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Plague Version 2018

I’d promised Lion a second vacation orgasm but he was too tired. Last night he was frisky again. A promise is a promise so I gave him an oral orgasm. He said he was surprised to get one. It had

Vacation Fun

We just got back from our tour. Tired Lions here. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of walking. We’re back in the hotel room for a few hours before our dinner reservations. We had to rest

A Swat on the Butt

I arrived last evening and we ate at an amazing restaurant. The view was fantastic. The food was fantastic. The company was fantastic. I’m happy to be with Lion. This morning we ate a small breakfast and Lion needed to

The Look

Before I boarded my flight this morning, Lion and I were texting. We were talking about my goal of reeling him in if he starts to take over. He said his hairbrush isn’t really useful for punishment. I said it