We are at the beginning of difficult times. Mrs. Lion’s office is closing until at least the end of April. She learned this last night on the phone. Yesterday was her last day at the office. So far, my company is keeping us all on, and we are working from home. It will be good to have Mrs. Lion home. Even though she hasn’t even started being home, she’s expressed some concern about having alone time. I don’t see that as a problem since I have my own office here in the house, and I spend most of the day inside of it.

We will be maintaining our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD). We’ve been doing this so long that it is very difficult to suspend even if we wanted to. Being in close contact all the time will most certainly result in a combination of more sexual activity and more punishments for me. At least, that’s what I imagine. If Mrs. Lion reverts back to an earlier version of herself and withdraws, they’ll be less of everything. I don’t think that will happen.

It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve worn any clothing below the waist. I wear a T-shirt every day so that I appear decent during videoconferences for work. Also, it keeps me warm. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without wearing pants of any sort. I suppose I should just get used to it because it looks like I will be housebound for months.

On Thursday night, Mrs. Lion told me to lie on my back across the bed. This is our new position in blow jobs. Mrs. Lion crawled between my legs and went to work. She brought me very close to ejaculating several times. When she was done, she got up and said, “did I make you horny?”

“Are you kidding?” I said. I was lying on my back with my penis sticking straight up in the air like the Leaning Tower of Lion. She may not have left a lasting impression on my bottom when she spanked me the other day, but my penis is another story. She got my motor running. I still get little tingles when I think about Thursday night.

We may be late to the party, but Mrs. Lion and I are discovering the joys of streaming video. We subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+. I’ve been amazed at how much programming is available to us on demand. On Thursday night, we watched “Mary Poppins.” It was exactly the right choice, given that Mrs. Lion had just learned she was being laid off.

Speaking of interesting videos, an amazing group of musicians performed “The Weight”. Each musician and singer was in a different location. Thanks to digital technology, they could all play together. Check it out.

This brought tears to my eyes.

Mrs. Lion and I are determined to continue posting every day. As long as we stay healthy, I’m sure we will have continuing adventures. I know that several other bloggers read our posts. I’m asking you to take whatever extra time you have to write more frequently. Our blogs are an important way people can maintain normal life even if they can’t leave the house.

I suppose that it is inevitable. Sooner or later we would experience a pandemic. In a way, I’m very glad it waited until now. As little as 20 years ago, most of us wouldn’t be able to work from home. We certainly wouldn’t have the ability to communicate freely with large numbers of people without travel. Thanks to the Internet, satellite TV, and sophisticated, reasonably-priced online shopping sites, we don’t have to leave our homes at all.

Of course, it’s much easier for me than it is for most others because I have my sweet lioness. If I were living alone I’d have cabin fever and be going crazy for want of human contact. I realize that online activities aren’t real substitutes for interaction with live people but it’s a hell of a lot better than it would be if all I had to do was watch the few TV channels I could get on my antenna.

I’m not exactly sure what we’ll end up doing this weekend. I’m writing this post early Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Lion plans to wax part of me. Most likely she will do a full Brazilian. When we were playing the other day, she commented that my butt was getting hairy. She will be waxing that area for sure. I like that myself because staying clean in the shower is easier and feels nicer without all that fur. I’ll let you know how much real estate has been cleared tomorrow.

Friday night I tried generic Viagra. We waited and then by the time it should’ve taken effect I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. I know Mrs. Lion will keep trying. I have a very good supply of pills. I’m not convinced that I need ED meds. I just think there is some other reason my erection was, shall we say, floppy. However, there is nothing wrong with putting some more air in the tires, so to speak.

I haven’t broken any rules for some time now. It’s been well over a week since I had a conversation with a paddle. That’s both good news and bad news. Mostly good news. While I do get turned on thinking about being spanked, lioness 4.0 drives any fun out of it in two or three swats.

I wonder if I’ve really been that good. Have I avoided interrupting her for more than a week? Have I managed to avoid annoying her? I know I’ve remembered my chores and rules. AmI really that well-trained?

