jockstrap with points

This is the leather prickly jock Lion will be wearing. We’ll see how long I can train him to keep it on without too much whining.

I’ve decided to forgive the last three spankings I owe Lion. Maybe it’s only two. The point is, he won’t associate them with annoying me so why bother?

I know he’s right. The punishments have to happen close to the infraction. The problem is that we’ve gone to multiple days of punishments. That means he might forget what he’s done by the time I get to day four. Assuming I’m swatting him every day, he may not forget that soon, but what if punishment is added? If I assign four days for annoying me and then he interrupts me so I assign four more days, by the time I get to the interrupting swats, he may have forgotten interrupting me. Oh, he’ll know I’m pissed that he did something, but does he have to equate the actual infraction to the punishment?

I’m leaning toward mouth-soaping and the punishment stool for the “small” infractions such as eating before I do, spilling food and forgetting punishment day. That will reserve the “real” punishment for more serious offenses. Having said that, if he relaxes too much and violates the small infractions too often, I can (and will) certainly give him swats.

The best part about using mouth-soaping and the punishment stool for the smaller infractions is that they can be added on to the larger offenses. If he annoyed me and spilled food, he might have four days of swats and one day on the punishment stool. And the punishment stool will undoubtedly follow the swats for that day. I hesitate to add standing in the corner to the mix because of his balance issues. However, if physical therapy helps in that regard, I have another tool in my small infraction arsenal. Mouth-soaping and standing in the corner will be useful for days when he has no other punishments because sitting on the punishment stool with a non-burning butt will obviously not have the same effect.

On another note, as promised, I will have Lion wear the prickly jock strap at some point today. He suggested the harness, saying it was more fun for him, but that’s not the point now is it? I’m not sure how long he’ll be able to wear the jock strap. This isn’t really an endurance thing. I just want him in it. Perhaps the more he wears it, the longer he’ll be able to handle it. There may be no correlation at all between the number of times he wears it and how long each time. It’s not a butt plug. It’s a mean jock strap with tiny metal teeth biting into my balls.

Chomp! Chomp!

clothespins arn;t just for laundry

Mrs. Lion has lots of these. They never touch clothes. She likes to put them on my most tender spots.

Every so often, I wander around the Web to see what others are up to. Invariably, I remind myself of my uncle when I do this. He would read the newspaper and start yelling at it when he came across a story that upset him. I find myself reading some blogs and shaking my head saying not-very-softly, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Most blogs are not widely read. I find them by going to various aggregator pages that list blogs. There is one blog in particular written by someone in England that professes to be by a woman who spends her free time torturing her poor husband. She’s fairly successful. At least I think she is. She has a number of “books” that she sells. These books are either collections of her posts or longer, more detailed versions of what she writes in her blog.

I suppose it’s possible that she’s really female and really torments her poor husband. Of course, this is all right if it’s fully consensual. She gets comments from other “women” who elaborate on things they do to their husbands. I tend to be a critical reader. I spent decades in the BDSM community so I have a pretty good idea of what people do to each other. This woman (I use the word figuratively) likes to put capsaicin products on her husband’s penis. She likes to watch him writhe in pain after she does this. The only problem with this is that the least sensitive place to put such things is on the penis. Mrs. Lion has put very hot stuff on the head of my penis. Yes, it is a bit of a burn, but it is nothing like the same stuff on my balls. Similarly, this blogger claims to apply stinging nettles to his defenseless cock. I could see that that would be very uncomfortable. Again, if her goal was to make him truly miserable, that would be my last choice of spots to put it. Nettles applied to the anus and balls, not to mention the perineum would have a much more severe effect.

The only reason I bring this up is that I believe the choice of location to torment this man is founded more on male fantasy than actual female cruelty. Over the years, I’ve experienced cock and ball torture (CBT) from some good players. Mrs. Lion enjoys doing it to me. I’ve seen very few women who focus their attention on the penis. Yes, clothespins do end up on my cock. Mostly, they are attached to my scrotum. The balls offer a great deal more surface area and create a lot more anxiety in the man, since we instinctively protect them far more than we do our cocks.

clothespins on lion's balls

Mrs. Lion keeps my penis pain free so she can keep me hard and laugh about how aroused I am even when I am in pain.
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Even if they have no intention of making sexual use of the penis, the CBT practitioners I’ve known don’t spend much time on the erect penis. For one thing, there isn’t a lot of stuff you can do to it that is safe, painful, and will keep his hard penis from going soft. My point is that we males are far more likely to fantasize about things happening to our penises than we are our scrotum. I believe that’s what makes such tales giveaways. Based on my experience, women tend to focus on our rear ends and balls. We, on the other hand, like to think about being teased, albeit painfully, by action happening to our cocks. So when men write about CBT, the penis is the focus. When women write about it, they have a much broader view.

