As Lion said in his post this morning, I like him in red underwear. I think he looks good with a red butt. Pun intended. I didn’t actually say he had to wear nothing but red, but if he needs that black and white rule then his butt will be red. It’s true, it is his favorite color. I just think it looks very nice on him. Currently he has blue, yellow, gray, red, and white. He asked if I liked him better in white. Nope. Maybe it’s the style of his white underwear, but they don’t look as nice as color.

My favorite color is blue, but the red really draws my eyes to his cute tush. Not that I need any help eyeing his tush, especially when he bends over. Yum! He often tells me that I can ask him to bend over whenever I want the view, but there’s something yummier about a spontaneous mooning. Obviously, I’d rather have a naked mooning than an underwear mooning, but I’ll take that tush view any way I can get it.

I’m more likely to fondle Lion’s buns than my weenie or balls. When he’s facing me, of course, I go for the balls. Most other times, it’s the buns. When I do, he wiggles for me. Depending on how much attention I give him, he’ll let out a purr. He may even arch his back and stick his butt out for me. Cats of all sizes like to be petted.

All this talk of underwear does not change the fact that Lion still has to be naked at home. I’ll just be treated to the flash of red when he’s getting dressed and undressed. Maybe at some point I’ll have him give me a little show in his red undies. Maybe he’ll walk the big catwalk for me. I think when he gets his new undies in a few weeks, he should have to model each pair for me. Yup. The Lion’s Secret fashion show. I’m looking forward to it.

I ordered some of the dual pouch underwear that I wrote about a bit ago. It has a pouch for the penis and a ventilated area for the balls. I got a comment from a guy who says he wears these with a Jail Bird. I suppose it is possible with a long enough cage, but mine is too short for it to work. I was wild yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. I took advantage of the opportunity to wear a pair of the dual pouch briefs.

They do feel nice. The separate pouches do eliminate the need to “adjust”. The micro modal fabric feels great. In the car, the place where the label is sewn on the back did dig in a bit. You have to remove the very long labels before wearing. There is a unique fly at the end of the penis pouch. Once you figure out how it works, it is a nice improvement on the standard side fly. This one opens so that the penis goes through a horizontal opening in the end of the pouch. Very easy to use and comfortable. Some complain about the price. These are cheap for micro modal fabric, only $6 each pair. You can find them here if you want to try them for yourself.

My shoulder remains pretty painful which has reduced my interest in sexual activity. The pain comes and goes, so when it’s not hurting too much we do have some fun. It’s all a matter of timing. Mrs. Lion is wonderful about taking care of me. She does everything she can to make me more comfortable. After work last night I saw my doctor. He gave me a cortisone shot which he says will help.

Some people don’t believe that we are real. Others find it hard to accept we are as happily married as we appear. There is nothing I can do about proving either. It’s sometimes hard for me to believe we get along as well as we do. I was incredibly lucky to find my lioness. We just fit together. She’s gone way out of her way to accommodate me. She became my keyholder and later my disciplining wife with no expectation that either would be rewarding to her. She did both simply to make me happy.

Fortunately, she found a lot of value in enforced chastity and she does it because she knows it makes us a better couple. The jury has been out on domestic discipline and FLR. However, she recently discovered she enjoys it when she discovers me breaking a rule. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is. She may still be doing it because she knows I want it, but she is also doing it because she has discovered a personal challenge she likes.

I don’t think she will ever get real pleasure out of punishing me. She may find the trouble that I get myself into amusing, but that’s not the same. I don’t get any pleasure out of being punished. We both realize that punishment is a necessary part of the power exchange. It’s also an effective way to change my behavior.

We aren’t living a fantasy. We are living a real-life FLR/enforced chastity lifestyle. What we write here is a true account of our power exchange. If it seems we are having fun, we are. We love each other and what we are doing.

dual pouch men's brefs
David Archy dual pouch briefs have separate pouches for cock and balls. The white pouch holds the balls, the front blue pouch the penis. Click image for purchase information.

Yesterday was one of those days I dread. For some unknown reason, I wasn’t aligned well in my cage. I carry a Q-tip to help deal with this sort of thing. But, my penis was being stubborn and the urinal wasn’t going to work out. So, I found myself having to sit to pee at work. It’s not a big deal in the scope of life, but I dislike having to pull my pants down, putting the liner on the seat, peeing, and then dressing again. It’s so much nicer to just unzip and go. Ok, I’m being grumbly.

