Just Stay in Bed

When I left for work this morning, Lion was vertical. I’ve since learned that didn’t last long. He wrote a short post and crawled back in bed. I told him to make sure he drinks OJ or water and he should eat something. There’s leftover soup from last night but he can eat crackers if that’s all he can manage. As long as he eats something, I’ll be happy.

Lion forgot to remind me it was punishment day on Saturday. I figure he’s lucky he could make it to the bathroom when he needed to so I’m not going to punish him. I forgot too. Of course, it’s not my job to remember. But if he’s not feeling well he shouldn’t have to remember either. It’s more important to get well.

We watched our football team actually win again. That’s always exciting, especially since they weren’t able to get out of their own way for most of the season. Our rookie running back is very impressive. It’s fun to watch him. I’m sure that went a long way to make Lion feel a little better last night.

I fell asleep toward the end of the game. Between Lion’s coughing and my own, we didn’t get much sleep. We only took short naps yesterday. We’re taking baby steps toward getting well. Tonight maybe we’ll even manage to snuggle a bit.

Report From My Bed

Both Mrs. Lion and I have been under the weather. I’ve been in bed continuously since Friday at 10 AM. Mrs. Lion has been sick too but more mobile. I’m grateful she kept you updated. I’ve noticed that she appears to think I’m wimpy for complaining and staying in bed while she soldiers through. Maybe i am. I’ve been up and sitting at my desk for ten minutes now. I’m near my limit.

I like to think that I’m brave and strong. Maybe not. In any case, my lioness has been taking really good care of me. Sadly, I’m nowhere near back to normal. For the record, I forget to tell Mrs. Lion that Saturday was punishment day. I just remembered now. The fact that I remember is a very good sign.

I have bills to pay but that’s not going to happen this morning. I’m heading back to bed with no thoughts of sex, FLRD, or anything else. More when i feel better.

Possible New Zapardy! Game

Lion has been coughing for a few days. He says he can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been coughing for weeks. I think he can stand it. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for him. I just don’t think it’s as bad as he does.

The good news of the morning is that Lion was actually hungry. He hasn’t eaten much in the past few days but he decided he should eat whether he wants to or not so he can get better. What an adult thing to do! Yes, I’m teasing him. He looks a lot better today. Maybe he’ll want lunch and dinner too.

This will be our third or fourth week of watching football the boring old way. He hasn’t felt well enough to play our zapping and swatting game. That’s okay. We still have Zapardy! and whatever other game that morphs from it. Jeopardy! is on every weeknight so we have many opportunities. There’s even an all-star series of Jeopardy! games coming up. What torture can I come up with for those episodes? Maybe if the players I don’t like get a correct answer, Lion will get zapped. Maybe that will be part of the morphed game. Each night he can pick a number between one and three and whichever player that is earns Lion a zap for each incorrect answer. Or some swats. The rules are a work in progress.

Whatever the new game is, I’m sure Lion will learn to love and hate Jeopardy! at the same time. When we watch without the zapper, sometimes he’ll say it would be a good night to have played since he gets a lot of questions right. If the zaps/swats are dependent on a contestant’s answer, it won’t matter how many questions Lion gets right. Yeah. This could be a very good game. Just not necessarily a good game for Lion.

Sick Ward Again

Lion went to the doctor to find out if the new medications were making him sleepy and came home with a cough. Obviously that wasn’t the result he was looking for. Now we’re both coughing. As is usually the case, I am still mobile. I went to work all last week and I’m planning a trip to the store to get needed supplies like OJ and cough medicine. Then I’ll come home and hunker down under the covers with Lion.

Neither of us are thinking about sex. I’m mostly thinking of sleep and Lion is just trying to breathe without collapsing into a coughing fit. I think he did get some sleep last night after spending most of Thursday night awake. Other than coughing, the biggest problem for him is eating. He’s not hungry and nothing tastes good. I’ve managed to get some yogurt in him and some toast. Every little bit helps. When I hit the store I’ll get some oatmeal. Simple bland things are the way to go, I think.

The other night I gave Lion a ruined orgasm. I hadn’t meant to give him one. I was planning on edging him and making him wait. Oops. The next day he asked if I would try to give him another ruined orgasm right after he had one. We’ve never tried that. He’s said it might work. When we’re feeling better we’ll have to give it a shot. Of course, he won’t necessarily get one right away. I do still want to make him wait for an orgasm. I know he’s been waiting for a few days already. I mean when he actually wants one. He hasn’t really been frustrated lately. I should spend some time getting him back in the habit of being horny and not allowing him to come. Then I can spring the multiple ruined orgasms on him.

For now, though, I’ll just concentrate on keeping him alive through his cold. Good thing we have lots of soup on hand.