If it’s the weekend it must be raining. That’s been the case here for a while. The nice, sunny days are during the week when I can’t mow the lawn or do other outdoor things. By the weekend it’s raining again. If things follow a normal summer pattern (and what’s normal about this year?), the rain will stop around July 4. We typically have a few showers here and there, but summers are usually dry. When we got our dog, she had no idea what rain was. She was born on July 5 and it didn’t rain until October that year. No wonder she hates being out in the rain.

Inside the house, we seem to have hit a weekend pattern of our own. I may be way off, but it seems like Lion’s tummy bothers him on weekends. We plan to go out to the store and he can’t. He wanted to come with me to drop off the dog for her bath. He couldn’t. He wanted to come with me to pick her up. He couldn’t. He was very apologetic. He didn’t want me to have to do it alone. It’s not a big deal.

On my way to the store, it occurred to me why it’s not a big deal to do it alone. I’d be going anyway. Lion might be with me, but I’d be driving. And even if he was driving, I’d be going with him. I’ve been annoyed from time to time about having to do everything myself. I was talking about chores we used to share doing like cooking, mowing the lawn, the laundry, etc. I don’t always want to cook. I don’t always want to be the one doing the yard work. I don’t want to be the one who cleans the house. We’ve always shared the chores. With Lion unable to do a lot of them, it can get overwhelming, especially if they all need to be done at once.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing that his tummy troubles seem to coincide with weekends and/or plans to go out. I don’t think it’s on purpose. I don’t think he’s so nervous about going out that he gets himself sick. It’s just weird timing. And, if his stomach is off, that means play is usually off. This is weird because, from Lion’s point of view, we should have more time to play on the weekends. This is another reason I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose. He’d never give up play at any time, especially if we had more time to play.

Now, Lion will argue that we have the same amount of time on the weekends as we do on weekdays because we don’t play in the afternoons anyway. This is true. I just find it strange that the weekends are certainly out of play, so to speak if his tummy is acting up. We haven’t talked about going out today so far, and I’m perfectly willing to go alone if necessary, but I know Lion likes to get out of the house.

Ultimately, it’s unimportant when, or even if, we make it out of the house together. I’m worried about his health and I don’t want him to go through the same stomach issues he had about a month ago. We were both really worried about him during that time.

Research suggests that a hormone, Kisspeptin is one of the key hormones responsible for male sex drive – horniness. I admit it. My hormones can get the better of me. Even when I think that I’m not all that interested in sex, my actions reveal the truth. Take my desire to provide Mrs. Lion with a way to bruise me. Originally it was my idea that punishments should be felt a day or more after I’ve been spanked. This concept is all over the Disciplinary Wives Club writings, not to mention pretty much every other domestic discipline site.

Rationally, I should be afraid of such a severe spanking, I’m not rational when I’m horny. So, I joined the chorus advocating memorable spankings. Mrs. Lion agreed that it sounded like a good idea. She made it clear that it wouldn’t be her purpose, but nonetheless she has been trying to accommodate my concept of adequate punishment.

That’s not all. Those same hormones send me shopping for ways to make things worse for myself. Mrs. Lion didn’t buy our large paddle collection. I did. As far as I know, she would be satisfied with a single paddle that she could use to effectively spank me. Truth be told, I can’t tell which paddle she is using at any given time. I have some idea if it is particularly painful, but that’s as much as I know. She can make any of her paddles hurt me.

About a week ago after a post in which she mentioned that she couldn’t seem to make a spanking hurt more than an hour or two after delivering it, my hormones decided I should help her. I am so thoughtful! Paddles are notoriously bad at providing the sort of swat that will last a long time. That is one reason they are so popular for punishment. No real skill is needed to avoid seriously hurting the spankee. You can hit as hard as you want so long as you swat the lower half of the butt without causing real injury.

Canes and other more sophisticated implements require skill and practice to avoid doing real damage. Also, they aren’t traditionally used for domestic discipline. Aside from paddles, straps of various kinds are also used. That doesn’t mean that some people won’t use canes and whips as well, but for the most part, domestic discipline is relatively simple.

