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I was determined to play with Lion last night no matter how tired I was. Around 9 o’clock I heard him muttering to himself. I just wanted to finish one thing in my game and then I was heading to


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get enough sleep. When our guest was here, I chalked up my horrible sleep to the fact that I was wearing clothes to bed because the dog needed to be let out and I

Ample Opportunity

Lion was given ample opportunity to come last night. I edged him over and over again orally. And then I kept going. And going. And going. Apparently I broke him. I don’t consider this a problem. He’ll be ready next

In the End

Lion took the butt plug with only a little discomfort. I’m not positive I gave him enough lube, but he kept it in for a little over a half hour. I didn’t want to leave it in too long because