The Best Male Chastity Device

What is the best male chastity device? This is one of the most popular questions I am asked. It’s also the most difficult to answer. Penises are extremely individual. I know a lot of women say they are all alike, but I’ve learned we are, in fact, very different from one another. The differences are greatest when we are flaccid (soft). Chastity devices, of course are meant to contain a flaccid penis. They are also meant to prevent erection and orgasm. Some guys think that they should get a chastity device that will accommodate an erection. Oh no, once locked your erection days are done.

The best male chastity device has to meet several important criteria:

  1. It has to be comfortable to wear. You have to be able to wear it 24 hours a day without undue pain or irritation. It shouldn’t wake you up at night if you try to get an erection. It should just prevent it from growing.
  2. It has to prevent you from getting erect or be able to masturbate. It’s possible to have an orgasm without being hard, and over time, most men can get off with a powerful vibrator even in a chastity device. So, our requirement is that it isn’t easy. You have to work to get off. Since you are being locked up because you want enforced chastity, you shouldn’t be trying to get off. Right?
  3. It has to be secure enough that it will take work to pull your penis out. No ball-capture device is escape proof. Somehow you can get your penis out if you really want to. The only sure way to prevent this is with a penis piercing; most men prefer a Prince Albert, that is locked to the device. Not too many guys are ready to go to that extreme. It is my position that if I commit to my keyholder that I will not masturbate without her permission, the device doesn’t have to be escape proof. It should just do a good job of containing my penis.
  4. It has to be easy to keep clean. Many devices fail miserably in this category. Ideally, a regular shower, perhaps with a shower massager head is all you need to keep clean and odor free.

The vast majority of devices fail in one or more of these categories. There is no perfect device.

Before we go further, let’s consider how you want to deal with enforced chastity. Many men want to be locked up for a day or two at a time. Enforced chastity is part of a sex game that goes for a weekend at most. That sort of use decreases the need for a great fit. Some, like me, expect to live locked up for years on end. I get out for a short time every couple of days for a teasing session, but I am locked up more than 99% of the time. I need a device that meets all four criteria as well as possible. You get the picture.

Like most things, price and quality vary widely. There are off-the-shelf chastity devices. These cost anywhere from $30 to $200. Custom made devices range from $300 to $500 and more. Most people start out with inexpensive, off-the-shelf devices. These devices, aside from costing a lot less, are available with little wait. A custom device can take six to twelve weeks to receive.

This is the CB6000. This device comes with a variety of base rings and spacers to allow a better fit

This is the CB6000. This device comes with a variety of base rings and spacers to allow a better fit

The most popular male chastity device is the CB6000 (and 6000S). These are plastic devices. Each comes with a selection of  base rings (go around your cock and balls) as well as spacers to vary the gap between the base ring and the cage. Many men experience significant pain from the base ring. This is generally caused by using too small a ring. Beware that there are cheap Chinese copies of this device. They tend to break soon after being worn. The American made version costs about $160.

Generally speaking, plastic devices are less comfortable to wear. The plastic tends to adhere to the skin and doesn’t permit the skin under the base ring to move with your body. This creates irritation. Some guys put lube under the ring. This may help the pain but isn’t really good for the skin.

This 3-D printed device is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Purple is Mrs. Lion’s favorite color.

There is a new entry in the plastic ring arena. This is the KHD Expresso device that is actually created on a 3-D printer. It’s available in a variety of sizes and colors. It’s design is very different from other plastic devices. The base ring can be larger than with other devices since the tube itself sits deep inside the ring, effectively trapping the balls without needing to be so tight that it abrades.

The device itself has a strange texture. It’s an artifact of the 3D printing. I found it a bit too rough. It was hard to get my penis all the way into the tube. Also this 65 mm tube, the shortest currently made, is too long for me. The designer is working on a shorter design that may be a much better fit for me.

