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More Sleep; Less Pain

Lion has his days and nights confused. He’s been sleeping a lot during the day and then can’t sleep at night. We haven’t had anywhere to be so it’s okay, but tomorrow he has an appointment with a nurse at

Lion Isn’t Crazy

If the forecasters are to be believed, we’ll have another 2-4 or possibly 5-8 inches of snow from this afternoon into tomorrow. Of course, that depends on where you live. Traffic cameras show the main roads are pretty good, but


I just have to say it: I love Freddie Mercury. There. It’s out of my system now and we can move on. We got home from seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody” about 10 pm and I figured it was too late to

Lazy Saturday

Last Saturday we slept late. This Saturday Lion slept late. I was up earlier to let the dog out. I’m still very tired. I’m back to not sleeping well. I’m not sure I ever really reached a point of sleeping