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Long-Haired Hippy

When Lion first got the Cherry Keeper, I didn’t like it. I had trouble getting in on and then getting it locked. It did seem to keep him centered well, which is good for his peeing needs. Over the course

A Ruined Orgasm And A Sore Bottom

Thursday night I ended up getting a ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t intend that to happen, but it did. At one moment I was very aroused and feeling that I was getting close. She stopped stimulating me, but my arousal

Turbo Button

I didn’t feel all that great last night. Sometimes a medication puts my gut through hell. But I was determined to catch up on some of the punishment swats we’ve been putting off. I still owe Lion for at least

Backlog of Swats

Lion’s tummy was bothering him after dinner last night. I was waiting for it to calm down so I could whomp him and then we were watching television. About 10 he asked if I wanted to snuggle. I took this