Category: Ruined orgasm

Thursday night I ended up getting a ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t intend that to happen, but it did. At one moment I was very aroused and feeling that I was getting close. She stopped stimulating me, but my arousal

I didn’t feel all that great last night. Sometimes a medication puts my gut through hell. But I was determined to catch up on some of the punishment swats we’ve been putting off. I still owe Lion for at least

Lion isn’t broken, but I may be. Now, it did take quite a bit of effort to get him to the edge the first time. But this time I didn’t leave my weenie alone right after. And it still took

Not only did the Rams lose in what had to be the most boring Super Bowl ever, but we also got snow yesterday into today. Western Washington does not do snow well. I heard on the news that there were