Category: Security

Trust And Verify

I’ve been writing and talking about a stricter 2.0. This prompted her to write a bit about my desire to be securely locked even more of the time. I pointed out that leaving me wild in the shower, for example,

Another View Of Chastity Security

Most guys when the first think about enforced chastity, spend quite a bit of time thinking about getting a device they will be unable to escape. The word enforced is hyper-critical to them. Endless time is spent worrying about “security”

Sophomore Slump

Three days is what Lion feels is his optimal wait time. Well I know it’s not. The other day he said if I had let him come it wouldn’t have been the optimal time and that was more than a

Emergency Key

Yesterday Lion went to the doctor for his back. He had to strip down to his undies and he was concerned that the cage might be seen. I told him that’s what the emergency key is for. Luckily he was