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Virtually everything you read on line about forced male chastity is about sex. Even here in our very own blog, so much is about both male and female sex and orgasms. If you read the “Lion’s Adventures” list on the right, you can see that I am not exactly sex starved. Yet, I wear an effective chastity cage 24/7. What’s going on?

Ironically, forced male chastity is about sex; well, more accurately about male sexual control. Some people use the chastity device to prevent male orgasm for a long time. Others, like me, get regular exercise at the keyholder’s discretion. That’s the key. My keyholder can grant or withhold sex without warning or negotiation. She can keep me safely locked away and I have nothing I can do about it. That’s why it’s called forced male chastity.

The fact she can do this, doesn’t mean she must. It means she can. Locking me up also prevents me from any do-it-yourself sexual expression. Unsupervised masturbation is obviously out. In fact, unsupervised arousal is out. The keyword is “supervise”. Before being locked up, my sexuality was shared at my discretion. Mrs. Lion could certainly pay attention to my cock, but when she wasn’t, I had full ability to get hard, masturbate, and ejaculate. I could also control if and when Mrs. Lion had access as well.

So what’s different now? Mostly it’s that my keyholder must be involved if my cock is able to get hard. She has to take some action for me to even be able to fully wash it. Otherwise I have to use the shower sprayer to do the best I can while it is still in its cage. Aside from the physical control, the cage creates a powerful mental change as well. I am now completely dependent on her for any sexual pleasure. That fact changes both of us. I realize that I  need to try to put her in an unlocking mood. She realizes that I am sexually dependent on her and because of that, she thinks more about my sexual needs.

Now, if this were “true” chastity, all that would be needed would be to lock me up indefinitely. She would have to occasionally free me for cleaning and inspection, but certainly no sex. In that case, I would almost surely lose interest in sex as the dry period continued. After a couple of weeks my interest would start to wane. Since that isn’t the purpose of forced chastity, our keyholders want us to keep wanting sex more and more, making every day harder to take. This provides a strong element of control. The more desperate for release I get, the more cooperative I will be. It doesn’t take long to learn that orgasm has to be earned. Mrs. Lion can decide what I have to do to earn it. Conversely, any displeasure I cause can extend the orgasm-free time. She can still unlock me and tease me to the edge. She is very good at that. This keeps my desire honed. Of course, all through this time, she can have me please her any way she wants without me being allowed to come.

One area of training that many keyholders work on is the ability of the caged male to provide intercourse for her without coming himself. Some women want several-times-a-day intercourse with the male never getting a chance to ejaculate. Face it guys, that’s our lot in life now. It’s exciting in concept, pretty hard to avoid coming, and frustrating as hell. Keyholders seem to love this.


pair of dice showing 2
Snake eyes can be very bad luck indeed.

The idea that orgasms are not free is a nice way to add an element of fun to the forced chastity experience. For example, if a keyholder wants to train her male to quickly ejaculate when told, she can release him from his cage, then before letting him touch himself, she can set a timer; say for one minute. He must ejaculate before the timer runs out. If he doesn’t, he is locked back up until next time. By shortening the time he gets to squirt, he can be trained to become efficient for his keyholder.

Earning an orgasm is also a nice keyholder entertainment. Some “prices” are not voluntary. The keyholder may require the male to always eat the product of his orgasm. He doesn’t get to choose to come or not. Another post-orgasm activity is for the keyholder to vigorously rub the head of the penis immediately after orgasm. You may need to tie him down for this one. Earning an orgasm by consistently doing chores is also a nice way to integrate chastity into daily life. I would suggest that he not earn an orgasm by providing you, the keyholder, with  pleasure. That’s his job and his joy. He doesn’t need a reward for that.

Games of chance are also entertaining. One could be as simple as a dice game. If he rolls a certain number or above, he gets to come. Of course before he rolls the dice, he should be stimulated right up to the edge. That way, if he misses the target, he gets stimulated to the edge again and has to try again. He will never know when you will decide he doesn’t get another chance and has to go back in his cage. A variant of this is to use the roll of dice to determine the timer setting for his masturbation. In that case, he gets no warmup. So if you are using two dice, maybe multiply the number rolled by five. So if he gets a twelve, he has sixty seconds. Poor boy that rolls snake eyes. You could play blackjack. You are the “house”. If he wins, he gets ten seconds of masturbation, then the next hand. If he hasn’t come and you get tired of the game, lock him up without his squirt.

