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Fun With Math

I’ve been reading a paper about artificial intelligence. This paper discusses a set of algorithms that build cooperative relationships with humans. The paper discusses various strategies that the program can employ. One, called “expectant followers” interested me. In this strategy,


You might wonder why some women have so much fun torturing their partners. You might assume they are sadists. Well, no. I don’ think so. There is real comedy in the way we guys behave. Our unselfish top wants to

We Aren’t That Simple

Most of what I write and read about our little corner of the sexual world is about specific things. Things like orgasms, chastity hardware, punishments, erections, and male reactions to them. All are artifacts relating to sexual control. Most people,

Best By Date

We are closing in on the end of the year. It’s time to take a look back. Based on Mrs. Lion’s comment, it looks like I will have 60 orgasms this year. That amounts to an average of one every