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We Are Changing How We Approach Things

It appears that Mrs. Lion and I are settling into a new pattern. It’s not a radical change. I still get locked in a chastity device and I still must follow rules set by Mrs. Lion; but there is a


I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that people read all sorts of things I never intended into my posts. Sometimes we get comments that show us how we affect a reader. When Mrs. Lion or I write about our disciplinary

Note To Self: Remind Mrs. Lion To Spank Me

It’s easy to forget when you read our posts that enforced male chastity and our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) isn’t the center of our lives. We deal with all the routine things every other couple has to handle.

Just One Activity A Day?

We’ve been taking it easy. Saturday night, Mrs. Lion masturbated me for a while. That persistent sore was uncomfortable and she wasn’t getting very much out of me. This is getting quite frustrating. I’m still owed a punishment. I assume