Ruined orgasm

Happy Independence Day!

Thursday night Mrs. Lion went a bit too far with her oral teasing and I had a ruined orgasm. I can’t complain. My last one was in June 2019. Not bad. Neither of us enjoys them, but they are a natural consequence of edging.

Before the sexual portion of the program, I picked from the Box O’Fun. I got “coconut oil handjob”. I asked Mrs. Lion if I could pick a different card. It’s not that I don’t like the feeling of that viscous oil lubing my penis while Mrs. Lion expertly jerks me off, I just wasn’t in the mood.

If she refused to let me pick again, that would have been fine. However, she generously agreed to let me try again. I should have stayed with the coconut oil. My second pick was the dreaded dollhouse clothespins. She laughed. I didn’t.

Mrs. Lion got them out. She teased me until I was fully erect, then she began putting them on the head of my cock. She put on four: one at twelve-o’clock, three-o’clock, six-o’clock, and nine-o’clock. (Picture of the four little clothespins on the head of my penis).

This is the most uncomfortable activity in the Box O’Fun. My previous record was two on the head. I don’t know why but the four on Thursday night weren’t as painful as I remember. I suppose that means Mrs. Lion can put more on next time. At one time we discussed seeing if I could learn to handle a ring of them all the way around the head of my cock.

One of the particularly unpleasant aspects of this particular play is that while it is painful to feel them digging into me, it hurts a lot more when they come off. It’s the sort of diabolical BDSM activity that Mrs. Lion likes.

She enjoys arguing that if I really didn’t like those little clothespins on the head of my penis, I wouldn’t stay hard while they were on. She generally “forgets” to mention that she is busy masturbating me the entire time they are riding on me. I suppose that if I really hated the experience, she couldn’t keep me erect.

Once more my penis betrays me.

Lion gave an unexpected response when he chose “coconut oil handjob” from the Box O’Fun. He didn’t want to do it.


The horny boy who loves coconut oil hand jobs didn’t want a coconut oil hand job. So I allowed him to choose again. There’s no sense making him do something he doesn’t want to do, especially if it’s a nice thing. His second choice was tiny clothespins.

Oops. Is it too late for a coconut oil hand job?

The last time I used the tiny clothespins on him, I didn’t put them around the head of his penis. I put them on his scrotum. I don’t know why. Part of me probably wanted to give him a break. Another part of me probably wanted to see how much they’d hurt somewhere else. This time around, I put them on the head. I think the record was three at once. I started with two. I’d grabbed five out of the bag. One was pink and the rest were blue. Sometimes I tease him that a girly pink clothespin is causing the powerful Lion so much pain. Last night was the manly, blue clothespins’ turn.

Once I had two on him, I decided he could manage more. I wasn’t going to do all five, but maybe he could handle four. I spaced them all out. Now the record is four tiny, nasty clothespins on the head of his penis. I’m sure Lion thinks the best part of enduring them is that he’s done with tiny clothespins for now. In a few nights, he’s gone through Icy Hot and tiny clothespins. The rest of the way through the Box O’Fun should be easy.

When I was done with the clothespins, I had Lion lay across the bed again. He was pretty horny and I wanted to take advantage of that. I teased him with my tongue and then edged him. I got it in my head that I should keep him on the edge as much as possible. I didn’t want to give him a chance to get soft at all. Unfortunately, this never works out well. I tell myself to be careful. I tell myself that the next time might be too far. I don’t listen.

It’s probably silly to say that we don’t know if it was a ruined orgasm. It seemed like one at first. Then Lion said he didn’t think it was. And then he said he did think it was. [Lion — I’m sure it was. I dripped for ages afterward.] I guess the only way to know for sure is if he isn’t interested tonight. I wish there was a way to stop him in his tracks when I’m stupid and go too far. Maybe I can pinch him somewhere, or slap him. The sudden pain might snap him out of it. Somehow I doubt it. One the mechanism has started, there’s probably no way to stop it.

So, here we are, the beginning of a three day weekend and Lion might not be horny for it. It’s all my fault. If it was a ruined orgasm, I’m hoping we can salvage things by Sunday or Monday.

Damn NFL draft! I hadn’t counted on it foiling my plans for Zapardy! I have no idea how many rounds there are nor how many will be televised. It’s quite possible we’ll have to wait till Monday to play our game.

In the meantime, I am currently warming the wax so I can de-fur Lion. He’s been hinting for a week or so that he needs it done. I’ve also noticed the hair on the base of his penis giving me a mustache when I do a blow job. It doesn’t really bother me but it’s a sure sign he needs to be waxed. I’m thinking I’ll do the front today and the flipside tomorrow. I’ll see how ambitious I am before I decide on his legs. I can certainly do from his upper thighs to his neck, minus his arms of course. Depending on my energy level, I can do his legs when I do his back since, thankfully, there’s less hair there.

Just because we didn’t play Zapardy! doesn’t mean Lion didn’t have fun. Actually, he had his fun before Zapardy! was even supposed to be on. I think it’s fortuitous that Lion has somewhat lost interest in handjobs and I’ve found them more difficult to administer than blow jobs. Last year, if you recall, I wanted to bring the number of oral orgasms even with handjob orgasms. I failed miserably. I’m not sure what the numbers are this year but I’d guess I’m closer to 50-50, if not favoring oral. [Lion — So far this year Mrs. Lion has made me come with 5 handjobs and 8 blow jobs!]

We didn’t “play” in Lion’s sense of the word. I might have playfully pinched at his nipples, but I didn’t linger. I simply told him I needed him across the bed and he complied. It would be very silly of him not to comply. I was offering his favorite activity.

