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Review: Balls Bare Balm

(Mrs. Lion is at a conference. I’m filling in with this review of Balls Bare Balm) I tried the male depilatory called Balls Bare Balm. I’m looking for an easier way to remove hair on my scrotum. My Norelco Body

One Of My Favorite Blogs

I’m an avid reader of other blogs about male chastity, spanking, and lifestyle power exchanges. I’m a big fan of Strict Julie Spanks, a blog that accurately reports BDSM scenes between Julie and her husband. The reason this site deserves

The $25 Personalized Spanking Paddle

In a recent post I created the image of a paddle that had “HIS” on the business end and “HERS” on the handle. It is a good symbolic way to describe our relationship. I decided that this image should come

The Case Of The Stinky Custom Chastity Device

I just completed ten days wearing a Custom Chastity Ghost chastity device. I reviewed in a prior post. Once I put in several hours sanding the roughly-finished device, I was locked into it. The device was extremely comfortable throughout the

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