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In The Out Door

I realize that I miss insertion play. I don’t particularly like things up my ass, but I get aroused when I think of Mrs. Lion training me to accept larger dildos for eventual pegging. I actually get hard when I

Take Two

I was up around 8 this morning. Lion slept till 10:30. I made breakfast and we watched our football team actually win a game. Now it’s mid afternoon, my post is late and I’m just starting the laundry. That still

(Not) For Exit Only

Nothing says submission like a dildo in the butt. At least that’s how I see it. Even if it’s erotically arousing, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that there is a penis-shaped intruder uncomfortably moving in and out of my

Just Plain Lion

Yesterday, in her post, Mrs. Lion wondered what changes I would have to make in order to be Lion v2.0. I’ve never considered that I would ever have a version number. Mrs. Lion has established milestones in her evolution as