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Review: Holy Paddle! Intimate Spanker

Our new  paddle arrived Wednesday. It was just in time for the “play” spanking I was owed. As you can see this is a “one cheek” paddle measuring only 12-inches long, including a 5-inch handle. The face is 3-1/2 inches

Lion Has a Lot of Fun

Lion keeps track of when he has orgasms. I’m unclear, at this point, if he counts ruined orgasms as orgasms. [Lion — I do.] I just know he wanted more ruined orgasms so I gave him another one last night.

More Fun Needed

Last night I went to a dinner meeting for work. I’m not sure I learned anything, but I was “encouraged” to go. Most of these meetings are annoyingly basic and boring. Oh well. I got a nice dinner out of

Double the Swats, Double the Fun

Lion’s buns were unhappy with him last night. He suggested two swats for each point scored in the football game. He had over 100 swats. It’s true that they were in bursts of six or fourteen and they weren’t really