Bottoms, particularly male bottoms, vary widely in how well they “take” a spanking. Some will turn red immediately and display visible bruises with just a hand spanking. Others, like mine, are hard to redden and are very difficult to bruise. That’s not to say it’s impossible because Mrs. Lion has given me a number of spankings that I felt for two or three days after she disciplined me.

Before I go any further, let me say that my hormones are flowing freely. They have to be for me to write about this. Anyway, using just her paddles, Mrs. Lion has to give me a long, painful spanking before it’s likely I’ll feel it the next day. I certainly hate that when she does it. I don’t understand why most of the time she doesn’t quite get to that point. I’m not sure she knows. I am pretty sure that she will continue working on this.

About a week ago when I was feeling particularly horny, I decided I should “help” her find ways to make spankings last. I went searching on a couple of my favorite BDSM stores (Extreme Restraints and the Stockroom) to see what they had to offer in the way of devices more likely to provide the sort of bruising needed to make a spanking last.

Extreme Restraints had a particularly nasty looking device. They call it the Command Impact Cane. This is a nasty synthetic cane that is more than 1/2 inch thick. It’s very heavy and not particularly flexible. There’s no question that this device should be fairly easy to use when a bruise is desired. Since it’s thick and inflexible, there is no danger of it wrapping. When it arrived, and I got a good look at it, I realized that my hormones had done it again. This mother is really going to hurt!

Years ago, a very experienced spanker played with me. Most of the spanking was done using a paddle that did a very good job stinging and making my bottom red. She then picked up another toy and gave me three very hard blows. She spaced them out to give me time to recover. It was the coup de grace. Then she put her toys away and I rolled over. I asked her what she did in the end? She answered that I would be left with a few bruises I would feel for days. I was impressed.

She was true to her word. It hurt to sit for three days after that spanking. I think it’s likely that once Mrs. Lion zeroes in on how to use the new toy, she will also be able to give me those lasting memories. I also think that she may be working on her general spanking technique as well. She’s been using different devices and seems to have the objective of making sure I understand that my spankings are no fun at all.

They aren’t. Even now, I am ready for her to stop long before she is. She has said that she decides when to stop after my bottom turns a certain shade of red. This may be my hormones talking, but I think she may need to go for a darker shade; perhaps one with some white spots. Then, when she goes to use her new bruise device, I will be properly prepared to receive it.

There is a good reason why the spanking starts with a warm-up. It isn’t an act of kindness. It’s a simple fact that in order for a memorable spanking to be administered, a certain amount of natural anesthesia needs to be started. The longer a spanking goes on, the more easily it’s tolerated. This is overcome by increasing the force as the spanking progresses. That way, Mrs. Lion stays ahead of my natural ability to tolerate the spanking so that I continue to feel her displeasure. We learned that the spanking for me is most effective when Mrs. Lion keeps me right on the edge of trying to run away. The longer she goes on, the harder she can hit without me trying to escape.

I think my enthusiastic support of her beating my ass is a side effect of her orgasm control. She assures that my male hormones get plenty of time to build up. As they do, I get more invested in helping her “help” me.

I finally remembered about Spankardy last night. Lion made a face at first but then said he wanted to play, but he had to use the bathroom. When he got back, it was obvious he wasn’t feeling up to it. More tummy troubles. This morning, the dog had to go for a bath. It’s been months and she doesn’t let me touch her feet to trim her nails so it was way past time for a pawdicure. Lion’s tummy was still off so I took her and decided to go shopping on the way home.

Did you ever have one of those days? We were early for the bath so I zipped into Lowes for some weed killer. Once I dropped the dog off, I headed for the store. They were out of our orange juice. They have an amazing sale on twelve-packs of soda but they didn’t have the flavor I like. The pharmacy wasn’t open yet. What the hell? I decided it wasn’t worth it. I can either try again when I pick up the dog or we’ll go out tomorrow.

