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Pick Again

Sometimes the Box O’Fun doesn’t work out so well. Lion’s first pick last night was menthol rub. Nope. Not again. I let him pick a different card. Hands tied plus another choice. Okay. Butt plug. Hmmmm…. Those two don’t really


I spoke too soon. Perhaps I did not escape my cold unscathed. It’s hanging on. I want to go back to sleep. Lion was still all stuffy this morning too. We just want to be under the blankets together. Of

Happy 2018!

We celebrated New Year’s eve twice last night. We consider the real one to be when New York’s ball drops since we’re from New York. And, let’s face it, Seattle’s fireworks are just pathetic but we watch it every year

I Confess

I’ve mentioned that I am able to purchase inexpensive boner pills (generic Viagra from my local pharmacy). Yes, my doctor prescribed them. It’s a very benign drug. The effect it has on me is surprising. Contrary to common belief, it