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My Real Need

I’m far from the first guy to point out the ironies in male chastity. We find it sexually arousing to wear a device that prevents sexual arousal. I wear a device locked on my penis that prevents me from achieving

Is A Very Short Chastity Device Right For You?

Over the last five years, my view about measuring for a male chastity device has changed dramatically. I’ve found that a short cage is much better than a longer one. Many guys would like to see for themselves. I’ve been

Lock Around The Clock

Today is Possible Sex Day. It’s also Punishment day. The sex part is probably premature. This afternoon, the surgeon is scheduled to remove the stent placed during kidney stone surgery. He told Mrs. Lion that I couldn’t have any sex

Fun With Math

I’ve been reading a paper about artificial intelligence. This paper discusses a set of algorithms that build cooperative relationships with humans. The paper discusses various strategies that the program can employ. One, called “expectant followers” interested me. In this strategy,