Whether we delve into the Box O’Fun later depends on how Lion feels. We didn’t play last night because it was just a day after hia orgasm and because he wasn’t feeling well. Do you suppose his stomach reacts to having an orgasm? Wouldn’t that be bad luck? It’s the thing he loves most in the world and his body reacts to it. Bite my tongue!

I’m still struggling with the whole fairness issue. I understand his idea of throwing caution to the wind and swatting away to start out, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Somehow I think it’s different from my hesitancy to spank him in the beginning. I was really afraid I would hurt him. Once I realized how tough his hide was, I could spank him. It took a bit to get the punishment severity figured out too, but I did it. Being unfair is a lot more difficult. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a subjective rule or if it’s because it’s “against” me.

The other rules are binary. Did he spill food? Did he eat first? Did he put the coffee pot together? The answer is either yes or no. Of course, there is gray when he isn’t feeling well and I’m understanding of his transgressions. Annoying me is not black and white. Did he annoy me? Yes, but was it really that big of a deal? Do I feel better because I called him out on it? Does he really deserve to be spanked? Was it just the once or was he annoying me a lot that day? These are the things that go through my mind.

The one thing I do know is that it will be a lot easier for me to spank him for annoying me than it will be for Lion to drop the issue. Of course, if getting him to drop the issue results in punishment, who has won? [Lion — You won! That’s my point.]

After an 8-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm on Thursday night. Once again she did it orally. I love that! I didn’t expect it. I wasn’t all that aroused most of the time she was sucking me. It wasn’t that her efforts weren’t excellent; they were. I just felt “stuck” and didn’t seem to go further. This happens to me fairly frequently nowadays. When it happens, Mrs. Lion usually stops and offers to try again on another day. This time she asked me if I was stuck. I said that I thought so. She decided to push on anyway. I think that she made a subtle change in her technique. Whatever she did, I was on the edge in less than a minute. She edged me a couple of times and then made me come.

It was a very good orgasm. The earth didn’t move, but it trembled a bit. I was a very happy camper. Of course, I had to pay for that fun. I picked “Velcro” from Mrs. Lion’s Box O’Fun. She has innocent-looking Velcro cable ties she fastens around my penis. It’s heavy-duty Velcro so the little hooks that make it work are very rough and hurt when pressed against my tender penis. Also, if she fastens a band on before I am fully erect, the band tightens as my penis grows. That is most uncomfortable!

velcro strips on bed
These are the Velcro strips.

Worse, when she takes it off, the sudden rush of blood back into my penis is painful. Mrs. Lion invented this particular torture. For some unknown reason, she is very fond of it and has a big smile whenever she uses nasty bands. I think it is her favorite kind of CBT. She always writes fondly about it. Her post “Velcro Fun (Not According to Lion)” will give you an idea of how much she likes it. This is a bit surprising. She consistently claims that she doesn’t have fun when she gives me pain.

She makes it clear that spanking me isn’t fun for her. When she first started she had trouble doing it because she knew it really hurt me. Over time that has changed. Now she says that she is neutral about spanking me. She does it when necessary and neither likes nor dislikes beating me. I suspect she does enjoy the satisfaction of getting my ass a deep red and marking me. She disregards my yelps and complaints. It annoys her if I squirm too much and she lets me know by either hitting my thigh very hard or telling me to stop and get into position. Her emotional neutrality makes it possible for her to be the strict disciplinarian that I need.

She seems absolutely comfortable causing me discomfort with other play activities. She likes catching me breaking a rule. I think she likes my reaction when I realize I’ve earned a spanking. So far she hasn’t spanked me for annoying her. I wonder how it will feel to call me out and punish me. Perhaps the very personal nature of spanking me for something she cares about will make it more fun when she punishes me. [Mrs. Lion– Actually, reading this just made me really anxious. I’m not looking forward to having to be unfair.] I know that whether or not she gets new feelings out of spanking me for upsetting her, she will carry out the spanking with enough force to make me understand I did something wrong. Since her spankings have gotten more serious, I find myself actively trying to stay on the right side of the street. My life is much happier with an unspanked bottom.