Category: Punishment

The Joys of Packing

I know Lion didn’t think he could go a week without breaking a rule, but I really thought he could make it a day. He managed to spill food on his shirt at dinner. Three more days of punishment for

Wifely Duty

There is a ton of mythology surrounding sexual power exchanges. Female Led Relationship With Discipline (FLRD) is no exception. The majority of the stories center around the “submissive” male member of the relationship. Surrendering power, particularly sexual power is a

So I Did

Yesterday was an amazing waste of time. Well, not exactly. It started out okay. We made it to the doctor’s office and Lion was seen fairly quickly. We were making plans for lunch on the way home. And then the

Cross-eyed Lioness

I’ve been looking on my iPad for rentals. It’s amazing how long I can play games without my eyes hurting, but having to read descriptions and look at pictures is bothering me. This morning I made a comment that I’m