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Eye To Eye

This is the 20th day of my current wait for an orgasm. This is by far the longest wait I’ve had without a serious, mitigating issue. My all-time record is 22 days. That happened because I had shoulder surgery and

First Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting of Lion’s Butt in the Sling club met last night in our dungeon. I didn’t peg him. I didn’t put any menthol on him. I had other plans. I started out with a long piece of Velcro.

The 28th

Lion got me a new paddle. I know. What do we need with another paddle? This one, aside from being very pretty, is more “me” sized. Most of our other paddles were bought by Lion, for Lion. They fit him.

Lion’s Butt in a Sling

Yesterday we had a lot of things to do. Lion was making stew. We had to winterize the camper. There was laundry. I’d mentioned sling time for Lion. And he had a furry nether region. In my mind, if we