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It’s My Own Damn Fault

It turns out Lion had a dream that someone came along and swept me off my feet and stole me away from me. That’s why he was worried we had a problem. He also worries he’s being selfish and that

Stretched and Separated

We broke down and bought an atlas yesterday. We do have navigation but the screen can’t show everything. What happens if we take that road over there? Does it actually go in the direction we think? Or, does it switch

Just in the Nick of Time

As I was cleaning the last part of the house Lion announced that our company had landed at the airport. It will take them some time to deplane, gather their bags, pick up the rental car and drive here, but

Getting Back To It

Well, it worked. Just as Lion said in his post this morning, if I whomp him he will come. Actually he said he’d get excited. I decided he should come. I tried the new technique. No idea if it was actually