I like to look at the daily deals on Amazon. Sometimes I find great stuff. I discovered Sous-Vide cooking because of a sale on a Sous-Vide circulating pump in the daily deals. Monday, there was a deal on David Archy micro modal separate pouches briefs. This is a product I have never seen before. It’s a normal men’s brief except it has two pouches in the front. One holds the scrotum and the other, the penis. The idea is that by separating the boys from the penis, there is less sticking and discomfort. Odd, huh?

The balls go into a soft mesh pouch that allows air circulation and reduces sweating. The penis goes into a lightweight fabric pouch above. Granted, while the concept is great and the customer reviews, raves, I can’t wear them. My penis and balls are held tightly in place by the chastity device. No way it would work for me. However, if you aren’t caged, I imagine this underwear will be incredible to wear/

The fabric used is micro-modal. It’s a blend that wicks moisture away from the body. My underwear is all micro modal. it keeps me dry and never smells bad. I wear Obviously micro modal thongs and briefs. They have an extra-large pouch that nicely holds my cage and its contents. I have both briefs and thongs. Surprisingly, the thongs are much more comfortable to wear. I think it’s because the briefs tend to ride down in back. I hate how that feels. The thong doesn’t do that. I don’t really notice that the strap in back goes into my crack a bit. The fabric is very soft and I am unaware of it there.

It’s interesting that male underwear is available in so many variations that improve comfort. Traditional briefs or boxers put pressure on the genitals and in my opinion, are much less comfortable than underwear designed for the male anatomy. Before I was locked in the chastity device, I didn’t pay too much attention to underwear. Once locked up, the extra bulk of the cage combined with the way my balls are pushed forward, forced the issue for me and I did research.

Of course these fancy, pouched underwear is a lot more expensive than supermarket Hanes. But, they are way more comfortable. I suspect the dual pouch design would be a real pleasure to wear. If you get some, please let me know.

Tuesday night Mrs. Lion resumed my clothespin lessons. This time she put only one, purple – she likes that color – on the head of my penis. The pain was excruciating at first. It was clear that Mrs. Lion was not inclined to remove it any time soon. After a bit, the pain receded into the background. She stimulated me and there I was standing tall with that painful object firmly affixed to my most tender skin. She left it there for quite a while as she played with me. Then she removed it. Ouch! A little while later it was back on a new spot that was even tenderer than the first one. I managed to endure and after a long time, the pain slipped into the background again.

In an email yesterday, Mrs. Lion said,

We’ll continue with the tiny clothes pins and work our way up to more. There’s no rush.”

I’ll ask her to photograph her progress and share it with you.

The clothespins, more than other things we do, has caused me to consider whether I am a masochist. Here’s how the Oxford English Dictionary defines it:

1. The deriving of sexual gratification, or the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused.
2. The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.
3. A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.

Based on this definition, I guess I am. I never really considered myself one. I think I fit the third definition best. Well, maybe the second too. Given that I have asked Mrs. Lion to do painful and humiliating things to me, I have to wear the masochism badge. Of course, labels aren’t all that important. I am what I am regardless of attempts to define me.

I do think that acknowledging my masochistic desires makes it easier for Mrs. Lion and I to understand my requests, especially the most recent one. It also speaks to what I really want in terms of things like maintenance spankings, even punishment. The definition doesn’t claim that I enjoy the pain, just that I want it.

I’ve avoided thinking of myself as a masochist because I genuinely don’t like experiencing pain or humiliation. But I want it anyway. Why would I want to wear diapers? That’s humiliating and uncomfortable. Yet I’m the one who suggested them to Mrs. Lion. For the record, I never suggested putting nail polish on my toenails. Oh no! I’m not sure that I thought of the clothespins on the head of my penis either, but I want it. I did suggest occasional panty wearing as well. I have a couple of pairs in the drawer, but Mrs. Lion feels no affinity to that activity. I don’t like it at all, but I bought them anyway. Yup, I’m a masochist.

Is my enforced chastity kink yet another expression of masochism? I don’t think so. It’s different. It’s about power exchange; submission if you will. I think the desire to surrender power is often accompanied by requests for humiliation and pain. The reason for this, I think, is that submitting to pain and humiliation is graphic proof of the power exchange and surrender. In fact, that’s why I never thought of myself as a masochist. I considered masochism as getting sexual satisfaction from pain. I didn’t realize that it can also be wanting those things, not necessarily getting turned on by them. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what label we put on all this. What is important is that I openly acknowledge that I want and need these painful and humiliating things even if I complain about them and resist it when Mrs. Lion imposes them. I suppose that the more I resist, the more valuable the experience. I think Mrs. Lion understands this and is starting to turn up the volume.