I’d assume having an orgasm would make Lion sleep well. Sadly, that was not the case Saturday night. He was awake for a good portion of the night and was snoozing on and off yesterday. Apparently football makes for good napping even though they were good games.

I didn’t really think Lion would be in the mood for love, but I thought he’d like to snuggle. Any time I glanced his way he was snoring softly. Then he’d wake up, watch a bit and drift off again. His shoulder was hurting and this morning, his tummy hurts. It’s nothing serious, but don’t tell anyone in pain it isn’t serious. It’s serious to them. On the way home I’ll stock up on some comfort foods so Lion doesn’t have to eat anything too taxing.

Lion has been a very well behaved boy lately. He’s remembering punishment days. He’s not spilling food or eating first. He did interrupt me but I growled at him and left it at that. It’s my version of a parent counting to three. A warning shot over the bow, if you will. I let him know I caught it and the next time will not be tolerated. He was even on his best behavior when we went to a Mexican restaurant the other night. He didn’t get upset with the waiter. He didn’t even get salsa on himself. Exemplary behavior! I’m proud of him.

My problem now is coming up with more rules. I need some that he can’t help but break to make sure he gets spanked sometimes. I’d also like one more that has real meaning. You know, like not interrupting. It’s difficult for me to find things that annoy me except when they annoy me. I guess I’ll have to wait for Lion to do something annoying and pounce on it. Eureka! That’s the new rule. Depending on how serious it is, I’ll spank him on that first offense. I already have a rule in effect that I can spank him if he annoys me. I’m just looking for a more concrete rule.

Lion isn’t perfect. It’s only a matter of time before he gives me an idea for a new rule. Of course, I also have to be more diligent about enforcing the rules we already have. They’re no good unless I catch him. Look out, my pet.

As you may have gathered from Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, I appear to be back to normal. I had a very good time with Mrs. Lion’s hands and vibrator. Her observations about my leg muscles are interesting. For a while, whenever I had an orgasm, a muscle in my right thigh would cramp. It doesn’t do it anymore but apparently there’s some involuntary tensing up going on.

Orgasms have become much more intense in recent years. I find myself making a lot of noise. I was always quiet in the past. It also takes longer for me to come. I don’t mean the buildup to get there, but once it starts it takes quite a while for it to finish. I’m not complaining. I love it! What’s going on and perhaps, what changed is mysterious to me. I have absolutely no clue what it means. All I know is the experience is different and in many ways better.

Another kind of strange change is how a certain piece of my real estate feels. I happened to touch my butt this morning and it felt extremely soft; different from my stomach or leg skin. Apparently the intensive care skin cream I have been applying to my rear end has made the skin much softer to the touch. I assume this will cure the problem of Mrs. Lion drawing blood when she spanks me. I wonder if it doesn’t also make me more sensitive to pain there. How ironic. I will keep the treatments going. It’s obviously safer for me and more pleasant for Mrs. Lion if I don’t bleed when I am punished.

I realize that it’s no big deal to apply some skin cream to my butt. However, doing it brings up some feelings. I feel that I am now preparing myself with a routine that is designed to make spanking me more pleasant for my spanker, definitely not for me. In a way it feels like I’m now an accomplice to my own suffering. My attitude toward being punished was always some titillation at being spanked, some dread knowing what’s coming, and feel I am controlled to the point of submitting myself to be hurt by my lioness. Now I find myself preparing my hindquarters in anticipation of inevitable spanking.

You would think that after all this time, there would be nothing new in terms of how I feel about my position in our marriage. Both sex and discipline are firmly established as part of our day-to-day routine. There is nothing particularly exotic about being naked at home, teased but not allowed to ejaculate, and spanked when necessary. My reactions to each of these things are predictable and you could say, routine. Yet, simply by adding a small change designed to support the health of my epidermis adds additional titillation and dread.

Apparently, my emotional balance while stable, can be disturbed by relatively minor things like moisturizing my butt after a shower. It seems silly to me when I think about it. It takes a few seconds, doesn’t feel a bit erotic, and just plain makes sense to do. Yet, whether it’s true or not it has a deeper meaning to me. I think it’s a transfer of responsibility from Mrs. Lion to me. Until this recent discovery about dry skin, she drew blood when she spanked me. It was an action of hers that caused it to happen. Now we know this isn’t true. I bled because my skin was to dry. It wasn’t the severity of her punishment at all. It was my lack of self-awareness and reasonable maintenance. In other words, if there is blood it’s my fault, not hers.

I have the day off today. My company celebrates Martin Luther King Day. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lion’s doesn’t. I would’ve really enjoyed another day with her at home. I plan to spend the day doing nothing special. I might bake some bread or perhaps, make some corn muffins. I might do both. I need to look for my apron. I have a nice black apron that’s very utilitarian and important when I bake. It’s entirely too easy for my sensitive, dangling bits to inadvertently touch a hot oven door, muffin pan, or baking sheet. I feel much safer with some cloth between me and blistered genitals. In truth, I’ve never actually burned myself that way. Even when the apron was in the kitchen right in front of me I’ve often forgotten to put it on. So far there have been no accidents.

