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The Look

Before I boarded my flight this morning, Lion and I were texting. We were talking about my goal of reeling him in if he starts to take over. He said his hairbrush isn’t really useful for punishment. I said it

When You Live In A Cage

You’d think that after almost 3,000 posts we’ve said all we can possibly say about our sexual relationship. My relationship with you might be like an old, married couple. What was tantalizing in the beginning is now pleasant, but routine.

Three Day Weekend

Lion’s back hurt yesterday. He doesn’t know what he did to it but I suggested he may have tweaked it carrying laundry up and down the stairs. It’s easy enough to do without even realizing it. Since he was fine

A Lioness Always Forgets

I realized last night that Lion never reminded me about punishment day on Monday. Good thing it was a holiday. I guess that was another Christmas present for him. In keeping with my forgetfulness, just before bed last night, Lion