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Effective Spanking Part 2: How To Spank Me

The other day when I wrote about effective spanking, I created an image that describes what I consider the anatomy of a good spanking. After the post was published, I kept revising the image. I realized that simply swatting the

Batting Practice

Do maintenance spankings make any kind of sense? That question has been bothering me for some time. The proponents of this practice point out that if behavior is consistently good, the memory of the misery of punishment fades and misbehavior

How To Give An Effective Spanking

Spanking for misdeeds is an important part of our disciplinary relationship. It is for many couples like us. Over the last four years, Mrs. Lion has been my disciplinary wife. We’ve both learned a lot about spankings, particularly punishment spankings

The Silent Majority

Wednesday night’s pick from the Box O’Fun was a play spanking. It was interesting and exciting. Mrs. Lion used a small, flexible , rubbery paddle that she prefers for close work. After some nice hand spanking, she used this toy