I’m also wondering if something is changed inside me. It feels right that I wait longer between orgasms. The one on Saturday night came after a wait of nine days. The one before that was 20 days. Of course, I was in a slump then so it probably shouldn’t count. This doesn’t bother me particularly because I’ve always thought that I could happily live with ejaculating every 7 to 10 days. I prefer more frequent releases. Apparently Mrs. Lion prefers that too. I’m happy to go along with any rhythm she would like to establish. Increasing my frequency probably takes more work, but I believe it’s possible. Reducing it is very easy and takes no work for her at all. I’m glad she’s a hard worker.

You might assume, from the title, that I put Icy Hot on Lion’s balls and that skyrocketed him out of the bed. Luckily for Lion, I did not. I haven’t used Icy Hot on him in quite a while. I didn’t even put the tiny, evil clothespins on him. I was very nice.

I thought Lion might enjoy a round with the Magic Wand. Boy did he! It got him very hard. As I used it, I watched the muscles in his legs. One muscle was twitching. Another bulged out like it does when he starts bucking. He did buck a little but I think I was going the right speed so he didn’t feel the need to help too much.

I can usually tell when Lion is close. It’s sometimes difficult to tell how close. Last night there was a very short window between close and too far. That’s okay. I’d decided to let him go all the way once he started to get close. I know. I know. I said I wanted to edge him until he was very horny. What can I say? I love giving Lion orgasms.

There wasn’t much semen production. There hasn’t been lately. I told him there wasn’t enough to share. I know he wasn’t disappointed. He hates when I feed it to him. We haven’t figured out if the semen production is a consequence of age or of the difficulties he’s had lately. One theory we debunked a while ago is that the hornier he is, the more semen he’ll produce. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Basically, it seems like a crapshoot. Sometimes he has a lot and other times not so much. I don’t tend to share it with him no matter how much there is and that’s just fine with him.

It should come as no surprise that Lion likes to come. When he has his slumps, like he’s had lately, I think he likes it even more. There should be fireworks going off. Hurray! He made it!

Sometimes it seems that Mrs. Lion and I are reinventing domestic discipline. Of course, we aren’t. We do seem to need to learn by experiment. Most recently, we both felt that a full-scale spanking seemed out of line for relatively trivial offenses. To try to fix that, Mrs. Lion instituted less severe retribution for those misdemeanors. They include standing in a corner, sitting on the punishment stool, and getting my mouth washed out with soap.

Sadly, I don’t think they are very effective. I agree that it seems unfair that I receive a strong spanking for spilling some food on my shirt. But that’s just because we have a sense that there must be some sort of equity between the severity of an offense in the retribution it earns. I don’t think that’s correct for me.

If the objective of rules and retribution for breaking them is to educate me to avoid those behaviors, the punishment has to send the message that I should not repeat my offense. Getting my mouth washed out with soap or spending some time on my punishment stool apparently doesn’t send that message. Spanking does.

Take, for instance, forgetting to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day. I’ve regularly forgotten to tell her that Saturday is one of her punishment days. Only after I received a strong spanking, was enough of an impression made that I now work hard to remember. In other words, regardless of how unfair it might seem, a sore bottom is the best way to teach me. If I forget again, I need a refresher course.

Apparently, I’m binary when it comes to punishment. It only works if it’s a long, hard spanking. Anything else has little effect on me. I also think that Mrs. Lion is happier when she gives out binary punishment. After all, a rule is a rule and it must be obeyed. One might seem less important than another and I suppose in the scheme of life offenses certainly have varying weights. However, in our context, anything deserving the attention of becoming an enforceable rule merits the application of severe punishment for breaking it.

At least for me, in order for there to be a real behavioral change, I need two things: First, completely consistent enforcement. I don’t learn very well if exceptions are made. This puts a burden on Mrs. Lion to consistently observe and punish offenses. Second, the punishment has to be meaningful to me. Since I am an adult and I enjoy play spanking, punishments have to be especially severe for me to make the correct educational connections.

This has nothing to do with cruelty or severity. It’s a simple fact that unless a spanking rises to a certain level of discomfort, I’m not going to take it seriously enough for it to motivate me to change. Experience has taught us that. If I am sufficiently unhappy after a spanking, I will be much more careful to avoid earning another. If I’m not careful enough, obviously I need stronger motivation.

For a long time, Mrs. Lion resisted this line of thinking. More recently, she tried giving me consecutive days of spanking as a more serious punishment. It was on the right track but after a couple of days, both of us forgot why we were doing it. The most recent idea is that a minimum spanking lasts about five minutes. Given Mrs. Lion’s skill that’s plenty of time for me to be sorry. More serious offenses earn longer ones. We have yet to get to a longer spanking.

This isn’t entirely due to Mrs. Lion being lenient. My bottom tends to bleed after a while. It appears that the skin just cracks. I’ve been applying skin softening cream to my derrière. My most recent spanking had nearly no pleading at all. I just need to remember the daily skin treatment regime. Maybe I need a rule for this.

The bottom line is that we are all different. Mrs. Lion is learning what does and doesn’t work when she needs to punish me. The more effective she is the more rapidly I learn what I need to know. I guess we could call it the school of hard swats.