Lion in his diaper. By the way, he has lost quite a bit of weight since that picture was taken.

I didn’t soap Lion’s mouth last night. I decided to just make it a threat. However, he should be on notice to watch out for future frothy smiles.

We received an interesting comment about the punishment stool. Collared Michael says having Lion sit at the front door is an appropriate spot for the stool. I went even further and suggested that I should park him in front of a window with the shade up and allow whoever was driving by to have the opportunity to see him. So far I haven’t gotten a response back. [Lion — Mrs. Lion suggested that in email. I just saw it. I think it is a perfectly reasonable thing to make me do.]

It’s not like the world would see him. There’s very little traffic and they’d have to look at that particular window and the lighting on the window would have to be just right. But if they did….

And that’s exactly why I think I suggested it. It’s risque enough to add some fun but not really risque. It’s similar to having Lion wear diapers when we’re out in public. No one knows he’s wearing them. Even if people see a little bulkiness, they wouldn’t really know. But there’s still the fear of someone finding out.

You just have to find the right balance, I guess. Our blog is public. We try to let you in enough to “know” us but not enough to guess our identities. That could be embarrassing at the very least. We may have already met some of you and neither of us knows it. Maybe you’ve seen Lion in his diaper in the supermarket. Did you realize he had a diaper on? Did you realize it was Lion? I doubt it. We tend to blend into the crowd.

I probably won’t put Lion in front of the window. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s not really a convenient place. We tend to stick close to the bedroom with our activities. However, there’s absolutely no reason I couldn’t do it. I guess Lion should just hope I don’t get the urge to put him on display.

[Lion — Actually there is a window very near the front door that might be perfect. Mrs. Lion comes up with some very good, somewhat-scary ideas. I would very much like her to actually put them into practice. By the way, I haven’t worn a diaper in a very long time.]

Males and females are very different critters. I know the politically correct perspective is to believe that we are all the same. Perhaps we are in many important respects like abilities. But when it comes to some of those deep-seated emotional and hormonal (hang on, I don’t mean it the way you may think) aspects, we are very different.

Take sex, for example. Nature has programmed us to assume specific roles that help assure the continuation of our species. To keep things from getting a little too political, let’s look at other mammals. Lions, my favorites, have very specific strategies designed to balance and keep active the gene pool. A pride of lions is actually a group of lionesses. They are generally related as sisters and their daughters. The males (lions) are really not part of the pride. Groups of males, which nowadays seem to be replacing single male members of the Lion family are called alliances.

If I pride has a resident male, other males may attempt to displace him. This behavior is what most of us understand to be the way the king of the jungle is replaced as he ages. It turns out this isn’t the case much of the time. According to more recent research (and no, I can’t cite it because I received it as part of a confidential document and the source was not given), the lionesses will kick a lion out of the pride after about two years. Then, they will interview new lions to replace him. The reason for this is obvious. While part of the pride, the lion impregnates every lioness who comes into heat. Generally, when a new lion joins he will kill any of the old lion’s nursing cubs. When a lioness does not have cubs to nuraw, she goes into estrus and the new lion can impregnate her.

The old lion’s cubs are getting old enough to mate. Since he has been removed, there will be no incest and the gene pool will be preserved. What’s particularly interesting about this is how lion society is organized to maintain diversity. Males, isn’t this always the case guys, are fairly unimportant in a Darwinian sense.  It is true that he does have a protective role. But that doesn’t make him king of beasts. This newer research shows that the lionesses call the shots. If the lion gets out of line he gets nipped in the butt. He never retaliates.

Obviously, human interactions are far more complex. We can maintain genetic diversity without the need for such drastic strategies. The fact that we are thinking creatures and that we have built complex societies covers up some of the fundamental differences between human males and females.

Primate research reveals that often a female selects a cooperative, protective, and loyal mate. However, she will stray when fertile and look for the strongest, most of virile male to impregnate her. I was surprised when I read this. It showed a fundamental difference between the “relationship” and procreative sex. Obviously, this strategy assures that future generations will be strong and improve, while a nurturing, loving relationship supports protecting the young.

I haven’t seen anything about how the males operate. Do the ones that pair bond remain monogamous? Are those virile, desirable males unencumbered by a full-time mate? I suspect that’s how it works. But the reason I bring all this up is that there is a lot going on in our mammalian brains that we aren’t necessarily consciously aware of.

I think we can find examples of both kinds of behavior with humans. My nickname is apt. Excepting the fact that I won’t be thrown out after two years (we’ve been together over 17), Mrs. Lion and I behave very much like our four-footed namesakes. I’m bigger and stronger and I take on the role as primary breadwinner and protector. Mrs. Lion is very much a traditional female and takes excellent care of me. She’s a nurturing mother, though her cubs are long gone.

