It has nothing to do with not wanting to wax him, but last night as I was trying to get Lion hard so I could put on a cock and ball harness, I was looking at his hair down there. I have no way of knowing how it looked when there was more of it. He insists less grows in since he was professionally waxed. But I kind of like the way it looks. I know he doesn’t at all.

I don’t remember if it’s more difficult to wax long fur or not, and I would never suggest we not wax him, but I think I like Lion au natural. I like him hairless too. I can go either way so it’s really up to Lion’s preferences. I just think it’s nice to see him furry for once.

I’ve never liked to look at overly hairy guys. You know, the ones who look like they’re wearing sweaters when they’re shirtless. It’s just not for me. And I’ve never really thought about guys without hair, except hearing that swimmers often shave to reduce drag. It seemed weird to me. For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem weird to me that Lion would want to be hairless. It’s just s preference. I guess, given all he’s written on the subject, it seems weird that he wouldn’t want me hairless. I’ve only shaved once, as a surprise for him, and he didn’t like it.

As soon as I can, I’ll get the pantry in order and wax Lion. I’ve even thought about locating the necessary supplies and setting up the table in our bedroom. There’s an open area that’s sort of a hallway/dressing room/closet. I’m sure the waxing table would fit. And it would only be temporary anyway. The problem is, I have so many other things to do, can I justify spending an hour or two waxing him? On the other hand, can I justify not spending an hour or two making him feel better?

Today I installed a bidet seat which was sort of Lion’s birthday present. What kind of a birthday present is that? I know. I thought the same thing until I mentioned it to him. He loved the idea. So now we have a Lion squirter and blow dryer. We have a Lion car wash!

The dog has a spa date this afternoon. We’ll run some errands while she has her dog car wash. I’m not sure how much unpacking I’ll get done today, but I’ll work on finding the waxing supplies tomorrow. Lion may get de-furred by next weekend. Then he’ll be able to swim faster.

hairless and hairy legs
Lion’s left leg is hairless and the right is hairy. Right now, I prefer the hairy leg.

I set out to wax Lion yesterday. I decided, since he’s been hairless above the waist longer than below, I’d start at the top and work my way down. I was fine doing his chest. By the time I got to his legs, my neck and back were hurting. I only managed to wax the front of his left leg. I told him he’d need to enter a room with his left leg first. Today I’ll finish his legs, back and shoulders.

As I was attempting to edge him last night, I noticed his legs. He does have fairly hairy legs, but I don’t notice it so much because it looks normal. His bare leg didn’t. I guess it’s all what you’re used to. Once both legs are waxed and I get used to seeing no hair, I guess it will look normal to me. I just don’t think I really like him with bare legs. This, of course, will go the same way the cage discussion went yesterday. He likes it and hopes I’ll keep doing it.

Actually, what I said about the cage was that he could do it so I didn’t have to jam him into it, but that got turned around to my not wanting him to wear it. I didn’t say that. I also didn’t say I prefer him hairless anywhere. I see the need for no hair where play or the cage is involved. It does tend to get caught up in things. If there was no necessity for hair removal, I can go either way. As far as other guys are concerned, I don’t think I’d mind if they were bare or natural. Of course, I’m not looking, but I assume however they were when I first saw them would be fine because I’d have no other frame of reference.

Lion forgot it was punishment day. Again. Apparently Mondays and Thursdays are ingrained in his mind but Saturday escapes him. And that was the point of adding it. Actually, he said he remembered it was punishment day but didn’t remember to tell me. Aha! I remembered it was punishment day and forgot once it became punishable at 8:30. What a pair!

Tonight, Lion will start round one of punishments for forgetting. I’m wondering how many days of swats he should get. He’s forgotten quite a few times now. It seems I should up the ante. But does that mean more days, harder swats, more swats, adding dessert or what? Yes. Not all, but some combination. Maybe one day he’ll get more swats. Another he could have a dessert added on. It all depend how evil I feel at the time.

waxed manzillion
Here is Lion after his manzillion.
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When Lion first got the Cherry Keeper, I didn’t like it. I had trouble getting in on and then getting it locked. It did seem to keep him centered well, which is good for his peeing needs. Over the course of a few days, it got easier to lock him up. But Lion wasn’t happy with the fit. He ordered a custom one.

This newer one is a bigger pain to get on. He has to be lubed first and then poked and jammed into it. I’m always afraid I’m going to pinch him in any cage so I don’t really like manhandling him. Last week I cut my fingernails short again so last night I decided I had less of a chance of scratching him and if he gets pinched or scratched then it’s his own fault because he told me to do it. Maybe I’ve turned a corner here. If Lion asked me to do something, then I don’t care how much it hurts him. (That may be Lioness 3.0 talking.) [Lion — Sounds like it to me.]

I didn’t spank Lion at all yesterday. We were busy with things and by the time I remembered it was late. And around 11 Lion said, “Uh oh.” I thought he was talking about whatever we were watching on TV and it didn’t seem like an uh oh moment. He said he forgot to tell me it was punishment day. Too late! I think I need a spreadsheet to keep track of all his infractions. I guess I’ll just have to start whomping and finish in a few weeks when I think he’s done. Of course, by then he’ll have added to the list.

One of the things we did yesterday is waxing. It’s not my favorite task in the world but Lion said the fur was long. It’s funny how little I notice it. Even when we’re playing, I can tell it’s long but I couldn’t tell you how long. When he was under the bright lights ready to be waxed, I could see it was more than a half inch. That’s a lot for Lion. He doesn’t even like stubble. I gave him his manzilian. This is the most I used to do. It’s actually a little more than a manzilian. I wax his upper thighs and tummy just above the belly button. It keeps hair out of the way for play. Once I started waxing him, he decided he likes the bald Lion look so I started doing everything but his head and arms. For now, the modified manzilian is all he’s getting. I have other chores to do today.

I’m sure Lion thinks he got a blow job because I waxed him. Not true. I just felt like giving him one. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be a full blow job. And, as it turned out, it wasn’t even an edging. Lion got stuck again. I guess he really needs those swats to keep him going. Never fear. We can do some tonight.

I have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous about the podcast we’ll be doing in about an hour. I don’t like public speaking. I know I won’t be in front of people, but my words will be out there for all to hear and I have a tendency to say the wrong thing. Fingers crossed.

Lion seems to think he can make it down the stairs to be waxed. It would be more stairs than he’s managed since his surgery. Besides, down may not be the issue. Up is more difficult. With that in mind, if I do wax him, I’ll bring the table up or we’ll figure out how to do it on our bed. It will be only be a Boyzilian. I don’t think either one of us has the energy for the full body.

Lastly, Lion’s interest in sex seems to be waning. Perhaps not his interest so much as his ability to get to the edge or beyond. He can get an erection and all seems cleared for takeoff, except he can’t quite get off the ground. I know it was fairly late when we started last night because the dog had a seizure. He didn’t even achieve an erection. However, I know that was because of the hour.

I’m hoping with the waxing, he’ll be excited enough tonight. Depending on how many sore spots the waxing creates, I may use some clothespins on my balls. I may even give him the spanking he earned for not thanking me for his punishment the other night. And I just realized he forgot to remind me yesterday was punishment day. Oh, he’s in for it now for sure.

I’m just trying to figure out how to jump start the Lion again. As soon as he thinks he’s broken, I think he gets so down on himself that it takes more effort to get him back. So I’m prepared to try anything in my arsenal. Watch out, Lion!