I’ve been sitting here for quite a while trying to come up with a post. I’m usually the play-by-play reporter and when there’s no play there’s nothing to report. We just had a quite day of snoozing off and on yesterday. Lion caught up on some shows he likes to watch. I caught up in my iPad. (There’s no way to catch up really. I just played games.)

This morning I made breakfast and Lion was off to snoozeland a little while later. Normally we’d be running all over the place shopping and other errands but I have to tell you, this cold has knocked both of us for a loop. Every time we think we’re coming out the other side, we find ourselves napping. Yesterday my throat was sore again and Lion was coughing. Today I’m trying to make it through the laundry and later on we’re going out for my birthday dinner postponed from last weekend. It’s a sunny day so I’m feeding off of the bright rays outside.

That’s really all there is to say. I won’t promise any manscaping today. One of us is either cold or napping while the other is wide awake. I’m not sure how horny Lion will feel after feasting on wonderful Italian food later. It’s just been a nice quiet weekend. I know Lion gets cabin fever very easily but I live for seclusion. It’s just one of our many opposites.

Once I finish this post I’ll shuffle the laundry around and go snuggle under the covers with Lion. We’ll hold hands and snooze some more.

A Day About Nothing

We spent yesterday in bed. Neither of us wore a stitch of clothing. We both slept on and off. There wasn’t even a hint of sex or, for that matter, FLRD. We just relaxed. Today promised to be quiet too. Though we have a dinner reservation for Mrs. Lion’s birthday dinner. That will be fun.

A couple of days ago, I attempted to do some manscaping. I figured that I could save Mrs. Lion some work. I use a Norelco body shaver. I managed to nick my balls in several, painful places. I think the blades are getting dull. I ordered a new razor head yesterday. Hopefully, that will reduce the carnage.

We also binge-watched “Mozart in the Jungle” yesterday. I love that show because it is about two of my favorite things: Manhattan and classical music. We had a two-year backlog. I didn’t get through all of it, but enough to sate me for now.

Clearly, none of this has a thing to do about power exchanges or sex. Well, sex wasn’t on my mind. I had a very nice orgasm on Friday night. Mrs. Lion let me hump her hand until I came. That’s very good exercise! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All that edging took something out of me, I guess.

Once I am clear of this illness, I’m sure things will clear up. Meanwhile, we are both of very good cheer. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will have more to say later today.

Spring Cleaning

It appears Lion is back to himself again. He’s horny. He’s rock hard. He’s satisfied.

I edged him quite a few times when he started bucking. At first I let him go. Then I took over again. I knew he was very horny or he wouldn’t be bucking. I also knew this was prime time to edge him and get him more worked up.

After a while, though, I just grabbed my cock and held on. I tickled his balls. He snuck a peek to see what was happening before he realized I was encouraging him to buck. And boy did he. He was working very hard to get over the edge.

Even though Lion was newly horny after being sick, I decided he needed to come. The pipes had to be cleaned out. All that old semen had to go. Early spring cleaning. And what better way than to make him do it himself. This is different from him masturbating. He may be the one controlling the speed and motion, but I could stop him at any time. All I had to do was loosen my grip or release it entirely.

Unfortunately, the pipes didn’t get very cleaned out. I think Lion was sick for so long the semen gave up. There was mostly just watery ejaculate with a small dot of more substantial semen. I guess we’ll have to try again.

Lion informed me that his wait was eighteen days. For at least two weeks of it he didn’t care about sex. He just wanted to sleep and breathe without being stuffy or coughing. Now that he’s back to 80% or so (he still wants to nap a lot) he’ll care more about being teased.

He’s still wild. What am I waiting for? I’ve said before, I’ll know when it’s time. I think I just want us both to feel better before I bring the cage back.

Keeping Things In Perspective

New spanking paddle
We both have fun writing about where our lives intersect with enforced male chastity and our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD? — pronounced Flird). For the most part, we enjoy the twists and turns of this lifestyle. Inevitably, other areas of our lives get dragged in. Our sundry illnesses and other interruptions are reported. They affect our pursuit of FLRD.

Because our blog is based on this narrow view of our lives, it’s easy to assume we are consumed by the management of my behavior and my penis. It can give the erroneous impression that to be like us, you have to spend a majority of your time on these matters. Of course, when you first start out, the inclination is to obsess on this sexually-based kink.

I certainly wanted to do this in the beginning. I started endless conversations about how we might live in our new world. We started out with enforced male chastity. This practice is generally more about penis bondage than any more serious power exchange. It was fun. We probably would have grown weary of it after a short time if it didn’t happen to deliver an important benefit to us: We became much more sexual.

Over a period of years, we had grown apart physically. There were lots of reasons and neither of us seemed able to get things back together. Our marriage remained very strong. Neither of us wanted to stray. I was frustrated and Mrs. Lion felt isolated. The chastity device and the necessary rituals around locking and unlocking as well as teasing an edging, forced intimacy back. We both loved the change. That’s how male chastity became a permanent part of our lives.

After a few months, we both settled into a sexual routine fueled by the cage. We developed sexual habits that bring us both pleasure. Despite a few periods of “wild lion” (i.e.: no cage), I remain locked into a chastity device full time. Even when wild, I don’t masturbate. My only sexual pleasure comes from Mrs. Lion.

Along the line, I read about female led relationships. I admit that I was drawn to the idea of enforced obedience. I like being spanked; at least as BDSM play. So, I proposed the idea to Mrs. Lion. She agreed to give it a try. It’s taken us almost three years to integrate FLRD into our day-to-day lives. We are still working on it. But like enforced chastity, it provides real benefits way outside of the typical, sexual FLR.

Like enforced male chastity, FLRD isn’t a time-sucking monster that pushes the rest of our lives into the background. For us, it’s an educational process. Mrs. Lion observes a behavior that she doesn’t like. I’m warned to avoid that behavior. Each time I disregard the warning, I am punished. Generally, that means a spanking. Unlike the BDSM sort, punishment spanking takes place when Mrs. Lion decides and is more intense. There is no sex associated with it. Sometimes, she also makes me stand in a corner or sit on my punishment stool, which is covered in rough, coconut doormat material.

Even though punishment sounds a bit like a BDSM scene, it has the desired effect on me. Over time, my infractions become far less frequent. Any back slipping is punished. As Mrs. Lion has grown more effective as my disciplining wife, my ability to learn has improved. Unlike enforced male chastity, FLRD changes from a session-based activity into one that permeates more aspects of our daily lives.

It isn’t that Mrs. Lion has become a stern dominatrix. She hasn’t. But she uses her FLRD tools in more areas of our lives. While the basic rules are pretty much the same, enforcement is 100%. She’s learned to exercise her authority with more ease. She’s beginning to internalize her role. I’m no longer fantasizing too much about mine. Yes, it’s kind of sexy to think about being spanked. But I make a conscious effort to follow my rules. I work to avoid being punished. While I can’t objectively detect it, I think I am generally more obedient.

How can I say that these things don’t dominate our lives? Well, in reality we don’t dedicate much time to them. The vast majority of our time is spent doing the same things any other couple would do. Of course, most couples don’t have paddles hanging from the back of their bedroom doors.

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