Neither of us was in the mood last night. I’ve been very tired. Lion must be too because he’s been snoozing a lot. A trip to the doctor helped wipe him out. I’ve also been dealing with sinus issues. Enough about our whining, the sun is out and it’s a long weekend.

My new rug…um..Lion beater.

I surprised Lion with a new toy yesterday. I didn’t tell him it was coming. The first he knew about it was when I demonstrated it by whomping the bed. I don’t know how I got the idea of a rug beater. I’ve never read anything about them being used on people. I’ve never read much about them at all. It was like a lightbulb went on and I started looking on Amazon.

It’s a little large for Lion’s butt.

One of the first ones I saw had a review that said it wasn’t used for its intended purpose but it was very sturdy. I think that’s the first inkling I got that I was on the right track. Someone else had the same idea I did. And that was a good sign that this particular rug beater could handle Lion’s butt. There were others, of course, but they seemed too long. As it was, I didn’t really have a good concept of how big the head was. It might have said, but I didn’t read it. It definitely won’t be useful to do the actual punishment. I figure it will work as the final few whacks across both cheeks. Maybe it will leave a lasting mark. Maybe it won’t. Maybe just the idea of it making a mark is enough.

I’m just proud of myself for thinking about repurposing something like that. I don’t think Lion ever thought about it. [Lion — Nope, I didn’t] Clearly, other people have. I know I’ve come up with a few of our toys, but nothing this far out of left field. Lion is a little worried. He’s been whacked with rattan canes, but never a rug beater. And to think, he narrowly escaped punishment this morning when he got up before I did and put the coffee pot together. I guess he didn’t want to test out the rug beater this soon. But, as he said, he has plenty of time to get in trouble some other way.

Poor Lion.

There is a tendency for our readers to just think of us in terms of our sexual adventures. That makes sense because we created this blog to write about them. These activities don’t define us though they permeate our day-to-day lives. For example, our domestic discipline extends into every aspect of our lives. There are no boundaries on when or how I earn punishment. More about that later.

Pandemic tip: Social distance greeting!

By trade, I am a technology manager and Mrs. Lion is an insurance specialist. Her company put her on furlough in late March. She went back to work in April when her company got a Federal loan. I went on furlough the end of April and I am still not back to work. The $600 a week emergency relief has saved us. That, combined with her unemployment benefit gave Mrs. Lion a bit more than her normal take-home pay. My combined benefit is considerably lower. Still, it is enough to keep us going.

I can’t help but worry that I won’t be called back to work. I realize that it’s been less than three months, but still… If the weekly emergency money is allowed to expire this month, we will be in serious trouble. Obviously, I worry about this. However, I’m actively trying to remain positive.

One very nice benefit is that Mrs. Lion’s boss is letting her work from home three days a week. It’s great that we are together most of the time. Of course, she has to work, but we can chat a bit and she and I have lunch together. Since she doesn’t have to commute, we have an extra hour together each day she is home.

No spankings before dark!

One thing that doesn’t change is that Mrs. Lion still holds off on any disciplinary or sexual activity until after dark. It’s odd since we have a lot of opportunities every day of the week. In fact, since we are both being very careful about avoiding contact with people, we have a great deal of time alone at home; much more than we had before COVID-19.

I must be missing something. I don’t understand this. She can take the five or ten minutes needed to punish me if I do something during the day, but she doesn’t. Now that there are almost no bars to immediately reacting, things still haven’t changed.

That goes for our, well my, sexual activities. I can count on one hand the number of times we started before 8 PM. I would like to start earlier since I tend to get sleepy later in the evening.

I wonder why we aren’t taking advantage of the newer opportunities we have. We’ve discussed this several times. Each time, Mrs. Lion agrees that we should be able to take advantage of our schedule, but we don’t.

It isn’t that we don’t make progress at all. Mrs. Lion continues to “perfect” her spanking technique. She keeps improving as a disciplinary wife. Every spanking is extremely painful and memorable. She isn’t bothered by my expressions of displeasure or my wriggling. She is determined to do the job at hand. I’m not complaining. I’m proud of her.

There has to be a reason why we can’t pursue DD and sex during the day. I’m available and naked all the time. I wish I could figure it out. It’s one thing to delay punishment because it is an inconvenient time. It’s another to just delay it for no particular reason.

I received one of my first know-it-all spankings Monday night. Until Mrs. Lion added a comment to my post yesterday I had no idea I was in trouble:

[Mrs. Lion — Lion is due for a spanking based on a conversation we had earlier. I made a statement, Lion said it was dumb (I’m simplifying) and took over the conversation. I tried to explain my statement but he was already fired up. I told him he was being difficult. Voices raised. And we were both frustrated with each other. Mr. Knowitall will get some paddle attention.]

Neither of us was entirely certain about the specifics. We had agreed that wasn’t necessary for punishment. The key is that she remembered that something I said upset her. It was important that she let me know in a way that assured her I understood how unhappy this made her.

I realize that she agreed to punish me because it was something that I want. On her own, she probably wouldn’t spank me for this. Before we began our domestic disciplinary relationship, she would have simply shut down. That was how she handled anger at me.

This is very destructive. I fear rejection and when Mrs. Lion withdraws from me, it is very upsetting in a bad way. Angry withdrawal is not healthy for a relationship.

