Category: Spanking

Sore Buns

I finally gave Lion the play spanking I wanted to give him when his allergies were bad. I wasn’t sure he wanted it and he wasn’t sure I wanted to give him one. Once we stopped second guessing each other

Spanking Tonight

We should have played last night. We didn’t the night before. Just after dinner, my stomach decided it didn’t like something. It really didn’t like it. I was able to snuggle with Lion a little while later and tried to

Topping Is Work

Thursday night Mrs. Lion teased me with her mouth. She’s gotten expert at knowing when I am close to coming. She’s very confident that she can keep me on the edge using her mouth. In the past, she often went

Do It Anyway

Last night I was fully prepared to swat Lion’s cute tushy. When I brought out some paddles to use after my hands were too sore, Lion asked if we could put it off to another night. Of course we can.