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Stirring Up Dust

We went through Lion’s side of the closet yesterday. Today is my turn. His side netted three bags for donation and a box of clothes that can be moved right away. So far, I have three bags and I haven’t

Semi-Public Hand Jobs, Hairless Pubes, And Punishment Spankings

I think about sex a lot. I know, that makes me unique. Most often, I think about being jerked by Mrs. Lion in a semi-public situation, like a play party. I guess that little touch of humiliation adds a zing.

High Maintenance Lion

Every so often we get a comment that has me scratching my head. One of these came in yesterday from someone who calls themselves Angel Snow: “Personally, I find Lion so high maintenance it borders on disturbing. I admire Mrs.

Don’t Push Me Too Far

Lion asked me how long he’s been caged this last go-round. How should I know? He’s the one who keeps track of such things. He keeps track of his orgasms, but not the cage. I guessed that it was since