If you think about it, the female perspective makes much more sense. If the penis is left relatively unhurt, it is available for sexual stimulation while painful activities are going on just below it. Mrs. Lion likes to tease me about the fact that I must “like” those painful clothespins since I have an erection while she applies them. It’s hard to deny that. If she put my penis into pain, attempts to stimulate it would just hurt and wouldn’t get me more aroused.

Anyway, this is a sort of stuff I growl at the screen about. One other kind of interesting observation is that both men and women think of the penis as “aggressive”. It’s the penetrator. You might think that this would suggest hurting it would be a way to prove it is not invincible. However, it’s far more humiliating to see that it can be manipulated into being aroused in the face of painful activity going on in its immediate vicinity. It shows that its possessor, the male, really doesn’t have much control over it at all. The female, however, can make it hard or soft at will. To me, at least, that’s a demonstration of real power.

Maybe that’s why so many women like to focus on genitals when they do BDSM on a man. Both symbolically and actually, our external genitals are the center of male vulnerability. Mrs. Lion certainly understands that.

This year we promise to cook it first.

We’ve been watching the news about all the storms causing travel problems for Thanksgiving travel. Lion and I tend to stay home for Thanksgiving. We’ve gone out to dinner a few times, but mostly we hunker down and cook turkey and enjoy each other. Every year I resolve to stay home for four days straight because who wants to be out on Black Friday with all the other crazies. I also like to stay home, period. By Saturday or Sunday, Lion has usually gone stir crazy and needs to get out.

I’ve been looking forward to these four days for a long time. I figure I can get a lot of unpacking done. I don’t know how much I’ll actually get done, but every little bit helps. I think the things we hope to accomplish in these four days say a lot about us. I want to unpack. Lion wants that too, but I think he’s mostly looking forward to sexual activity. We both want to spend time together but for different reasons.

I’m sure Lion hopes I’ll find the rest of the restraints and that I’m able to set up the waxing table so I can take care of all his fur. I just want the house unpacked. It would be nice to find the restraints and set up the waxing table, but that’s not my focus. I’d like to get to the point of our unpacking that we can live in every room of the house without dodging boxes. Once things are set up, then I can worry about restraints and waxing. Of course, I’m not saying I won’t use the restraints if I find them, or that there’s no possibility of waxing Lion until the house is completely set up. That would be silly. It’s just not a big goal of mine.

The turkey is achieving room temperature right now. Soon we will be on our way to wonderful smells throughout the house. And then we’ll sit at our newly cleared off table (that’s my first job once I finish here), and feast on our Thanksgiving dinner. I know that no matter what else happens this weekend, the most important thing is that we’re together and I am very thankful for that.

[Lion — Actually, sex hasn’t been on my mind. Other than a little worry about my lack of interest, mostly I’m grateful that I’m not in pain right now. My left shoulder is extremely painful most of the time and prevents me from getting a full night’s sleep. I’m just enjoying being with Mrs. Lion. It will be fun to cook the dinner. We’ll be having a turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls and each other. By the way, Mrs. Lion, even though it’s Thanksgiving, today is also punishment day.]

It’s Thanksgiving here in the USA. Both Mrs. Lion and I have a four day weekend. Today, aside from getting some unpacking done, we’ll be cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. We will be alone for the holiday weekend. One of Mrs. Lion’s friends wanted to invite herself for Thanksgiving dinner, but we just aren’t ready for guests yet. This same friend invited herself over a couple of years ago. We were both pretty amazed at the nerve of her to do this. Maybe it’s a Northwestern custom. I hope not.

Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion decided it was time to spank me. I couldn’t really argue with that since I’ve had at least three or four spankings hanging over my head for over two weeks now. In an email on Tuesday, Mrs. Lion wondered whether or not I would even understand why I was being spanked. It took me a while, but I finally remembered that I did forget to remind her of a punishment day and I annoyed her.

Mrs. Lion was fairly gentle. She swatted hard, but didn’t swat very long. Maybe I’m out of practice. All I know is it was extremely painful while it lasted. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be. She spanked me right after her shower while it was still early in the evening. About a half-hour later she teased me and tried to edge me. It was very exciting and fun but I didn’t get close to the edge. Could it be my refractory period is now 10 days? I hope not!

Mrs. Lion said that she wants to go through the rest of the boxes for the bedroom and bathroom. We are still missing two of our restraints for the bed. I don’t know where the wrist and ankle cuffs are. I suspect they aren’t with the rest of our toys, but who knows? It must be obvious to you that we aren’t the most organized critters when it comes to moving. I suspect we will have to move again in a relatively short time. Even if we don’t, it makes sense for us to plan ahead while we unpack from this move.

I hope you’re going to have an excellent Thanksgiving. Mrs. Lion and I are both very thankful that you take the time to follow along with our lives and to offer your comments and suggestions. We would like to wish you and your family a very happy and warm Thanksgiving.