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So much of what Mrs. Lion and I do break taboos. Surrendering physical control of my penis, even going so far as to ask my partner to lock it up, breaks societal norms. It’s a fairly extreme form of sexual submission.

The Hickory Stick

Thanks to the Internet and blogs like ours, more and more people are spanking one another. Most do it for sexual recreation, others like us, do it for fun and punishment. Spanking isn’t rocket science. Step 1, expose bare butt,

Spanking Time Again

{Saturday, dinner time} I’m now hairless from the neck down. Mrs. Lion waxed my front side on Friday and my flip side this afternoon. Her technique is steadily improving each session. For some reason, when I looked down at my

Bakeries and Waxing Lion

Yesterday I went for the analysis of my sleep study. I have mild sleep apnea. I get to wear a stylish mask to bed. If that doesn’t get Lion’s motor running, I don’t know what will. It’ll be a few