Honing My Craft

I have a very horny Lion. I’ve gotten quite good at edging him and leaving him wanting more. Ironically, it was his own doing. He suggested having more ruined orgasms and fewer regular orgasms. I was sure how I felt about that at first but it turns out the idea was very liberating. Now that I don’t care if he has a ruined orgasm, I can push him closer to the edge. Did I go too far? It doesn’t matter. It’s just a ruined orgasm. Oops!

I’m wondering if men who say they’ve waited months and sometimes years for an orgasm have actually been getting ruined orgasms along the way. I know everyone is wired differently, but I can’t imagine a man waiting years for an orgasm. I also don’t understand men who say they don’t care if they ever have another orgasm again. Of course, I don’t understand why Lion loves bondage or being spanked in any capacity, so I’m absolutely no authority on sexual perversion.

In the past, Lion has said a ruined orgasm is unlike a regular orgasm in that he could be ready to go again in an hour or at least a short time. He’s also said that a ruined orgasm takes the pressure off and, in that sense, is no different from a regular orgasm. I have no idea which is correct. Perhaps they both are. Maybe it depends from one ruined orgasm to the next. The only thing I’m sure of is that the few times I was taken to the edge and left hanging, I was pissed. Can women have ruined orgasms too? Or, because many of us have multiple orgasms, maybe it’s not possible to have a ruined one.

What I do know is that it’s gotten more interesting to edge Lion since his ruined orgasm suggestion. I can go as fast or as slow as I want. I can let him rest a minute or go right back at it. He was always at my mercy. There’s just a little more mystery about it now.

Stocking Stuffers

bruised lion butt

This was the most severe marking I’ve gotten from Mrs. Lion. She had to work very hard to mark me. I hope her stocking stuffers will make things easier for her.
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It’s been a Lion’s age since I went BDSM toy shopping. When Mrs. Lion and I began playing our NFL game and she commented on the light weight of the tenderizer, I decided to see if it came in a heavier wood. It does. While exploring the other wares sold by Sporkwood, I saw some other intriguing offerings.

I ordered the heavier tenderizer. Mrs. Lion was impressed with both its utility and its beauty. I was very happy with the quality. The maker clearly knows woodworking and spanking. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen work this good.  For the record, I’m new to the idea of buying things intended to hurt me. In the past I shopped for tools I could use to hurt others.

Imagining some of the paddles pictured being used on me turned me on the same way imagining being spanked does. I’m smart enough to know that once those hot-looking paddles make contact with my butt, I won’t be so excited. Still, it’s hot to imagine how each would feel.

I had some ideas about what might help Mrs. Lion be a more effective spanker. She has been enjoying using our heavy wooden spoon to beat me. It stings like hell and Mrs. Lion has developed a fast-hitting style that makes me yowl. When I saw that Sporkwood sells a spoon-shaped paddle, I had to get it. You’ve read about it in an earlier post. It’s still untested. Mrs. Lion likes the look and feel, but hasn’t applied it to me. She likes how the wood feels soft. It won’t to my hind end. Maybe I’ll find out how bad soon.

spanser spanking paddle

Spenser spanking paddle. It’s small and very heavy.
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In my window shopping, I came across a small, heavy paddle that looks perfect for close-up work. It’s three inches wide and twelve long. Made of 3/4-inch Chechen wood, it’s heavy and will give a solid wallop. The small holes are supposed to prevent an air cushion from forming between my butt and the paddle. That’s just not an issue, but the holes may make some nice marks if Mrs. Lion hits hard enough.

After I ordered the Spensor paddle, I noticed a couple of others that looking “interesting”. This first may answer a challenge Mrs. Lion faces when spanking me: she’s found it nearly impossible to mark my butt. After she’s worked hard for a long, super-painful spanking, the pink fades in less than an hour. I have no lasting souvenirs.

focused spanking paddle

This monster is only 1-1/2″ wide and 20″ long. Bruising should be easy with this toy.
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Sporkwood makes what they call a focused discipline paddle. This one is incredibly mean. It’s only 1-1/2 inches wide and 3/4-inch thick. In chechen. this baby should easily bruise me if Mrs. Lion gives it a good, hard swing. The paddle is twenty inches long. It would be difficult to not leave a mark with this baby. Even though I got excited shopping for it, I know beyond any doubt that each and every swat will make me howl. The sample pictured isn’t in chechen. It was easy to request it in the heavier wood.