That’s the main reason I want her to punish me when I make her feel that way. It is much better for both of us. Sometime after I was spanked Mrs. Lion recalled my offense. She was talking about masks with a flap that can be opened for eating and drinking. I interrupted her saying it wasn’t a good idea because exposing the mouth allowed germ spread. In a lot of words I said I thought it was a dumb idea.

Mrs. Lion didn’t necessarily disagree with me. She felt slighted that I just rolled over her thoughts to express mine. She hates it when I do that.

I got a surprise spanking

rubber sp;anking paddle with holes

Nothing was said about it when I upset her. She did withdraw a bit and make a small comment about me interrupting her. It was overlooked at the moment. It completely dropped out of my memory. The first time it came up again was in Mrs. Lion’s comment on my post for yesterday morning, “Being Fair And Strict At The Same Time “. It caught me by surprise.

After dinner on Monday night, Mrs. Lion got a paddle I don’t recall her using on me before. It is a piece of very heavy conveyor belt with large holes drilled in it. When she got it, I couldn’t see it. I was face-down on the bed with my legs dangling over the side. This is our spanking position.

She started off with fairly light swats. Then, after a few of them, she dialed up the intensity. She had me screaming into the comforter in no time.

As usual, I was unaware of whether or not I was being marked. All I knew was that I desperately wanted Mrs. Lion to stop. Eventually, she did. She took a picture to show me her handiwork.

lion butt spanked with rubber paddle
Here’s how I looked right after Mrs. Lion finished spanking me. As usual, the camera doesn’t pick up how red my bottom was. You You can see the damage done by this paddle. I think Mrs. Lion may be using this a lot in the future. Boy, does it hurt!

I think Mrs. Lion took it a bit easy on me. The spanking didn’t seem to last as long as usual. I think she made her point.

Lesson learned (i hope!)

From my perspective, I can say that I will be much more careful about how I communicate with her. I’m sure that at some point, I will earn another meeting with her paddle. At least for now, I’m going to be much more careful.

I hope Mrs. Lion got something out of it as well. I hope that she begins to feel about interrupting and being a know-it-all the same way she feels about always eating first. You may recall that when she went East to visit her family, some of them ate before her. She felt a real pang when they did. She expected to go first. I hope that Mrs. Lion will feel the same sense of entitlement about the way I speak to her.

Monday night was one of the few times I spanked Lion for annoying me. The last time was an add-on to another punishment so I’m not even sure it counts. I’d say he’s been baiting me into punishing him, but that’s not quite the right word. Cajoling isn’t right either, but at times it’s felt like it. What he’s been doing is encouraging me.

Somehow it’s felt almost like a dare. “It’ll be good for you. You’ll see. Just do it. Do it. Come on. You can do it. Just do it. You’ll feel better if you do it. Do it. Come on. Do it.” I guess you can only take so much of that before you “just do it”.

On the surface, it wasn’t unlike any other punishment. A bunch of swats on his buns that made him red and then bleed a little. I used a heavy rubber paddle with holes drilled in it. One of the last swats made a few circle marks. I’m not sure if it made the surrounding skin red or if it was blood transfer from the paddle. I don’t know if it was as severe as the last spanking. I “just did it” until he looked red enough. He was surprised I didn’t use the new rubber cane. I forgot we had it and it seems difficult to control. I’ll have to practice on a pillow first to get the hang of it.

lions right butt cheek after spanking with rubber paddle
You can see the marks the holes in the p;addle left on Lion’s cheek. He’s nice and red with a blood spot or two.

The thing is, I didn’t feel better after the spanking. I know Lion felt worse, at least his butt did. I felt better after I growled at him for pissing me off earlier in the day. I think I was actually more annoyed by his persistence at getting me to spank him when he annoys me. That’s ironic, isn’t it? By the way, the conversation that started it all had to do with face masks with little flaps so you can drink through a straw more easily. Lion thought it was a stupid idea and proceeded to tell me why. I thought it was a better idea than having to take your mask off entirely just to get a quick drink. The bigger point is that, since he highjacked my conversation, I didn’t finish my thought. (No, I don’t want to finish it now.)

My issue now is whether it’s okay to whomp him because he annoys me by telling me it’ll make me feel better to whomp him when he annoys me. I have to say that feels wrong. As I said, I felt better when I growled at him for annoying me. That’s a fairly big step for me. Usually I just get quiet. Maybe that’s my go-to punishment for annoying me. I’m not saying I’ll never get to the point that I’ll spank him for doing it, but right now I’d like to stick to growling. Clearly, if he pushes my buttons enough times, I’ll hit my limit and then hit my Lion, but I don’t think that’s the answer for the time being.

[Lion — It’s true that I strongly encourage Mrs. Lion to punish me for annoying her. I understand that it feels wrong right now. As I recall, it felt wrong to spank me for eating first or getting food on my shirt. I think it is a matter of learning.

It is a big step to just growl or snarl when I annoy her. It shows she is recognizing my role in upsetting her. I’m not sure it is enough to get me to change. Mrs. Lion’s pattern has been to first build a habit of spotting infractions and then punishing them. It could be that the growls are part of that. I am requesting that she back those growls up with her paddle so that I can learn more quickly.]