I knew we were up there in terms of days since his previous orgasm, but I wasn’t sure if it was day thirteen or fourteen. I wasn’t even sure I was going to give him an orgasm. He’d said he wasn’t sure how he felt about getting one. At least that’s what I read. He was playing semantics with me while I was playing with his nipples. He said he knew exactly how he felt about it. Well, I knew exactly how he’d feel about it in a few minutes. If all went well, he’d be desperate for one.

He said I got him “dangerously close” to an orgasm when I edged him. I knew it was close but if I went too far I wouldn’t have let it be a ruined orgasm. I would have finished him off. It’s rarely fun to let it be ruined. As it turned out, it wasn’t ruined at all. He had a very nice orgasm and I was rewarded with very nice cum. He says it makes sense there would be more because it had been a long time between orgasms. I say there was a lot because of my skillful ministrations. I have no idea which of us is right. It’s possible it has nothing to do with either.

At any rate, Lion is a happy boy and he’ll be even happier after he gets waxed. I think he can stifle his disappointment at missing out on Zapardy! for a few days.

[Lion — Zapardy is a game we play while watching “Jeopardy” on TV. I answer questions along with the contestants. If I get one wrong, Mrs. Lion zaps me with the doggy shock collar. Nothing happened if I get one right.]

Tender9zer paddle on lion's buttThursday night I ended up getting a ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t intend that to happen, but it did. At one moment I was very aroused and feeling that I was getting close. She stopped stimulating me, but my arousal continue to grow. It felt like a switch was thrown inside me and I was over the top.

This is new. Generally, I can tell when Mrs. Lion has gone too far. It will take a while, as much as 15 seconds, before I actually ejaculate. However, I know it’s coming. This time it was a surprise to both of us. It was a sneak attack; no warning at all. This has happened once or twice before. I can’t detect any pattern. When it happens neither of us gets any warning. She was disappointed that she went too far.

For some time I’ve produced very little semen. The common wisdom is that as long as there’s any semen left, it’s possible to immediately stimulate the penis for additional ruined orgasms. That’s not true in my case since I have a tiny, almost-nonexistent supply. I wonder if my ability to come the next day is improved because the orgasm was ruined? I doubt it, but I am curious.

My sexual response has become less predictable. I can’t understand why. I suspect it may be related to the surgery I had in March. After all, my spinal cord does connect my penis to the brain. It may be the surgical disruption is affecting me. I’m not really happy about this. However, we still have fun.

Slowly but steadily I am working off my punishment backlog. Thursday night Mrs. Lion raised some welts with her tenderizer paddle. She only used the smooth side, but that was enough. She let me know that I can expect daily spankings until I’ve worked off the entire backlog. I’m glad I have a tough hide.

Yesterday, we got an interesting comment from one of our readers, Juan Carlos:

“I think the FLR or WLM is a bad business for the woman. She now has more work with your penis and your narcissism.”

That’s an interesting observation. My recent post, “The Submissive Mystique” talked about how much work being dominant can be. It pointed out that a disciplining wife doesn’t just sit around eating bonbons. It also pointed out that all of the services the so-called submissive performs would be done without the power exchange. This prompted Juan Carlos to decide that a female lead relationship is bad business.

I can understand how he got that impression. People who love one another unselfishly do things to make their partners happy. Mrs. Lion is my disciplining wife because she knows I’m a happier critter when she is strict with me. She has no illusions that she needs to be that way in order to get me to do things for her. With or without our FLRD, I’ll do anything she wants because I love her. She does all the extra work of dominating me because she knows it makes me happy.

The simple fact is that we are both happy. I can’t speak for her, but I believe she doesn’t consider herself overly burdened by the tasks associated with our FLRD. I’m absolutely sure she doesn’t consider playing with my penis to be a distasteful chore. I think she likes it.

I don’t think she particularly likes spanking me. She also isn’t too fond of cooking. She does both because they are needed. In the past, I did almost all the cooking. Since my surgery I haven’t been very stable on my paws. So, working in the kitchen is challenging and somewhat dangerous for me. Mrs. Lion has taken up the slack. As I regain my equilibrium, I’ll pick up more of the cooking. Of course, she’s stuck with all the spanking.

She’s been thinking about other ways to punish me. I don’t believe anything has come to mind she feels could replace application of her paddle. If she does, I’ll be the first to know and you’ll be the second. I’m being careful to avoid commenting on ideas she may express in posts. I don’t believe I should have any input in how she punishes me. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion; I just better keep my mouth shut.

Mrs. Lion is very collaborative by nature. She is always interested in my input. Sometimes that even extends to how I am to be punished. In the past, I’ve offered many suggestions. I suppose if I come up with a new idea, I’ll share it. Otherwise, she has all the information she needs. I know she’s not afraid to experiment, so I will be her willing subject when she wants to try something different.

I earned all of the punishments last week by spilling food on my shirt. I just couldn’t help myself. I wonder if it wasn’t a neurological glitch as my spinal cord settles into its new spot. I can’t explain it any other way. Since last weekend, I haven’t done any spilling. I didn’t do it on purpose. I just felt less coordinated.

It was fortuitous that I did get food on myself. I think we’re getting back into our old pre-surgical FLRD now. Mrs. Lion is no longer inclined to spare the paddle. She’s not accepting any excuses for infractions.

I’m not sure how many more punishments are in my backlog. I’ll find out when Mrs. Lion tells me we are up-to-date.