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Locking Cock Ring

My view on enforced chastity has been evolving over the last five years. It began when I found myself aroused thinking about my penis living in a small cage that prevented any sexual activity. My wife and lioness would have

My Apology. Maybe The End Of The Game

We’re heading into the coldest time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. December is historically our coldest month. Mrs. Lion put our heated hummingbird feeder out last night. We’ve been snuggling under the covers watching TV. I’m happy

Not Faking It

There’s a famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally” in which Sally fakes an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant. It all stems from a conversation about women faking orgasms and men not knowing. I don’t pretend to be

If You Don’t Have Selfies, Were You Really There?

Do sex bloggers have more sex? Do we at least think about sex more than other people? Does the act of articulating our deep involvement with genitalia add significance to what we do, at least in our own minds? Think