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I worked an hour later than normal yesterday. I’m attempting to make up some of the time I missed on Monday and to dig myself out from under the mountain of work on my desk. By the time I got home and we ate, it was fairly late. My shower was late and when I showed up with paddle in hand, Lion was not in the mood.

I told him I wanted to swat a pantied butt. I have no idea why. Would it really make a difference if he had panties on or not? Since I hadn’t noticed that he was wearing them – something he pointed out – I decided to make a bigger deal out of the panties than I normally would have. Plus, who knows, maybe it would be different.

Lion said he didn’t think I was actually going to spank him. I guess he thought it was late. Maybe he thought I forgot. I was actually going to beg off because I was achy from head to toe, but then I thought that would just be an excuse. I can make it through 300 swats even if I do just want to crawl under the covers.

It turns out Lion was achy too. His back and legs were sore. He didn’t know why. I suggested maybe it was because of our weekend shopping spree through the local grocery store and Costco. Then he cooked on Monday night. Lots of standing and walking for two people who haven’t done much of either in a while.

So I gave Lion 150 swats. Pantied swats sound different from naked swats. It was more thuddy. I started off too hard, but I adjusted. It wasn’t until after the spanking that Lion told me he was achy. But I figured we hadn’t done our experiment in over a week and the Super Bowl was a bust in terms of swats, so I took it easy on the old buns.

When we snuggled and my weenie responded, I had the last few ruined orgasms on my mind. I couldn’t give him another one. I’d just edge him. But not too close. And, although he was horny, it was late so it took some time for him to get to the edge. I’m sure his achy legs and back played a part in it. I decided to give him a full orgasm long before he got to that point.

First, it would erase the possibility of a ruined orgasm. Second, it would reset the clock. He can look back on the last ejaculation with fondness since it wasn’t ruined. And he may have to look back a while. Who knows when he’ll have another orgasm?

I completely forgot about having Lion wear frilly panties yesterday. He was on a work call when I finished my post and it wasn’t until he was making dinner that I remembered. Worse yet, I was going to take out a pair for him to wear around the house today and forgot that too. I just had to email him to tell him to put some on when he gets home from his afternoon appointment. Better late than never, I guess.

This morning I was just trying to figure out if Lion had reminded me about punishment day yesterday when he emailed saying he thought he forgot. We’re quite the pair! We remember things eventually. I think he’s probably due for a spanking experiment anyway. I’ll take care of that when I get home…assuming I remember.

I think we’re both still in some form of shock about Lion’s surgery. On the one hand, it’s an answer to what’s been going on with him. On the other, did it have to be that answer? Surgery is scary enough without it being spinal surgery. I also think having it scheduled a month away is good and bad. It’s good because Lion can get a project done for work. It’s bad because that gives both of us a month to think (and overthink) about it.

Maybe tonight’s experiment spanking will get us a little more back to normal. I don’t know if he’ll be horny again after his ruined orgasm from a few days ago, but between the panties and the spanking his cravings for sexual attention might be jump started.

tenderizer paddle on Lion's butt

This is the heavy chechen “tenderizer”. It’s my official “scorekeeper”.
(Click image to view larger)

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. As long as we’ve been together, Mrs. Lion and I enjoy our Super Bowl rituals. I make a big plate of nachos. We have two kinds of salsa, and of course, our favorite beverages. We sit on the bed, munch, and cheer for our favorite team. This year, as in any year they play, it’s the team playing against the Patriots.

Mrs. Lion announced the rules to our special Super Bowl spanking game:

  • I get 4 hard swats for each point the Patriots score.
  • I get 2 more gentle swats for each Ram point.
  • As usual, each penalty gets me a zap with the shock collar.
  • If the Patriots sack the Rams quarterback, I get 2 swats with the pointy side of the paddle.
  • If the Patriots intercept the ball, I get 2 swats with the pointy side of the paddle.

It’s easy for me to end up with lots of marks by the end of the game. There’s something exciting about being vulnerable to this sort of abuse. In past games, by the end of the third quarter, my butt is burning and I am actively hoping no one scores.

Nevertheless, it is fun in an odd, perverse way. I think Mrs. Lion likes it too. She never talks about how this makes her feel. Since football move so slowly, administering the spanking doesn’t cause us to miss any of the game. Ironically, the most damage done to my rear has been the result of our football game. Today’s game carries considerable risk for much more punishment. Each Patriot touchdown brings me 28 hard swats with a very heavy, punishing paddle. Even a field goal earns me a dozen. Ironically, the turnover and sacking swats with the pointy and of the paddle don’t hurt much at all. In fact, right from the start I barely feel them.

I don’t understand that. When Mrs. Lion brings those little points down hard on my tender skin, she has drawn a little blood. Or, made little round bruises where each point made contact. I believe that later those injuries leave me painful mementos. The swats with the flat side hurt like hell while I get them and for an hour or so after.

Of course, when the total gets up to 100 or more, there can be a much longer-lasting effect. I’ve had sore spots when I sit for three or four days as a result of Mrs. Lion’s “experiment”. Of course, our experiment sessions involve 300 painful swats. If the Super Bowl ends up with lots of touchdowns, I figure the effect on me will be similar.

All I can say is that I hope the Rams win 3 nothing.

I think Lion enjoys causing himself trouble. Let’s examine his track record:

He started off by asking me to spank him all those years ago. Then he introduced other evil ways to torture him. Several years ago he suggested male chastity. More recently, he came up with the idea of putting me in charge. I am now responsible for his orgasms, behavior, and whether or not he has access to his favorite toy.

Is he out of his mind?


This morning he suggested we up the ante for our football spanking/zapping game. Since we both hate the Patriots, he proposed a change in the amount of swats he receives when they score. I’ve agreed. He will now receive four swats for every Patriot point scored. Maybe he should receive ice cubes for his sore buns when the Rams score.

Of course, another possibility is to have the same amount of swats for each team’s score but use a meaner paddle for the Patriots. Or I could reduce the number of Rams swats to one per point. As you can see, there are any number of permutations. I just really, really, really don’t want the Patriots to win.

Lion is safely locked in his locking cock ring again. Not that that makes much difference. He can still touch my weenie. But it also reminds him (I hope) that he shouldn’t. I also hope it reminds him how horny he is and that I’m the only one who can remedy that situation. And no, I don’t plan to remedy it right away. I’m enjoying his frustration too much.