Wilderness Lions

We spent yesterday on domestic chores. Mrs. Lion did a lot of bending and lifting that left her sore and tired. Today is more of the same. We need to get the camper ready for our first trip. A camper? That’s what Mrs. Lion calls it. It’s an enormous fifth wheel trailer with all the comforts of a five star hotel. We have to stock food and other supplies for our trip into the hinterlands. Mrs.  Lion was too busy to stop and write a post.

We will be “camping” in a very pretty state park. This campsite is near the top of a mountain surrounded by first-growth evergreen forest. The natural beauty is slightly marred by a 500 kv power line that crosses the campground. It’s largely unobtrusive except for a zzzzing sound now and then. Since we aren’t going to have any more children, we are only mildly disturbed by this horror-movie sound effect. Fortunately, our camper is pretty soundproof and the shows on our satellite TV drowns out the zaps.

Mrs. Lion has been largely silent about any sexual fun she might have planned during our time away. We’ll have to plan ahead. We like to roam all over the countryside and wear ourselves out by the time we return to our little trailer home. However, there will be opportunities. We generally return to the camper in the late afternoon to walk the dog. Perhaps lion exercise could also be on our agenda then. Just a thought.

The night sky there is incredible. There isn’t any light pollution. We visited a local observatory and the astronomer had us look up at the night sky He pointed to the International Space Station as it went  by. We could see it clearly. The Milky Way was a thick carpet of stars across the sky. It was amazing for a city boy like me.

We live in the country. Our night sky would be spectacular except for the constant cloud cover. Well, there’s another problem too. We live in the middle of the woods on the side of a mountain. We don’t see a very wide swath of sky. I love living in the forest. Our front yard has 150-foot cedar trees growing in it. Living here is a constant reminder of how fleeting our lives are. Those trees were here when George Washington was President.

To reach this campsite, we drive across the Cascade mountains, cross a high desert, then ascend back into the Cascades to our campsite which is 3,800 feet above sea level. I love the mountains! Despite the buzzing transmission lines, the air has a crisp, clean smell that makes me stop and bathe in its purity.

This state park is relatively undiscovered. It has room for about 20  RV or campers, plus some tent sites. It’s rarely full. The families with kids and the  boaters want to camp about 25 miles away on the shore of the Columbia river where there are playgrounds. This park has none of the recreational amenities most parks in this part of the world feature. It’s perfect for us. We can take quiet walks on wooded paths. The dog has thousands of new smells to explore. A thirty minute drive takes us to the Columbia where we can visit a beach and join the dog who loves to wade in the clean, cool water.

I can’t wait.

Low Ceiling, Mushy Bed

camper bedroom

Not exactly a roomy dungeon. The low ceiling and lack of walk around room makes play a challenge.

Here it is, the weekend. I’m glad to be able to spend time with my sweet lioness. We have a lot to do. Next weekend we are heading off in our giant camper. It’s the first trip of the year. That means we are provisioning, changing batteries, getting propane and lots of other little things. Actually, it’s not terrible work, but lots of little fiddly bits to remember to handle.

This is the first time we are away together since January. Back then, Mrs. Lion accompanied me on a business trip. We made it into a mini vacation. I’m excited we will travel again. Mrs. Lion promised that this time we will play on our trip. In the past we haven’t really done much at all. Part of the problem is that our bed is foam and Mrs. Lion has a hard time getting good support when she sits. Another is that the bedroom has a rather low ceiling.

We may need to be creative about overcoming these challenges. When Mrs. Lion sets her mind to something, she does it. We’ll have to be creative. The fifth wheel is pretty soundproof, so my yelps won’t be heard by others.

The challenge is motivation. Driving all day and having a big dinner don’t lend themselves to sexual activities. It’s so much easier to sit in our twin recliners and watch satellite TV. More correctly, I watch TV and Mrs. Lion plays games on her iPad. It’s not that I don’t want to play. It’s not up to me.

I don’t want to be another chore for my lioness. Sex is just for me. I try not to think about that, but it’s unavoidable. It seems ungrateful to suggest we play when she is comfortably ensconced in her easy chair. I have a lot of trouble getting around the thought that I am an imposition. It’s the same sort of feeling I had in the old days when I cured my heat with my hand.

This isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault at all. Her unselfish dedication to keeping me sexually occupied (not so much, satisfied) is incredible. Given that, asking for more when we travel just feels wrong. Knowing that at best sex in the camper is inconvenient is further incentive for me to stay silent. Generally, our trips are short enough that it’s no real issue if we don’t get to do much sexually.

It’s not Mrs. Lion’s fault. She’s worked very hard on our power exchange and my sexual pleasure. It’s just a new environment we have to find ways to use.


Too Much Sex

Indians fishing on an Oregon river in 1951. This is what we saw on last year’s adventure. [Photo: Oregon Historical Society]

I gave Lion an oral orgasm last night. It was another four day wait. Last time I made him wait an extra day. I don’t have any plans to make him wait longer. I don’t even have any plans to make him wait four days. At this point I just think it’s a funny thing to do. Like when I gave him an orgasm each day. Lion liked that, until he didn’t. We might make it to the point where he doesn’t want an orgasm every four days.

Lion has been working with a personal trainer to increase strength in his shoulder and get in better shape overall. Last night his hip was hurting. He said maybe it was too much exercise. I asked him if he said “too much sex”. He was quick to repeat exercise. I teased him about saying sex. If he’s getting too much sex we can certainly rectify the situation. It is funny that he wasn’t complaining about his hip until after his orgasm. Just sayin’. [Lion — Actually, I mentioned my aching hip hours before my orgasm]

Tomorrow we’ll be ferrying things back out to the camper and getting it ready for our trip. Clothes and food will go out closer to the day we leave. This weekend is for making sure sheets and towels, cleaning supplies and non-perishables are restocked. We’ll do a quick cleaning to get rid of cobwebs and dust accumulated over the winter. The dog gets a new camper bone and a new camper toy every year. I know she doesn’t really care but it makes us feel good to make her happy.

We’re heading back to an area we’ve been to quite a few times. You’d think we’d run out of things to do but we always find something new. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying a new road like we did last year when we found a river with a sort of scaffolding used by Indians for salmon fishing. We do love our adventures.

It’s Not The Length Of Your Hose; It’s The Width That Counts

sleeping lionIt’s after midnight and I’m sitting at my desk. The house is starting to cool off and I have some goose bumps. Mrs. Lion is snoozing quietly across the hall in our bedroom. The dog is snoring softly on the floor next to me. It’s a peaceful night in the country. I’m still wild. We’ve had a rough spring for allergy sufferers. I know my wild days are numbered. The Jail Bird sits quietly on my nightstand waiting to pounce and lock me in its embrace.

Maybe it’s the late hour. I’ve been thinking about the dual nature of our sex organs. The fun spots are located right in the middle of waste disposal system. Unappealing, but sensible if you think about it. By using the same openings for waste as for sex, the number of openings into our body is minimized. Any opening is an opportunity for disease.

The penis has two states and two functions. In the waste elimination mode, it is a soft, rather-short, flexible tube. When ready for sex, it’s longer and harder. Female sexual anatomy isn’t binary like males. The female urethra is just an opening in the vaginal area. It’s not involved with sex. We guys use the same plumbing to deliver sperm as we use to eliminate liquid waste. Our bodies have some clever systems to avoid mixing fluids. When fully aroused, urination is almost impossible. A full erection stops pee.

All this came up in my thoughts because a male chastity device takes advantage of this male, binary system. By locking the penis in a very short cage, erection is impossible and the penis is relegated to waste removal only. As many of us have discovered, our penises are very flexible when soft. They can be compressed to a near nub without discomfort or loss of urinary function. My flaccid penis likes to be about 2-inches long. It lives n a cage a bit over half that length.

It fits and it fits comfortably. Attempted erections only manage to inflate the erectile tissue inside my body, behind my penis; the root, so to speak. The penis itself tries to push out and forward, but has nowhere to go. This isn’t uncomfortable at all. It won’t wake me up and when I am awake, I feel the root getting hard, but nothing happening at the business end.

When I first started enforced chastity, I obsessed over the cage length. I measured myself over and over. My first jailbird was 2-1/2-inches long. The urethra almost never touched the bars. I did get the width right, and that turned out to be the most important measurement. It should be 1/4″ (6mm) narrower than your flaccid penis. The cage length can be an inch long. Mine is 1.25 inches (32mm) long and 1.25 inches (32mm) wide.

As long as you get the diameter right, you can order a 32mm Jail Bird and look and feel great. Please leave a comment with your short cage experiences. I’m off to bed.


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