Friday night I cooked Mrs. Lion her birthday dinner. It’s the first real cooking I’ve done in a long time. I had some trouble peeling the carrots because I couldn’t really see very well if I removed the peel over the entire carrot. Mrs. Lion helped me. Other than that it went well. I made corned beef and cabbage. I used the same water the corned beef was cooked in to boil the carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. The meat was amazing. The corned beef was perfectly lean. FYI: we got it at Costco.

Actually that wasn’t my first adventure in cooking. I did make beef barley soup with mushrooms. And I also did a batch of beef stew. However, that was weeks ago. It was good to go into my recipe box. I think I’ll try to make some French bread in the next few days. We got a new semipro KitchenAid mixer a few months ago. I tried to make a batch of French bread. The bread was delicious, but the mixer stopped and started on its own while kneading the dough. I returned it to the company and after about a month, they sent me a new one. I haven’t had a chance to see if this one is better.

By the way, there is nothing like having the super-powerful KitchenAid mixer. If you cook at all, it’s a great investment. I replaced the mixing paddle and dough hook with the professional, stainless steel versions. They cost a bit more, but they are a very good investment. The ones that come with the mixer are made of a light metal that’s been painted. The ones you can buy for professional use are NSF certified. That means when you wash them in the dishwasher, they will not carry any contamination back. I got that before the coronavirus outbreak. In light of recent events, I’m very glad I made that investment.

We still have a bunch of toys we haven’t tried yet. There is the cock ring connected by chains to nipple clamps. Actually, we have two of those. The first one was too wimpy. The second one is untested. I think it should be to Mrs. Lion’s liking. Of course, if she likes it, I certainly won’t. Stay tuned.

I’m thinking that we might want to stock up on canned soup and other staples. I’m not convinced the food supply chain could be disrupted by the virus, but it is a possibility. I know the stores remain crowded and people are swarming in to buy hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Odd combination. Toilet paper would be far down on my list of lifesaving purchases needed in a quarantine. People are pretty strange.

That’s the story from our side of the world. More tomorrow.

As a meme on Facebook said, social distancing is an introvert’s dream. You certainly don’t have to twist my arm to stay home and avoid people. I love it. I was actually thinking this morning that we sure could use a four day weekend like we had for Thanksgiving. Schools are closed near us and businesses are encouraging those who can work from home to do so. I wish I could. There’s very little reason I can’t, but the bosses don’t want to allow it. Lion and I have laid in a supply of food and we could probably go for a month without leaving the house if we had to. Of course, we can get essentials from Amazon Fresh if we need them. I made a quick trip to Costco to get the dog’s medicine and people were out in force. I didn’t stick around long to see if things were still flying off the shelves, but the parking lot was full and there were long lines at the checkout.

What this translates to is another weekend of snuggling under the blankets watching reruns. I can always unpack more. And we can play whenever. Right now I’m tired but that’s nothing a quick nap won’t cure. Lion is making my birthday dinner tonight. We had corned beef in the freezer. He had Amazon Fresh deliver cabbage, carrots, and potatoes yesterday. Yum! He also got me a lemon meringue pie. Perfection! He takes such good care of me.

Lion was wondering if his less-than-hard erection the other night was because of low blood pressure. One of the reasons for taking boner pills is because he’s on drugs for high blood pressure. He’s lost weight and his overall health has gotten better. However, he hasn’t decreased his dosage. We both thought it might be possible that his blood pressure dropped and even the boner pills couldn’t shore up his erection. He tested it on our blood pressure cuff and it was fine. My next thought was that maybe the boner pills don’t work after a while. Either he needs to switch to the other kind or increase the dosage. I’m not a doctor. I don’t know how it works. And the other possibility is that there’s nothing wrong at all. He did have an orgasm, after all. We’ll need to research the situation further.

