New Cage?

Lion seems to be on the hunt for a new cage. At least he wants to try one out. A titanium one. This, of course, is all assuming the price is not too high.

Since I haven’t had him in a cage full time for a while, I don’t know if this is just idle curiosity or if he is craving a locked weenie. If it is just curiosity I’ll be happy to play along. If he wants to go back into the cage full time, that’s another discussion.

Our recent attempts at having him locked away haven’t gone very well. There’s always a reason one of us wants him free. Sometimes there’s a sore. Sometimes we have company. Sometimes we’re heading out on vacation. I think, since there’s really no reason for the cage (he won’t masturbate and he won’t stray), we need to think long and hard about the inconvenience of the cage.

I also agree with Lion that the blog is helping us work through things. Maybe the blog has become the new cage. By that I mean it focuses our attention on sex and play. I think it keeps things in the front of my mind because every day I need to come up with something to write about. Maybe not every day; I did miss a post on Friday. But the point is that I have to concentrate on us at least once a day.

On the other hand, Lion did suggest being caged as a weekend activity. If he really wants to be locked up again, can we do it just on the weekend? Will that satisfy his need? A need I’m just speculating he has. That is definitely an option.

[Lion — My post on weekend chastity was about an option for people who aren’t ready or really interested in full-time male chastity. It wasn’t referring to any interest I have. I’m still interested in full-time device wearing. Part of me misses it. Another part doesn’t really want the inconvenience right now. Also, it doesn’t matter what I want.]

Clothespins And A Titanium Penis

Saturday night was a big surprise for me. Mrs. Lion played with me. That’s not the surprise. Though I have to admit that 23 clothespins running up from my perineum to the base of my penis was no picnic, it wasn’t completely unexpected. What surprised me was that she gave me an orgasm too. I expected edging, which I got and then a good night kiss. Instead she pushed me all the way over the top.

I’m not complaining. It felt wonderful. Since it was only two days since my last orgasm, I had no idea it was, well I was, coming. Also surprising was that I had no trouble at all. In the past, I didn’t start getting horny until three or four days after an orgasm. I know it isn’t due to physical issues. It’s just that my body got used to waiting at least four days. I’m very happy I was up to the task.

Mrs. Lion and I have also grown used to writing daily posts. There are times when I just don’t want to bother. Nothing exciting has happened and I haven’t been reflecting on anything relating to sex. FLRD, or chastity. Believe it or not, entire days pass without me thinking about that stuff. Mrs. Lion has the same issue. Somehow, we both manage to find something to write.

I’ve never felt that I ever write just for the sake of making that deadline. I won’t do that. I also won’t post fiction on this blog. It would be easy to construct a hot scene or two and use that for my post. Nope. I’m not going to do that. We could also post less frequently. That’s crossed our minds at times. With over 3,000 posts on this blog, folks can find lots to read if we slow down or even stop.

We’ve also talked about that. We don’t want to do it. In a very real way, writing here forces us to keep our power exchange something we both think about almost all the time. By writing, we keep talking, every day, about our sexual relationship. Apathy is impossible under these conditions. Maybe we’re on to something that others could do as well. It doesn’t have to be a blog. I could be an enforced, daily, email that talks about your particular power exchange. As long as the dialogue remains fresh, growth continues.

On a completely different subject, I’ve looked at some of the machined chastity devices made by Steelwerks Extreme. These are exquisitely crafted male chastity devices made from the finest stainless steel as well as other, more exotic metals. Their products are most definitely chastity jewelry that cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

What caught my eye was a simple device made entirely of titanium. This is a very strong, light metal that doesn’t trip metal detectors (TSA, for example). The device I looked at is claimed to weigh the same as a plastic cage. If I could afford it, I would love one of those. Ever the optimist, I requested a quote.

One thing I noticed on their website was that every device they showed reflects a classic flaccid penis measurement. Apparently, the short cage concept hasn’t reached them yet. I asked for the cost of a simple, one-inch long cage/tube. I wonder how they will react to a challenge like this. More and more men are realizing that the shorter the cage, the better; up to a point. Most men can easily wear a cage under 1-1/2 inches long.

I would love to see how titanium would feel. It’s stronger than steel and very light. There would be no reason for it to come off other than for play and occasional cleaning. My Jail Bird works that way for me. This is something new to me that looks very interesting. You know me. I love new things.

