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FLRD Works For Us

It’s Sunday afternoon. More snow is expected tonight. It looks like we will be hunkered down in our den into next week. Mrs. Lion gave me my punishment spanking early Sunday afternoon. I think this is the first time she’s

A Bare Lion, Oh My

I had some fun this weekend. Sunday night, I got a nice long oral teasing session. Yes, it left me massively frustrated, but it was a lot of fun and felt very good. Mrs. Lion finished her hair removal chores

The Spanking Artist

Last night, Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. We had just come back from the community center where we took advantage of their showers. We were both much more comfortable being clean. On the way home, we noticed

Day 2 In The Dark

As you might imagine, not too much is happening here. The power company hasn’t managed to even start fixing our downed power line. Our energy is going into staying warm and keeping the generator gassed up. Stubborn optimism prevails. We’re