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Tender9zer paddle on lion's buttThursday night I ended up getting a ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t intend that to happen, but it did. At one moment I was very aroused and feeling that I was getting close. She stopped stimulating me, but my arousal continue to grow. It felt like a switch was thrown inside me and I was over the top.

This is new. Generally, I can tell when Mrs. Lion has gone too far. It will take a while, as much as 15 seconds, before I actually ejaculate. However, I know it’s coming. This time it was a surprise to both of us. It was a sneak attack; no warning at all. This has happened once or twice before. I can’t detect any pattern. When it happens neither of us gets any warning. She was disappointed that she went too far.

For some time I’ve produced very little semen. The common wisdom is that as long as there’s any semen left, it’s possible to immediately stimulate the penis for additional ruined orgasms. That’s not true in my case since I have a tiny, almost-nonexistent supply. I wonder if my ability to come the next day is improved because the orgasm was ruined? I doubt it, but I am curious.

My sexual response has become less predictable. I can’t understand why. I suspect it may be related to the surgery I had in March. After all, my spinal cord does connect my penis to the brain. It may be the surgical disruption is affecting me. I’m not really happy about this. However, we still have fun.

Slowly but steadily I am working off my punishment backlog. Thursday night Mrs. Lion raised some welts with her tenderizer paddle. She only used the smooth side, but that was enough. She let me know that I can expect daily spankings until I’ve worked off the entire backlog. I’m glad I have a tough hide.

Yesterday, we got an interesting comment from one of our readers, Juan Carlos:

“I think the FLR or WLM is a bad business for the woman. She now has more work with your penis and your narcissism.”

That’s an interesting observation. My recent post, “The Submissive Mystique” talked about how much work being dominant can be. It pointed out that a disciplining wife doesn’t just sit around eating bonbons. It also pointed out that all of the services the so-called submissive performs would be done without the power exchange. This prompted Juan Carlos to decide that a female lead relationship is bad business.

I can understand how he got that impression. People who love one another unselfishly do things to make their partners happy. Mrs. Lion is my disciplining wife because she knows I’m a happier critter when she is strict with me. She has no illusions that she needs to be that way in order to get me to do things for her. With or without our FLRD, I’ll do anything she wants because I love her. She does all the extra work of dominating me because she knows it makes me happy.

The simple fact is that we are both happy. I can’t speak for her, but I believe she doesn’t consider herself overly burdened by the tasks associated with our FLRD. I’m absolutely sure she doesn’t consider playing with my penis to be a distasteful chore. I think she likes it.

I don’t think she particularly likes spanking me. She also isn’t too fond of cooking. She does both because they are needed. In the past, I did almost all the cooking. Since my surgery I haven’t been very stable on my paws. So, working in the kitchen is challenging and somewhat dangerous for me. Mrs. Lion has taken up the slack. As I regain my equilibrium, I’ll pick up more of the cooking. Of course, she’s stuck with all the spanking.

She’s been thinking about other ways to punish me. I don’t believe anything has come to mind she feels could replace application of her paddle. If she does, I’ll be the first to know and you’ll be the second. I’m being careful to avoid commenting on ideas she may express in posts. I don’t believe I should have any input in how she punishes me. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion; I just better keep my mouth shut.

Mrs. Lion is very collaborative by nature. She is always interested in my input. Sometimes that even extends to how I am to be punished. In the past, I’ve offered many suggestions. I suppose if I come up with a new idea, I’ll share it. Otherwise, she has all the information she needs. I know she’s not afraid to experiment, so I will be her willing subject when she wants to try something different.

I earned all of the punishments last week by spilling food on my shirt. I just couldn’t help myself. I wonder if it wasn’t a neurological glitch as my spinal cord settles into its new spot. I can’t explain it any other way. Since last weekend, I haven’t done any spilling. I didn’t do it on purpose. I just felt less coordinated.

It was fortuitous that I did get food on myself. I think we’re getting back into our old pre-surgical FLRD now. Mrs. Lion is no longer inclined to spare the paddle. She’s not accepting any excuses for infractions.

I’m not sure how many more punishments are in my backlog. I’ll find out when Mrs. Lion tells me we are up-to-date.

I didn’t feel all that great last night. Sometimes a medication puts my gut through hell. But I was determined to catch up on some of the punishment swats we’ve been putting off. I still owe Lion for at least two spills and a forgotten punishment day reminder. He’s been very good for about a week and if I had steadfastly whomped him every day, I think we would be done by now.

