Category: Rewards

Speed Camera

I guess I had a “eureka” moment the other day when I came up with my penny idea. I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure out that if I want Lion to have rewards, I just

A Penny Saved

The other day I wrote about keeping FLR and domestic discipline alive during Lion’s recovery. I’ll need to keep my eyes and ears open, and point out when he strays from the rules. I won’t be enforcing them, but he

Weightier Issue

As you may recall, Lion and I have been trying to lose weight. I got the idea that this weight loss procedure should play into our FLR. As incentive for Lion losing weight, I decided he should get punished if

Tonight’s the Night

I don’t normally put so much emphasis on Lion’s orgasms. I don’t. Really. OK, a little. But tonight is his first orgasm since we hit reset on things. Lion is finally horny again after unemployment and job distractions took him