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I thought I was tired yesterday. Boy, was I wrong! Today is the tired day. I can barely keep my eyes open. Maybe yesterday was tired and today is exhausted. In any case, before I can collapse I have to

Paddle Sores

Wednesday’s mail brought our new paddle. It’s the twin of our “Spencer” paddle, the one with holes (see image right). My theory is that the holes in the paddle (right) cause the red spots on my butt after a spanking.

The Spanking Artist

Last night, Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. We had just come back from the community center where we took advantage of their showers. We were both much more comfortable being clean. On the way home, we noticed


My rear end has been dominating our posts lately. I imagine you are pretty tired of reading about it. I think our experiment may be doing more than monopolizing our posts. It’s also keeping my ass perpetually marked. That in