23 Clothespins

We had a busy day yesterday. In the process we stumbled across a bagel shop and found a few other things we might need to check out sometime in the future. It reminded me of our camping trips when we go off in search of adventure. We find some pretty great things along the way. We came home with our purchases and Lion discovered the Amazon Fresh deal he wrote about in his post this morning.

Since we’d been to an Italian bakery, we bought a loaf of Italian bread and I decided to make lasagna or ziti, depending on what kind of pasta we had at home, and some garlic bread. As Lion made the list for Amazon Fresh, I put away the bagels and started on the ziti. I still had doggie ice cream to make, which I finished by dinner time. I was a well-oiled machine.

Luckily I still had some energy left for Lion. I’m not sure how lucky he felt when I started by putting clothespins on his nipples. He hates that. And that is exactly why I do it. (*evil grin*) I put more clothespins on Lion’s balls, starting on his perineum. I put a few on, then play with my weenie for a minute or two, put some more on, play with my weenie again, rinse and repeat.

I decided to go right up the middle. I made sure they were close together. I know there are some spots that are more painful than others and I didn’t want to take a chance at missing them. Plus, I wanted to see how many clothespins I could get on by just heading right down the middle of main street. It turns out the number is 23.

Of course, I tugged and pulled on them as I jerked him off. I can’t leave well enough alone, can I? I’d already removed his nipple clothespins after flicking them with my fingers a few times. Painful! So the only clothespins I had left were the ones on his balls. Naturally I tried to tug on the ones I thought were in the most painful areas. Why not?

As I got him hornier and hornier, I pulled off random clothespins. Some of them hurt a lot. Others did not. By the time I had them all off, Lion was panting. He wanted to come. I admit I got him closer and closer than I normally would have. I was hoping he would start bucking into my hand. Sadly, he did not. What he did do is point his toes and tense every muscle in his legs. I thought he might levitate off the bed. In the end, he was working so hard at trying to come, almost coming, recovering to try again that I had to let him go all the way.

Yes, I know. It had only been two days. He could have waited longer. Maybe he should have waited longer. Maybe, maybe, maybe. The only thing that really matters is that I wanted him to come.

5.42 Days And A Sub Sandwich

sub sandwich

This is a full loaf of Italian bread with meat and stuff inside. Amazingly good bakery.

Yesterday, we went into the city to get a piece of art framed. Since we were going there, we decided to stop at our favorite bakery (only real bakery we’ve found so far in the Seattle area). They make what they call a small sub sandwich. It’s a full loaf of Italian bread with lots of meat and veggies. The bread is perfect and the sandwich can feed two hungry lions if they are being piggy. We were.

It was a fun outing. We found a bagel store for our favorite bagel bakery. That’s a big deal because Seattle thinks bagels are just round pieces of bread with a hole in the middle. This one company makes real, New York style bagels. So, we stopped and stocked up. Then, when we got home, I browsed Amazon and discovered that Amazon Fresh has a limited offer to give $30 off an order of $100 or more. Cool! This offer is very limited so if you are a Fresh customer, check it out. We ordered $100 of groceries and got them for $70.

If you don’t live where Amazon offers this service, it’s a complete supermarket that’s online. They have special delivery trucks that come at a time you select. It’s great. The prices are very good and the product range is excellent.  I used search to locate Magnum ice cream bars. In addition to the ice cream, Magnum, extra large condoms came up. Mrs. Lion laughed and said, “You don’t need them,”

I hope she was referring to my vasectomy, not my anatomy. Oh well. Of course she has a point. This year I had 21 hand jobs, 14 blow jobs, and one vaginal orgasm. In case you care, my average wait this year is 5.42 days (That’s 5 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes, not that I keep track). Spreadsheets are wonderful things!

As usual, I have no idea what Mrs. Lion has in store for me. Her post yesterday was about her doctor visit and sleep problems. I’ve had trouble sleeping without pharmaceutical help since my arm was injured nearly two years ago. My snoring has gone down a lot. Mrs. Lion’s has increased. I’m all in favor of her getting more information from a qualified physician.

I’m writing this post on Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure what tonight will bring. Happily, I’m horny even though it is just two days since my last ejaculation. I was horny yesterday too. Go figure.