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Mrs. Lion’s current phase in BDSM and punishment. 2.0 is stricter and more consistent. She spanks harder and doesn’t shy away from giving Lion pain. She continues to get stricter.


This is Mrs. Lion’s next step in her evolution as a disciplining wife. 3.0 expands her domain by punishing Lion for upsetting her. Rules are extended to include interrupting, acting like a know-it-all, and other behavior she doesn’t like.

Boner Pills

My boner pills are generic Viagra (Sildenafil 20mg). These pills are available by prescription. I get them from my local pharmacy. They are most affordable. I take 60mg (3 pills). They reach maximum power an hour after I take them.

Box O’Fun

A box that contains a number of cards. Each card has a BDSM activity written on it like clothespins on the balls or spanking. Lion picks a card and then whatever is written on it is done to him.