Category: Spanking

Leave Nothing to Chance

I decided yesterday that I shouldn’t leave Lion’s night to chance. Rather than have him pick from the Box O’Fun and probably be stuck with the tiny little clothes pins, I’d guarantee him a play spanking. He’d get rosy Valentine’s

High-Scoring Game

The So-What Bowl actually turned out to be a good game. Both teams played well and the hated Patriots lost. More importantly, both teams scored a lot of points. Seventy-four points in total. Seventy-four hard swats on the Lion butt.

Happy Beginning

Aside from pegging him, I had no other real plans for Lion once I got him in the sling. I knew the beginning and the ending but not the story in between. It didn’t take me long to figure it


You might wonder why some women have so much fun torturing their partners. You might assume they are sadists. Well, no. I don’ think so. There is real comedy in the way we guys behave. Our unselfish top wants to