The advantages this device has over it’s competitors are low price (under $100), very comfortable base ring, and extreme light weight. This device may be a real competitor for the CB6000 in terms of a first chastity device. It has several locking options including a “trailer hitch lock”, padlock. or security seals. Most importantly, it is secure and very comfortable. On the negative side, it is not very easy to clean and takes some work to assure there is no smell.

There are steel options for beginner devices as well. They are made in China and are of good quality. Only select stainless steel. There are some chrome plated models, but the chrome will flake off soon after you start wearing the device. I found one that fit me fairly well and I wore it for about three months until I ordered and received my “permanent” Jail Bird.

The device pictured was purchased from DHGate. By the way, the chastity devices shown on Amazon are all available from DHGate for a fraction of the Amazon price. The only advantage that the Amazon offers has is faster delivery. DHGate takes at least 30 days to deliver an order. They ship direct from China.

I found the Chinese device and the KHD X3 Espresso to be the most comfortable beginner devices. The metal cage is easier to keep clean, but the KHD X3 is much more comfortable.

Custom Devices
There are two leading makers of custom male chastity devices: Mature Metal in Texas, USA, and Steelwerks in Germany. Both make excellent products and both companies will, for a small fee, adjust anything that doesn’t fit or feel perfect. Custom devices are all stainless steel. Though, Pedro69, the designer of the KHD X3 is working on custom sizing too.

This is my custom made Mature Metal Jail Bird chastity device. It is comfortable, secure, and easy to keep clean.

In my opinion, the steel devices are the best all around choice in male chastity. The most popular device is the Mature Metal Jail Bird. I have been wearing one for over a year. My device is pictured at right. Mature Metal made a few adjustments to refine the fit. The results are perfect. The way my penis fits into the cage is exactly right. The cage should always touch the side and head of the penis. This makes peeing much easier and neater as well as providing maximum erection prevention. There is simply nowhere for the erection to go. The image below, left shows what mean.

When I try to get hard, it feels like my penis is pushing the cage out. In reality that isn’t what is happening. Erectile tissue that normally is inside my abdomen pushes out and gives me that sensation. Erection control is one of the most important functions of a chastity device.

It’s true that custom devices cost more than off-the-shelf versions. But if you are serious about remaining locked, it is the only choice that will make this possible.

What is the best male chastity device? In my opinion it is the Mature Metal Jail Bird. This device, while expensive ($300 – $360 depending on options), is comfortable, secure, and easy to keep clean. Many long term enforced chastity men find themselves settling in a Jail Bird after trying a variety of other devices.

The KHD X3 Espresso is not only the least expensive, high-quality, off-the-shelf device, it is also has the most size options. Speaking of size, please read Getting A Good Fit to learn the most effective way to measure for a chastity device.

There is never a single answer to the question about which is the best male chastity device, but I hope that now you have a better idea of what might be best for you.

6 comments on “The Best Male Chastity Device
  1. Budd Hironimus says:

    how did you end up cleaning the KHD-X3 ?

  2. Steve K says:

    Hello Lion, my wife and I are pretty new to enforced chastity, and like most, she was pretty reluctant at first. We are now a couple of months into experimenting with the Chinese knock off devices. While working for us, as my wife is seeing the benefits of enforced chastity, we will be looking to purchasing a custom made device. Now to my question, which is about cage length. You have stated that the penis should be touching the front of the cage when flaccid, but I have found it erotic when having some room for growth, but certainly not to a full erection. My wife has enjoyed teasing me some at this point as well. ( with the cage on). I have not had trouble peeing as the cage is not that long. Are there any other issues that I need to be concerned about if I have a little extra length. ( I am thinking 1/2 – 1 inch longer than flaccid length.
    Thank you, and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Nick Jensen says:

    Hi again,
    One more question about cage length. The short three ring jailbird cage I have measures 3 1/8″ inches if I go along the top on the outside, along the bottom it’s about 1 3/4″ on the outside. Does this sound about right for a 3 inch penis when soft?