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Just A Man

Lioness 3.0’s arrival is difficult for me to accept. I’m not complaining. She is letting me know what truly bothers her. Some of these things feel challenging to me on a pretty deep level. Her recent post, Time For A Change,

Time for a Change

This morning I woke up coughing. My nose was stuffy. I told Lion I might be getting a cold. He said, “Great. That means I’ll get one too.” This statement always bothers me. It turns how I’m feeling into being

Effective Spanking Part 2: How To Spank Me

The other day when I wrote about effective spanking, I created an image that describes what I consider the anatomy of a good spanking. After the post was published, I kept revising the image. I realized that simply swatting the

Punishment Delayed is Worthless

On Friday morning, Lion realized he didn’t remind me about Thursday being punishment day. I told him I’d punish him that night. We went to the casino and got back late. No punishment. I said I would punish him yesterday.