However, we weren’t completely happy until we started behaving in a more lion-like manner. I stay in control and get my way as long is it pleases Mrs. Lion. When it doesn’t, she uses a paddle to bite my butt. Before we began this, Mrs. Lion was more frustrated. She didn’t have a ready path to strongly express herself inside of our marriage. Similarly, I felt something was missing.

This is where it starts to get complicated. I wasn’t looking for a new mommy. I absolutely didn’t want someone to micromanage me and tell me what to do. What I want is for my mate to be able to assert her authority when she feels she should. When she does, like the lioness, I want her to communicate her feelings unmistakably. Like my namesake, I’ve never felt any desire to retaliate.

You can relate all this to not only our domestic discipline (FLRD), but also to enforced male chastity. As long as I’m in our little pride, which I hope will be the rest of my life, I am forbidden any sexual contact that doesn’t come from Mrs. Lion. This is enforced not only with her paddle, but with her ability to lock me in a male chastity device.

There are other relationships that are more like the primates. I think the male determines which sort he will have. If he is an accepting, submissive sort, he will probably be perfectly happy with the primate model. He may encourage his mate to have sex with bigger, stronger men. From what I’ve seen, that sexually excites him.

Similarly, my lion-like behavior is partially fueled by the fact that I get sexually excited thinking about Mrs. Lion controlling me. I also get excited thinking about being spanked. These feelings motivate me to create our lion pride. Mrs. Lion, like me, would be unhappy in the primate model. She has always been strongly disinclined to find other males.

Obviously, these examples are far from perfect. But I think they do accurately describe the way I feel about our relationship. I’m not sure whether Mrs. Lion agrees or not. Regardless, my description of how we relate to one another is accurate. For the record, I have never had any inclination to kill her cubs from her first marriage.

Soap waiting to go into lion's mouth

This is my soap glass where I keep soap ends that are just the right size for Lion to munch on.

Sometimes Lion makes me laugh. A few weeks ago I hung a very large paddle in the bathroom just to see what he’d say. He noticed it within a day and said he’d make sure he was on his best behavior. The latest item escaped his notice for quite a while.

Over the weekend, he asked what the glass filled with soap slivers on the bathroom counter was for. Seriously? He didn’t remember? It’s for mouth-soaping. He said he thought that’s what it was.

Uh huh.

I know it’s been a long time since he’s tasted the bubbly goodness of Dove Sensitive Skin soap. I know it doesn’t burn as much as Ivory did. Perhaps he needs a refresher course. It doesn’t need to be a dessert after spanking. I could do it tonight given the fact that he just told me he put things away in the kitchen and it “only” took ten minutes. Maybe I could take ten minutes when I get home to put more stuff away. Is that before or after I make dinner and clean up after it? That’s okay, your honor. I withdraw the question.

Anyway, I haven’t soaped his mouth in a while, but I guess it’s time to do it again. I know where the punishment stool is too. It has a place of honor right next to the front door. Its placement was accidental, but I hope it makes Lion think about it when he walks by. I’m not sure where he’d sit in the corner in this house. It’s laid out a bit differently. Don’t worry. We still have plenty of corners available. When the time comes, I’ll select one. [Lion — The stool is currently hidden under some boxes; but I know it is there.]

Since his last spanking, Lion has been a very good boy. He’s made messes but nothing has gone on his shirt. As far as annoying me is concerned, aside from the ten minute comment today, he’s been pretty good. I’ll have to pay more attention. Maybe I’ve been missing things. Watch out, my pet.

When I began this blog I intended it to chronicle my adventures with enforced male chastity. I didn’t have a clear path defined about exactly what I thought belonged here. I just figured things would take care of themselves in that respect. When you get down to the base of all this writing we’ve done, the star of the show is my penis. It’s hard to believe but well over a million words have been published about that rather small thing dangling between my legs. Like the hero in any story, my penis leads us through twists and turns that bring us in contact with other characters and deeper, more significant meaning. After all, in and of itself, the penis isn’t that interesting. Mine isn’t particularly unique. It’s a typical Western European weenie. I’m very fond of it, especially when it gets hard and makes me feel good.

It’s had lots of adventures and has been in many interesting places. I haven’t written much about that because this blog began when my penis had only one place it was allowed to go and it didn’t have many chances since we began to go there. So, it’s been getting its kicks externally. Sometimes, it does have some inside fun when Mrs. Lion takes it in her mouth and makes it feel very good. It used to produce a prodigious quantity of semen which Mrs. Lion enjoyed as a treat. Of late, very little is produced. I know she misses it. I don’t miss it when she’s in the mood to feed it to me.

