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A Nice Christmas Stocking Lion Stuffer

We’re both recovering slowly. I’ve been getting holiday ads from various adult suppliers. It’s always difficult to maintain the holiday spirit when one’s butt is in the air. The Stockroom offered just the item for Mrs. Lion Santa to use

Fire in the Hole

I remembered to take the ginger out of the refrigerator last night so it could get to room temperature. I don’t think Lion was particularly in the mood for figging, but I did it anyway. Actually I know he wasn’t,

Figging — Hot Stuffed Me

Sunday night, after dinner, Mrs. Lion brought in her Box O’Fun. I picked a card. Mrs. Lion read it and announced that on Monday night I would be figged.  It’s been a very long time since she has done this


I was determined to play with Lion last night no matter how tired I was. Around 9 o’clock I heard him muttering to himself. I just wanted to finish one thing in my game and then I was heading to