heart cutout paddle

This paddle will bruise and probably cut me with each swat. It measures 3-3/4 x 5 on the business end. The large hearts are cut out with sharp edges (no bevel). It will leave lots of loving, red marks.
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I also ran across a model that is absolutely sure to make me sorry I bought it. Those two hearts are cut straight through with no bevels. Each swat will leave marks and a little blood. Like the other paddles, I ordered this one in heavy chechen wood. A good, hard swat will leave heart-shaped messages of Mrs. Lion’s love. Isn’t that romantic?

There’s something special to me about marks and lasting pain when sitting down. To me, it is a nice reminder of the beating. When I’ve been beaten for breaking a rule, that pain makes me think about what I did to deserve it.

There’s another benefit to lasting marks: If Mrs. Lion decides to deliver multi-day punishment spankings, each successive day begins with her canvas softened and ready to feel every swat. From my perspective, a spanking is much more serious when it is administered to my already-sore bottom. Any remnants of erotic pleasure is going to be long gone by the first swat on day two.

butt buster paddle

This toy has a 12-inch delrin rod with a 2-inch industrial neopreme ball on the end. This will leave a mark every swat.
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Mrs. Lion wonders if these three paddles will end my spree. Gee, Christmas is around the corner. There are so many other interesting possibilities. Actually, only one other thing looks like a good possibility. Mark, in a comment, wrote about a heavy piece of wire (around an inch thick I imagine) that his wife uses to mark him. Mrs. Lion commented favorably about this implement.

I don’t think I will be able to get a couple of feet of 5/0 wire, but Sporkwood offers something that looks even meaner. This is the Big Black Butt Buster. It’s a heavy 2-inch industrial rubber ball on the end of a 12-inch delrin rod. It has a nice padded handle for Mrs. Lion’s comfort.  This toy will leave a bruise on every swat. If she wants me to get it (no, I didn’t order it), I will feel my spanking for days. If I were doing the spanking, I would put two or three nice bruises on each side of the crack at the sit spot. That would hurt for days.

I’m done shopping for a while. I think it would be interesting if Mrs. Lion wants the Black Butt Buster. It would make a nice stocking-stuffer. I’ll order it if she wants it.


Adding to the Paddle Collection

Several years ago, Lion was upset that we hadn’t played in a long time. He decided to donate a bunch of toys to a local organization known as the Center for Sex Positive Culture. They were thrilled to receive the myriad of paddles, bondage gear, etc. Some of the stuff we had used a few times and some we hadn’t used at all. One of the volunteers was particularly excited about the Louisiana prison strap. I don’t know if Lion ever used it or had it used on him, but it seems far to unwieldy for me to handle. As a guess, I’d say it was probably a year or so later that Lion suggested enforced chastity.

Now, don’t think we were paddle-less. We didn’t give everything away. But there have been times when one of us has been thinking about a particular paddle or implement, wondering where it was hiding, only to decide it was probably in the donation. It’s not like we don’t have enough toys left. We did have a few rolls of horse rope I think we donated that might have been nice to have again but it’s not like we really need it, nor like we don’t know where to get some if we really wanted it. The point is, we have everything we need.

That said, Lion has been on a paddle acquisition kick lately. In truth, I did ask for the original tenderizer. I thought it would be fun to have a paddle to make several points, pun intended. A few weeks ago I wondered if it came in a heavier wood. Lion was off and running. (I guess if I still had that horse rope I could lasso him.) He bought the new tenderizer with a longer handle in a heavier wood. Then he bought a spoon shape in that same wood. Today he was telling me about three more paddles he’s ordered. He hasn’t spent that much money but I’m wondering if I need to hold onto his credit cards. How many more paddles do we need? Maybe he’s done adding to the collection now.

One thing I like about the tenderizers is the finish of the wood. It’s very smooth and velvety soft. I told Lion today that I like the juxtaposition of the soft feel of the wood and the hardness of the swats. He agrees the paddles are well-made and the finish is nice although he never really gets to feel the softness. Poor Lion butt.

