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Mrs. Lion wonders about how I feel about orgasms on special days; most recently, it was my birthday. Last year, I think, I said that I didn’t expect to come on holidays. There is some logic behind thinking I should

Sexual Smile

The indisputable talisman of the male gender is the erect penis. To those of us who produce erections, it can be the symbol of impending joy or hopeless frustration. It can be a favorite toy that others love to enjoy.

No Sex, No Hair

So far this weekend has been an old-settled-married-couple time. Saturday was sleeping late, watching TV and hot dogs for dinner. Mrs. Lion and I snuggled and she tried to get my motor runnng. I couldn’t get very excited even after

Confessions Of A Sex Hobbyist

There are sex workers. They are people who earn money doing sexual things. It’s a broad category. It spans everything from whores to professional dominatrixes and everything in between. Professional tops usually don’t even engage in sex with their clients,