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Mrs. Lion’s Little Helper

It seems to me that people read about enforced male chastity when they are horny and are looking for titillation, not information. I get that. I have to say that most of my early reading on the subject was fodder

She Warned Me

On Wednesday night Mrs. Lion finally spanked me for failing to thank her for an earlier punishment. At one point the pain was getting very intense and I rolled away. She said, “I guess that means I have to start


Can it be that we are a society of hypocrites? Here in the United States, we have a long tradition of sexual repression. The Puritans, escaping religious repression, had a moral code so strict that any sort of pleasure was


I rested my arm as much as possible yesterday. It still hurts but that’s as much time as I can devote to slacking off. This morning I fixed the garage door, broke up some ice on the sidewalk, salted the