This is all meant to provide a playful way to provide him with release without making it dull or routine. Solo caged males often use games like this, and sometimes chores to determine when they can play with themselves. Many keyholders find earning orgasm and sex games as an amusing part of forced male chastity.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that my lioness and I have been working through some longstanding issues. Our views of these issues has varied (you can also read about that here too). Since I have been caged, our communications on these subjects has opened up more than before and Mrs. Lion has been working hard to work forced chastity into our lives. Things are certainly far from perfect, but they seem to be moving in the right direction.

Last night I had a big surprise. I was massively horny after Friday night’s ruined orgasm. I was unlocked for my shower. I asked for that since it is hard to clean the mess caused by peeing in a diaper. I’m not complaining. The diapers are a brilliant stroke of topping me. Anyway, after my shower, my lioness teased me to the edge. Friday, when we went shopping, she bought a box of condoms. I didn’t ask what they were for. It was obvious this wasn’t something she wanted to discuss. She didn’t even mention she was looking for them. After the tease last night, I had to ask. She told me that I would eventually find out. Now I was frustrated two ways!

I didn’t have to wait long. A little while later, she got me nice and hard and slipped a condom on. I asked, “Why am I wearing this?”

She replied, “How does sex feel with one on?”

“Not as good.”

“Exactly,” she replied.

“Oh.” Something different was going to happen. My lioness climbed on top of me and put me inside her. It still felt great even with the condom on! She moved for a while and then stopped. It was clearly uncomfortable for her. We tried a few more positions without too much luck. It had been a long time since we had done this. My releases had been by hand and oral for years. Hers were mostly by my hand. I asked her to try riding me again. I know that this position has the best chance of giving her a good orgasm.

This time she mounted me with her butt facing me. She also let me take the condom off. Eureka! This position did the trick. It didn’t take long for her to have a nice orgasm. I was so happy! She told me I could come, but I just wasn’t able. That is usually a good thing, especially with being caged. But last night was special, so after she recovered a bit, she used her hand to bring me to a really good orgasm. We both came! We made love!

I won’t say that we have a magic solution to all our challenges. This wasn’t easy for my lioness. Somehow she found a way to ride me. I have been making a point of being more romantic and initiating affection. We are working on meeting in the middle. I am not sure that being caged is a major factor in this. I know that by virtue of the fact that she has total control of my sexuality, it does force both of us to be far more sexually active than we were before. For me, at least, it feels like a new door is opening in our sex lives. Life can be very good for a caged lion.

Stainless Steel Butt Plug
Heavy, stainless steel butt plug filled me for three hours. A fair trade for the dreaded diaper. Click the image for purchase information.

Last night there was a new twist to my forced chastity. Lioness let me take off my diaper, then she removed my cage and instructed me to take a shower and get all cleaned off. She also let me clean the cage which needed some soap and water too. It was heavenly getting clean without having to work around the tight bars. I couldn’t help but get hard during the cleaning. I was a good lion and didn’t attempt to masturbate, but you can bet I was ready to go!

When I emerged from the bathroom naked and clean, Mrs. Lion had the stainless steel butt plug (see photo on right) out with a tub of Boy Butter lube. Boy butter is specifically designed for anal play and is easy to clean up and very slippery. She lubed the plug and my butt and in it went. She told me that as long as it was nestled up my ass I could be without my diaper and cage. It was pretty uncomfortable at first, but after a few minutes I got used to its considerable weight.

After an hour, Mrs. Lion moved over beside me on the bed and began playing with me. Oh boy! I really wanted to come. She continued as though driven by a purpose. I hoped the purpose would be to let me squirt. I didn’t want to come without permission, so when I was almost ready, I told her I was going to come. I half expected to have her stop and leave me wanting, but she continued. The problem was that she only continued for about ten seconds and then when I was just ready to blow, she stopped and moved her hand away. It felt like a door was closing and I watched helplessly as my semen oozed out of my penis. I made a sad sound. Lioness looked pleased.

“Is that it?” I asked hopefully. “You know, I bet there is more if you want to do it again.”

“Probably,” she replied, but made no move to take me up on it. She moved to her side of the bed and I started the paused TV show. I lay there another hour as the plug grew uncomfortable.

After a few more minutes, I asked, “Can you take it out, please?” She nodded pleasantly and told me to roll over on my stomach. I turned over and she pulled it out. That hurt!

“I guess I pulled it out too fast,” she said. “Sorry.”

“No problem,” I said. It was good to have it out and also good to get some sexual attention. Beggers can’t be choosers.