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Wifely Duty

There is a ton of mythology surrounding sexual power exchanges. Female Led Relationship With Discipline (FLRD) is no exception. The majority of the stories center around the “submissive” male member of the relationship. Surrendering power, particularly sexual power is a


I am attempting to make up some time at work this afternoon. Being gone all day Wednesday has me playing catch up. The good news is, I think we found a place to live. We just have to figure out

Just Like Four-Footed Lions

As you know, we call ourselves Lion and Mrs. Lion. I’ve had the lion nickname for decades. More often than not, these nicknames have proven prophetically appropriate. One area where they didn’t seem to fit had to do with our

Spanking Science

I guess you can think about spanking paddles the way you think about golf clubs. The thick wood one with holes is perfect for driving home the point. The long handled spoon shaped paddle is like a putter. It puts