Not much has been written directly about our hero. Much of the conversation has been about devices to imprison it. The reasonable amount of material is produced about ways to amuse it or cause it discomfort. Mrs. Lion has always been particularly fond of cock and ball torture (CBT). Over the years I would estimate that at least 80% of our BDSM time has been spent localized in that area between my legs. I’m not complaining. The penis has a sometimes-embarrassing way of expressing its appreciation. It’s unmistakable and extremely visible. It’s difficult to complain about something that’s going on when my penis is sticking up in the air like a flagpole. It always gives away the way I really feel.

Since we began enforced male chastity, I’ve been forbidden to bring myself to orgasm. Mrs. Lion considers masturbation a betrayal not unlike mounting another lioness. She is less concerned about me petting myself so long as it doesn’t lead to an orgasm. Every time I say this, she offers a cryptic comment about not completely agreeing that I’m allowed to do it, but also not forbidding me to touch it. [Mrs. Lion – Actually, I’ve said I don’t want him to give himself an erection.]

Some time ago I did a small survey on twitter to see how women felt about viewing naked men. I asked if they preferred naked male rear ends or full frontal views. About two thirds like to see our butts. The remaining third enjoy viewing penises. To be clear, that doesn’t mean the other two thirds don’t want to see penises, they just like male rear ends better. I asked Mrs. Lion how she felt. She said she preferred penis with the stipulation that it was erect.

That’s an interesting stipulation. I didn’t ask about the state of the penis in my survey. As being someone who has one, I can understand Mrs. Lion’s preference. I think my penis is far more attractive when erect. I think that some women consider an erect penis threatening, or at the very least, impolite. Some believe that an erection represents a demand for satisfaction. They aren’t unjustified in that characterization. After all, an erection makes its owner interested in ejaculating. When I get hard, I’m generally looking forward to some way of relieving the tension my erection represents.

Here’s where enforced male chastity changes me. I’ve surrendered my right to satisfy my sexual urges. Mrs. Lion does make me hard and brings me to the edge of orgasm. She’s done that quite frequently. Almost all of the time those sessions end with no ejaculation. I’ve learned not to associate erection, or even sexual stimulation by hand, mouth, or vagina with ejaculating.

This is a tough association to break. It’s taken years. For six years, almost every day or two, Mrs. Lion has stimulated my penis multiple times to the edge of orgasm. Only one in six days, on average, does she take me all the way to ejaculation. Even on those days, she will edge me more than once before finally allowing me to finish. She doesn’t feel that she succeeded unless she can get me extremely close to orgasm. This process has been repeated thousands of times. I have no other sexual outlet, including my own hand. I’ve had nothing but substantial edging and occasional ejaculation since the end of 2013.

This has changed me. I enjoy being sexually stimulated. I certainly love oral and vaginal penetration. But I no longer associate any of these things with ejaculation. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to come each time. I absolutely do. However, I don’t expect to. There are no hard feelings or resentment when I’m left with precum dripping, my hard penis throbbing, and Mrs. Lion smiling and saying, “Maybe next time.”

Fat chance.

It’s all good-natured. It’s what I expect. I would be disturbed, I think, if every time Mrs. Lion took my penis in her hand or mouth she gave me an orgasm. I would think something was wrong. Even during Unlocktober, when the objective was lots of orgasms, we maintained our pattern to a great degree. I suppose if Mrs. Lion wanted to have a period of “lion milking” when she would go for ejaculation every time she held my penis, that would be fine as long as she told me that’s what she was going to do before she began. Otherwise, I would worry and wonder what changed.

I know a lot of this sounds like one of those sexual fantasies you read about on the web. This is no fantasy. This is exactly what happened. I don’t think either of us intended to fundamentally change how I feel about sex. I don’t thing Mrs. Lion consciously decided to break me of any desire to get an orgasm except with her hand or mouth. But break me she did. It’s certainly not a bad thing. Just because I didn’t decide that I would never masturbate or wander, doesn’t mean something is wrong. It means that something is very right.

I don’t own my sexuality. Yes, I can get aroused with or without Mrs. Lion. But I can’t do any more than that. All sexual satisfaction comes from her. It doesn’t matter how horny I am, or how long it’s been since I had my last opportunity to ejaculate, she and she alone decides when my wait is over. I’ve occasionally fantasized that she would delegate this authority once or twice to someone else whose hand would get me off. Obviously, there’s no good reason for this to happen unless Mrs. Lion wants to give me a change of scenery, for want of a better word. I never imagined that any more than being masturbated would happen. Apparently, that’s the limit of my swinging fantasies.

My sexual universe is very small. It’s fully occupied by Mrs. Lion. It’s a very nice universe.