He disagrees but I think I started off slow. I didn’t hit hard. I’m assuming this because I didn’t bring the paddle back very far between hits. The force shouldn’t have been as hard as if I’d worked up a full head of steam. On the other hand, it might not have been as “not hard” as I intended. I did use a nasty paddle, after all.

I didn’t count swats. A few weeks ago, Lion mentioned my spanking experiment when I counted swats. I’m not sure why I stopped counting. Maybe I should go back to it. For now, I’ve been going by the level of yelps from Lion and how pink/red/bruised his buns look. Last night, his buns got a nice starting-to-bruise look to them long before the little dots of blood showed up. As a matter of fact, I decided he’d get one more round of ten swats on each cheek and two rounds of five harder swats on each cheek just before the blood showed up. Even after I was done, there wasn’t much blood. I tried to blot it off and it only made two tiny dots on the towel.

I wasn’t going for blood. I was going for bruising at the most. What I really wanted was for Lion to feel it today. I asked him this morning and he said his buns were fine but he was still in the soft bed. I haven’t heard a report since he’s been in his office chair. I guess those marks weren’t really bruises.