Maybe Tonight

Lion was too itchy and I was too achy to do much of anything last night. Tonight is the second weekly sling night. We’ll have to see how we feel later.

I don’t really like this time of year. It’s very rainy here and the holidays are creeping up on us. I’d be happy if we could fast forward to May or June. I’d also be happy if we could spend the next few months in Hawaii or someplace else warm. And while we’re at it, can we win the lottery too?

Barring that, I’ll get back to work now trying to get Lion interested in sex again; maybe once the dog is done shedding and he’s not so itchy. But when will that be? No, we’ll trying nightly to see if we can’t get something going. I don’t know if it’s just as simple as giving him an orgasm whether he wants it or not so things reset. First I have to get him interested. It’s my own fault. I decided to do this experiment.

I won’t say Lion’s next waits will be short but they definitely won’t be this long. We’ll go back to waiting anywhere from four days to a little over a week. That range seems to work best for us. For me at least. Lion might want a bit of a longer wait. We’ll come to a compromise I’m sure. We always do.

Ok Boy, Come For Me Now

There’s been a lot of discussion about how long I should wait before my next ejaculation. Of course, only Mrs. Lion knows when that will be. My interest in ejaculating, or for that matter any sexual activity has varied widely over the last weeks. It’s clear that my level of horniness doesn’t increase in some mathematical way over the period of my wait.

I haven’t thought much about this before. Mrs. Lion has wondered what would happen to my interest in sex if orgasm is postponed for a long time. I realize that my current wait (25 days as of today) isn’t that long to some guys. That’s not the point. Mrs. Lion wanted to know what would happen to my interest in ejaculating as I waited for my turn. We both paid close attention to my state of interest. The results surprise me.

It seems that my interest in sex during this wait, varied with no clear relationship to timing. Mrs. Lion edges me almost every day. She gets me erect and then brings me to the edge of orgasm over and over. Sometimes, when she started trying to get me hard, I didn’t feel turned on at all. Being male, after some “encouragement” I became erect. Then, after a while, I felt ready to ejaculate. Of course, Mrs. Lion stopped before I could.

The only constant is that she can get me hard and to the edge regardless of my expressed disinterest in sexual activity. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Shouldn’t my disinterest prevent me from getting hard? It has in the past. Of course, in the past this disinterest was within a few days of an orgasm. It might be considered an extended refractory period.

In this case, I’m far from my past ejaculation. Maybe that’s the reason for my reserved attitude toward sex. I know that the best I am likely to do is be led temptingly close to ejaculation and then left high and dry. That is. after all. the game we are playing. It’s what we want. That means my apparent disinterest isn’t emotional. I’m a willing accomplice, after all. It must be coming from a deeper, subconscious part of me.

This isn’t a serious issue since we know that I can be aroused. I think it can be a problem when I finally get the chance to ejaculate. This deep, subconscious force can prevent me from enjoying orgasm when it finally arrives. I think that’s happened in the past. Apparently, I need to expect to finally come in order for me to experience the full pleasure of orgasm.

All guys have ejaculations with varying degrees of enjoyment. Yes, we like them all. In my case, some are much better than others. At the bottom of the scale are orgasms that almost hurt. I just want them to finish. This happens most often when it’s been some time since my last one. My emotional arousal wasn’t nearly as high as my physical readiness to come.

I try to help Mrs. Lion succeed in edging me. I want to give her notice of my impending entry to the point-of-no-return emission phase of male orgasm. Once I enter that phase, if she stops stimulating me, I will have a ruined orgasm. I guess I am trained to provide adequate pre-emission warning. So, when she intentionally goes past that point and makes me ejaculate, perhaps I am subconsciously unhappy I failed. Or, that might not be it at all. I don’t know.

Would it help if there were some sort of signal that she wants me to ejaculate? Would that warning change the way it feels when I come? If Mrs. Lion starts to talk to me the way she would to a dog when encouraging him to fetch, would that tell my  subconscious to allow me to let go? Should she say, “Come on Lion, come for me boy…come, come.”

That might be funny, even appeal to my interest in humiliation, but I don’t know if it would enhance my orgasm.  Since encouraging me, only to edge me, is already what she does, verbal or physical cues to signal actual ejaculation would spoil some of our fun. I don’t want that. The simple fact is that my orgasm after a long wait isn’t Christmas morning. It doesn’t have to be fireworks and symphonies. It doesn’t even have to feel good at all. It’s just another ejaculation. Others will feel better. It’s nothing for either of us to worry about.

Not Done Yet

I guess it finally happened. Lion doesn’t care about having an orgasm. He doesn’t even seem to care that I’m trying to get him aroused, although he does get aroused. He’s a little more difficult to edge. I’m wondering if this is a normal response to waiting or if it’s happening because an orgasm is imminent. We may have even hit the normal lull he gets from time to time.