I don’t know whether Lion is tired of the locking cock ring or if he was really just trying to troubleshoot the softer erection, but he suggested maybe it was hampering him. Obviously it was off while I was giving him his blow job. It couldn’t have restricted blood flow at that point in time. I didn’t bite on his attempt to be wild again. If it continues to happen then I’ll consider leaving it off. I just don’t want him to think he can have it on when it suits him and off when it doesn’t. I’m the only one who can be wishy-washy like that.

Tonight, I’ll unlock him and test the waters. He may not be horny this soon after an orgasm but it never hurts to check.

Vibrators don’t seem to do much for me. The sole exception to date is Mrs. Lion and her Magic Wand. Saturday, we tried our new inflatable, vibrating butt plug. It goes in at about 1 1/4 inches in diameter and inflates to about 2 inches. That felt good. I could barely feel the vibrations and they weren’t particularly erotic. Mrs. Lion tried masturbating me with the vibrator on. If anything, it was just distracting. I haven’t had a lot of luck with vibration. The new generation of vibration toys designed for men use much more powerful engines. Of the ones I’ve sampled, not one can bring me close to orgasm.

I don’t have much luck with mechanical sexual devices. I don’t understand why it’s a problem since they work so well for other people. I think it would be very convenient for Mrs. Lion if she could get some mechanical help other than the Magic Wand. In fairness, we’ve only tried the Autoblow once. It may need more focused use to train me to accept it. Mrs. Lion is not inclined to use toys, particularly toys designed to make me ejaculate. I’ve asked her about it, but she has no real answer about why they don’t interest her. I’m not complaining. She’s very skillful at edging me and eventually getting me off without mechanical help.

Lion wearing his locking cock ring
I’m wearing the Mature Metal locking cock ring. It’s an unmistakable sign of ownership.

On Saturday I asked her about me wearing a locking device. I haven’t been spending a lot of time in one of my chastity devices because they all make it rather difficult to pee accurately. Sitting isn’t an option for me right now because I find it very difficult to get up again. I found a locking scrotum collar online. It’s heavy and acts as a ball stretcher. It also has four screws that can be put in using an Allen wrench to make wearing the device more uncomfortable. I wasn’t looking for the CBT value, just a non-removable symbol of my submission.

I showed the listing to Mrs. Lion. She was notably uninterested. Then, I remembered my Mature Metal locking cock ring. This is a very comfortable device that unmistakably demonstrates I belong to someone. Mrs. Lion was receptive to me wearing it. Now, all we have to do is find it. The device is wearable full-time. I think I could even keep it on when being sexually stimulated. We never tested that theory. If that’s true, it will be much more convenient for Mrs. Lion not to have to take it off every time she wants to play with me.

I miss not wearing a symbol of my ownership. I imagine I will be able to go back to the chastity device as my strength builds up. It’s not safe now because my balance remains iffy. On Friday night I gave myself a black eye when I lost my balance standing over the toilet. I hit the molding around the window over the toilet with my eye. Fortunately, I got bruised and cut, but no eye damage.

It’s nearly a year since my surgery. The spinal surgery was supposed to make more room for my spinal cord. I’ve had a couple of MRIs since then, and that part of the surgery was successful. Unfortunately, decompressing the spinal cord shocked it. That shock is what is responsible for my current physical difficulties. I’m getting better very slowly. I’m also losing patience.

Finding a locking device to wear is one way I can help compensate until I can go back to full-time chastity device wearing. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion won’t put me back in my cage. I imagine it won’t be too long before we go from a non-chastity locking device to one that forces me to keep my hands away. I don’t know when this will happen. That’s completely up to Mrs. Lion.

I’m learning to blindly trust Mrs. Lion’s judgment. I’m not making very many suggestions. I’m trying to patiently wait for her to decide how she wants to proceed with me. I do look for alternatives when something I know she likes isn’t currently possible. That’s the reason I found the device with the spikes, and then later remembered we had the locking cock ring.

We’ve reached the point that I am no longer asked for my input in terms of punishments. I’m allowed to ask if I have one coming, but that’s all. I think we’re moving in the same direction with sex. My input is less and less welcome. I think that’s as it should be.