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Separation Of Sex And Date

Yesterday was our anniversary. We had a nice dinner for two and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Mrs. Lion will tell you about what actually happened. I want to talk about a change that I believe is important. Mrs.

A Bad Night’s Sleep, Take Two, And A Juicy Orgasm

Monday, after a seven day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me an oral orgasm. Of course I loved it. Mrs. Lion reported that I produced a large amount of semen. For some time, my output has ranged between none and a

Current Events

Yesterday, I had my first waxing session with Mrs. Lion. This was the first time she used wax and the first time I was ever waxed. It was an amazing success! It took her a few minutes to zero in

Boner Pills And Maple Syrup

Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion was busy configuring her new mobile phone. It’s always a painful process. Finally, after 10PM, I asked if she was going to unlock me. I had heard her get the keys hours earlier. She did and