CBT: Sexy, Ouchy Fun Between My Legs

BDSM penis anatomy

CBT anatomy. There are three distinct “play” zones.
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Cock and ball torture (CBT) is Mrs. Lion’s favorite BDSM activity. It requires relatively little physical effort and has a big effect on me. We males have a relatively easy time accepting spanking and anal play. Well, spanking is much easier than anal. It takes some time to get used to things being shoved up my ass. But, we are less protective of our butts than our cocks and balls.

A penis and ball spanking is much more frightening than one on the butt. Seeing something as innocent as a paint stirrer raised to swat my balls is much worse than seeing Mrs. Lion’s meanest paddle heading toward my rear. It takes some knowledge and technique to spank a man’s genitals. I wrote a post on how to do it safely. You can read it here. Our naughty bits are somewhat easy to injure. But if you follow the rules, you can inflict some serious discomfort without risk of injury.

Let’s start with some BDSM anatomy. The penis has two kinds of tissue: the basic erectile tissue, and the firmer, spongy tissue of the head. The scrotum is a thin, muscled area (the muscle sheath is what makes it shrink). It is rugged and able to handle a lot of punishment. The testes inside, however, are delicate and need to be treated carefully.

Generally, people who like to do CBT prefer performing it on an erect penis. A hard penis expresses appreciation for the efforts of the top. It’s also amusing to see the man suffering and complaining while his cock is hard and dripping. Nothing like a little humiliation to add to his discomfort. Mrs. Lion enjoys this irony.

clothespins on lion's balls

Another fun game is to see how many clothespins fit on my balls.
(Click image to view larger)

One of Mrs. Lion’s favorite activities is to apply clothespins to my genitals. Since clothespins pinch surface skin, they are generally safe to use anywhere on the penis and scrotum. A good place to start is the scrotum and perineum. Standard, wood clothespins aren’t very grippy. They make a perfect starter for this kind of play. Mrs. Lion has worked me up to over forty covering my perineum, scrotum, and penis. You can get your brave boy to hold more each time you play with him.

Clothespins usually hurt more coming off than going on. Quickly pulling them off is particularly painful. Mrs. Lion enjoys putting a bunch on me and then masturbating me. When I get to the edge, she stops and removes one or two clothespins. Then she goes back to jerking me off. She gets me to the edge, takes off another clothespin and repeats. When I am finally clothespin-free. she edges me one more time and then smiles and stops. Mean lioness!

lion's balls after menthol rub

Hot menthol rub turned my balls bright red.
(Click image to view larger.)

Another favorite of hers is putting a menthol rub on my balls. Products that contain the menthol include Icy Hot and Ben Gay. Different products come with different concentrations of menthol. Start with a test patch, Mrs. Lion paints a racing stripe down the seam of my scrotum. Then she waits. It can take five or ten minutes for some rubs to reach full strength. Once you gauge the reactions, you can paint his balls, perineum, and anus and watch him squirm.

Lion's tied balls

One of Mrs. Lion’s favorites. She loves to tie my balls tightly and separated.

Cock and ball bondage is another favorite around the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion does some fancy work tying up my balls. She likes to bind them tightly and separate them. The photo, left, is one of Mrs. Lion’s favorites. When she masturbates me, my balls flop up and down. She likes how it looks. I love how it feels. Pay close attention when you tie the boys up. If they darken too much (turn purple), or become cold, untie them. You don’t want to choke off circulation.

velcro on lion's cock

That squezze really hurts! Be careful not to apply the Velcro on a completely softe cock.
(Click image to view larger.)

I’ve also written about our doggy shock collar (the post is here). For less than $100 you can have a great electrosex toy. Mrs. Lion also likes to use Velcro strips, rough side in, to constrict my cock. She’ll put one around my penis when it’s not fully erect. Then as I get hard, it squeezes painfully on my engorged cock. Sometimes, she wonders aloud why I would get hard if it hurt so much. “Silly Lion!” she says.  Humph! A word of caution: Don’t put the velcro on tightly when the penis is completely soft. If the Velcro gets too tight, it can injure tender erectile tissue. Wait until it is at about half mast. If he complains of too much pain, release it immediately. Oh, did I tell you that, like clothespins, taking the Velcro off hurts more than leaving it on.

You can see that there are lots of fun play opportunities between a guy’s legs. It’s a playground for a creative woman. It’s one of those things I love to hate. I was the model for all the images in this post. Lucky me!