I haven’t been counting swats. Well, I count ten swats on each cheek. I just haven’t been counting how many sets. I’d guess Lion got somewhere between 200 and 300 swats. And at the end I only did five slow, hard swats on each cheek. Still, it was enough to raise a tiny blood spot and maybe the beginning of a bruise. As we head into the weekend I’ll have more opportunities to swat him multiple times per day. Obviously I could whomp him immediately after I get home and then after my shower, but I haven’t. I could, just as an example, swat him morning, noon and night on Saturday and Sunday. That would go a long way toward getting caught up. How many swats do I actually owe him? I never know how many swats I’ll give him for any specific infraction. I’ll know when he’s paid his dues.

Lion was wild from Wednesday night so it couldn’t have been the cage that made him horny. Perhaps it was the spanking. I do know that he’s been very hard lately. And, dare I say it, maybe even a little thicker. It’s a very strange thing. Could the new cage be making him thicker? I don’t know why it would, but it seems to be. From the first time I unlocked him, he’s had sort of an urgent erection. That sounds weird. What I mean is he had helmet head (marks from the bars of the cage) and he almost sprang out of the cage. I don’t remember that ever happening with the Jail Bird. He’s had helmet head before, but his erection practically launching the cage off when it was unlocked is new.

He was very horny again last night. Unfortunately, I must have hit the turbo button because he had a ruined orgasm before I was able to edge him. One second he was on his way to the edge and the next second he was in orbit. I knew he was excited, but sheesh! Give a girl a warning. I think it surprised him too. It’s happened before but, thankfully, it doesn’t happen often. Neither one of us is thrilled with ruined orgasms.

A little while ago, the new, custom cage came in the mail. As I went downstairs to write my post, Lion was heading to the bedroom, presumably, to put it on. It looks very small to me. Too small. But I know Lion will try his best to get in there. I have no doubt it will fit with some persuasion. How comfortable it will be is another matter. I’m sure he’ll let you know.

Lion isn’t broken, but I may be. Now, it did take quite a bit of effort to get him to the edge the first time. But this time I didn’t leave my weenie alone right after. And it still took quite a bit of effort to get him to the edge the second time. As a matter of fact, it took so much effort that he went right over the top almost before I realized it. I managed to stop but he didn’t. He had a ruined orgasm.

We decided some months ago that a ruined orgasm is not necessarily a bad thing. However, since Lion has been having trouble getting too the edge, I wanted to build up the suspense for him. I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm until tonight. I figured three days of teasing, culminating in an orgasm would be a nice way to end the weekend. Now I’m not even sure he’s going to feel like being teased tonight. Rats! [Lion — I think I will.]

Of course, it’s not the end of the world. Things happen all the time that are not to our liking. But I wanted Lion’s next orgasm to be a nice one. I wanted it to be a sort of reward for getting unstuck. I guess if I had just kept going last night I could have salvaged things but neither of us was sure it was actually a ruined orgasm at the time. And then slowly it became apparent.

Lion’s eye surgery is tomorrow. I’m not sure he would have been in the mood tonight anyway. He might be worrying. And he almost certainly will not be interested in sex tomorrow night. No matter what he feels like, I’ll be right beside him. If all he wants to do is hold hands, that’s what we’ll do. And, of course, I’ll take care of him.

Not only did the Rams lose in what had to be the most boring Super Bowl ever, but we also got snow yesterday into today. Western Washington does not do snow well. I heard on the news that there were a hundred trucks out plowing Seattle. Granted, we don’t see much snow west of the Cascades, but they always seem surprised when it happens, even if they’ve known about the storm for a week. Anyway, I’m losing yet another day of work because the roads are fairly treacherous. Actually, I could probably make it. I have four-wheel drive. Lion doesn’t want me to chance somebody else not being able to drive in snow crashing into me. Better safe than sorry.

It looked like Lion’s prediction of a 3-0 football game was going to come true. I was fine with that as long as the Rams had the three points. They didn’t. Well, they got them, but it wasn’t enough. By the time the Patriots scored the last field goal, I was so annoyed I forgot that Lion was supposed to get four swats for each point. I only gave him two swats per point. Oh well. There’s always next year.

I’m not sure if the swats he got were enough to make him horny or if he was already horny, but Lion wanted some action. I edged him quite a few times before I went too far.


The past few times we’ve played I’ve been trying to edge him over and over to break him. I want to get to the point where he just can’t be edged anymore. I suppose giving him a ruined orgasm meets that criteria but it’s not the way I want to do it. I don’t want him to have a ruined orgasm. That’s not the plan.

Lion was grumbling while he brushed his teeth that he’s tired of ruined orgasms. Me too! But hey, too bad, buddy. If I want to give you ruined orgasms ten times in a row, then that’s what will happen. I don’t. I’d already said it wasn’t my intention to give him one last night. Why grumble about it? That’s the same as grumbling about having a real orgasm because he wanted to wait longer. Tough toenails. Pull up your frilly panties and move on.

Hmmm…frilly panties. Maybe he should be wearing some today.