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It’s Mine. All Mine

This morning I teased Lion about how horny he’s been. I said maybe it had something to do with all the people touching my weenie during his operation and stent removal when I’m supposed to be the only one touching

What Time?

This morning Lion posed a fairly innocuous question: what time do I plan on playing with him? Hmmm… He assumes I have a plan. And a time. Crap! But I know he wasn’t asking for details. He was wondering because

Hair Trigger

A few days after his kidney stone surgery, Lion was very horny. He was hard immediately and I hadn’t even touched my weenie yet. As I was revving up the engines he almost came. It was strange. So little effort


Regardless of whether or not Lion is in pain after his stent removal, he won’t be getting an orgasm tonight. I know he wants one. I know he thinks he should have one. But neither of those things matter. Do