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Not Horny Yet

I’m not a fan of washing my weenie when Lion is wearing the locking cock ring. I like having more access to Mr. Weenie and the boys. Of course, it’s more access than I would have if he was in

Sex And Punishment

Saturday night Mrs. Lion made another valiant effort to get me to the edge. She surprised me by using a lot of silicone lube. Her hands used techniques I don’t recall feeling before. Nevertheless, I remain stuck. She could easily

I Need A Jump Start

Monday was my sixth day since I last ejaculated. Once again, Mrs. Lion tried hard to edge me. Again, she could only get so far before the sensation stopped building. I was very disappointed. This time, I asked her to

My New Girlfriend: Fleshlight Review

One of the side effects that comes from writing daily posts is that we sometimes seem to be stuck in a groove when new things enter our lives. Case in point: the Fleshlight. We’ve both been writing about it a