I hadn’t taken his normal lull into account when we started this experiment. I guess I should have. It does happen with a certain amount of regularity. Not that it happens at regular intervals, but it does happen over and over again.

My first thought was that he was less interested because the experiment, and wait, will be over as soon as he has an orgasm. Then it will take a few days before he’s really interested again. Ironically, in order to keep the wait going he’s becoming less interested. That’s one theory of course. It may not be the right one.

When he told me he didn’t care about having an orgasm I suggested he would once I got his butt in the sling and started playing with him. He said he was serious. Something has changed. I’m sure he thinks this is the end of sex for him. He usually does. He’s all doom and gloom that he’ll never have another orgasm for the rest of his life. Sex is done. All hope is lost. Puhlease!

While I have no doubt he’ll lose the ability, if not the interest, at some point, that’s years and years in the future. He’ll still be chasing me around with our walkers. When he’s 90 he’ll tell me if his heart is beating he’ll want sex. He’ll probably write into his living will that if he’s ever on life support, he still wants regular blow jobs. If it ever happens that he can’t get it up it’s time to pull the plug.

You’re not done, Lion. Or, more correctly, I’m not done with you.

Controlled Pleasure

I’ve been thinking a lot about what lies at the bottom of enforced male chastity and orgasm control. This also extends to female led relationships as well. I think the actual basis of all this is controlling male pleasure.

It’s hard to avoid the fact that the most significant source of male pleasure is sex. We like to get hard. We love sexual contact, and we adore ejaculating. This is by design. It’s nature’s way of assuring we keep the species going. Enforced chastity, etc. exploits this most basic male drive. I think it’s ironic that many women don’t realize how easily we can be controlled.

There’s an old saying about a woman leading a man around by his cock. I admit it. That’s my situation. My only ability to have sexual pleasure of any kind comes from Mrs. Lion. I can’t masturbate. If I try any form of self-gratification, I will be locked in my chastity device. It effectively prevents any arousal, even morning erections.

You, of course, know all this. Have you considered how profound this control is? I’ve written about discipline, rules, and the general control Mrs. Lion has over me. I’m spanked and sometimes put in the corner for breaking rules. Punishment, or for that matter, rewards are never sexually based. She’s said that she isn’t comfortable using my sexual pleasure that way.

She has, of course, no problem teasing me and making me wait to ejaculate. She does it because I want her to. For that matter, she spanks me because I asked for that too. She does it because I want it. It isn’t that I like being spanked, but I like feeling her power. I like the postponed orgasms. It’s very exciting for me to have the level of my sexual pleasure controlled. Most men ejaculate whenever they want. Not me.

I wonder why in Mrs. Lion’s mind, it is better to provide pain (spanking), than withholding pleasure (locking me up and not stimulating me for a time) as a punishment. She wants me to learn the consequences of disobedience. But, at least up until now, sex is off limits.

So, physical pain feels better to my lioness than more intense sexual denial as a way of teaching me to obey. This isn’t a criticism. It’s an observation. She’s violating two taboos: she is intentionally administering pain, and she is forcing me to make most of my sexual experiences non-orgasmic. She is doing it, of course, with my consent. However, it seems one of the taboos is more sacred than the other.

It’s interesting to me that the control of my sexual pleasure is never used for discipline. I’ve asked Mrs. Lion about this. She’s told me that she is uncomfortable with that. I think that is because sexual control is seen more as a way to enhance my pleasure and act as a kind of game we both play. She is always clear that my waits and her decisions about letting me ejaculate are based on my sexual responses. So, I retain some control over my sexual pleasure.

Pain, on the other hand, is administered when I break a rule. My feelings about being spanked are not considered. That’s exactly right and proper. I appreciate that she does this. Why is postponing my pleasure off limits?

In a post a while ago, Mrs. Lion had mentioned putting me into my cage and making me go for some time without teasing as a punishment she can use. But, nothing happened other than that mention.

A sexual punishment might not be too effective if my last ejaculation was very recent. However, at times like this, my 23rd day of waiting, removing sexual attention for some time is a truly serious threat. I’ve enjoyed this long wait. That surprises me a bit. I would definitely not enjoy being locked up now for another week with no teasing. Of course, if Mrs. Lion locked me up soon after ejaculating, she could still make me regret my confinement if she extended the period of lockup; say for a week. That would give me time to recover from my orgasm and wish I could get hard again.

I’m not trying to make things worse for myself. I’m just observing the direction our power exchange has evolved. I’m also not saying that Mrs. Lion won’t decide to include sexual punishment in her bag of tricks. What I am saying is that women, at least Mrs. Lion, takes withholding sexual pleasure a difficult disciplinary choice.