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I’ve been wearing a Cherry Keeper chastity device for several weeks. This device is 3D printed. It takes excellent advantage of the opportunities for customization offered by 3D printing. JosieLynn is the designer. He created his devices using CAD software.

For many years I ignored vibrators. I thought of them as toys for women. Vibrators just couldn’t get me off; release that’s what I thought. When Mrs. Lion came into my life and we decided to experiment with and forced

There are very few surprises left in the male chastity device world. I have to admit the Heart-On is new one to me. As you can see in the picture (Right), it’s a chastity device that covers the full set

When we got home from our trip, a package was waiting with my new 3D-printed Cherry Keeper. This one is an off-the-shelf design: the short model with the medium “headlock”. I ordered this one with the “premium” finish. This extra-cost