Today Lion’s frilly panties arrived. He called them his mistake. It’s partly true. He got one pink pair and one green pair. If I had bought them they would have both been feminine colors. Maybe pink and hot pink. Or purple. Or a lovely shade of yellow. They do, however, have a red rose on them which I think is a very nice touch.

When will Lion be wearing them? He wonders that too. I don’t think I will make him wear them to work. He already has to deal with not peeing on himself with the cage. And someone might see the cage although I’m not sure how often guy’s look at each other while they’re peeing. Having someone see the panties would be too much. Besides, I think it’s much more of a statement when he’s walking around the house undressed and can see the panties. Like his painted toe nails, it’s a visual thing. Knowing I made him prance around with girly toes and a girly butt is where the power comes into play.

I have to wonder why he’s always so gung-ho about these things. He swears he hates diapers, but if you could see how many diapers we have in the house right now you’d think he was lying. He doesn’t really want to wear panties, but he’s the one who bought them. Right. Sure, Lion. You don’t want to wear them. Wink, wink.

I may let him stew for a few days before I make him put them on. Then again, he might be wearing them by tonight. I also have to decide when he gets his sparkly purple toe nails. Lots of fun ahead for poor Lion.

Last night I asked Mrs. Lion if I could cash my New Year’s orgasm rain check. Mrs. Lion had set two orgasm dates for me: one for December 31 and the second for January 1. Her idea was to ring out the old and ring in the new with orgasms. New Year’s eve was perfect. I was really horny and Mrs. Lion gave me an amazing oral orgasm. She has a magic mouth! Thursday I just wasn’t ready. I don’t know why. I generally crave an orgasm the day after I come. But this time I wasn’t. Mrs. Lion graciously offered me a rain check for an orgasm when I wanted one.

Tonight I asked to cash in that rain check. Mrs. Lion sweetly reminded me that I didn’t have to go for it as soon as I got horny again. I could wait. I told her that I truly wanted to come. In fact, I wasn’t terribly horny, but I wanted sex. I liked the symmetry of a New Year’s orgasm, and I had been thinking about sex all day. So, last night we had some fun.

First, she administered four very hard swats with the nasty paddle since I had eaten before her earlier in the day. It stung like hell! Next, she used her velcro strips to bite into my sensitive penile skin. I hated that, but got hard anyway. The betrayal of the penis! After she had enough fun torturing me, she removed the velcro and began masturbating me. She pulled out a piece of soft rope and tied my balls tightly. When tied this way, they bounce up and down as she pulled my cock. I love how that feels.

Then she got down to business. It didn’t take long for me to show my appreciation. Happy New Year, Mrs. Lion!

Yes, of course I gave Lion a raincheck for last night’s scheduled orgasm. I’m a softy. And so was he which is why an orgasm wouldn’t have worked! I’m just being a smartass. I didn’t even try to get him hard. When I asked him early in the evening what his horniness level was he told me it was pretty low. There’s no sense in forcing the issue so I gave him the raincheck.

The only reason I decided to try orgasms two nights in a row is because Lion said he tends to be just as horny the day after an orgasm. Why not let him come when he’s horny? That’s why he gets so many bonus orgasms. As I play with him I can see how horny he is. And he isn’t afraid to share that information with me. Sometimes several times in one evening. Maybe he thinks I don’t hear him. Funny Lion. So when I know he’s really horny, or when he does something that makes me want to let him come, I let him come. Ultimately it’s my choice.

Lion is free to use that raincheck whenever he wants. Is that letting him decide when he can orgasm? To some extent. I see no reason for him to lose his orgasm just because he wasn’t ready for it on a particular night. I did tease him that he may not get another chance this year, but he knew I was teasing. That would deprive me of giving him an orgasm. It’s just as much fun for me to give him one as it is for him to receive it. Well, maybe not just as much fun. But close. I think I will always allow him a raincheck. Otherwise he may try to have an orgasm on a night that he’s sick just so he doesn’t miss one. I don’t want him to be under pressure to perform. Sex should be fun, even if I am whomping his balls and causing him pain.

First the news. New Year’s Eve was spent quietly at home. Two very notable things happened: Mrs. Lion took off the pink nail polish, and she gave me a great oral orgasm. According to her plans, I was supposed to have another on New Year’s Day, but I just wasn’t feeling horny. I’m not sure why. Mrs. Lion graciously gave me a rain check; not a coupon. So, when I feel horny again regardless of my schedule, I can cash in the rain check. I think this is one of those times when I am just not too interested in sex. Never fear, my libido will be back very soon.

On the surface, enforced chastity appears to be a sex game where the male is forced to wait longer and longer for each explosive orgasm. It generally involves hardware that assures he can’t cheat. I suspect that many people try enforced chastity because it is such a sexually exciting game to play. Most of those people give it up quickly because that is not what all this is about.

Enforced chastity is a relatively exotic BDSM practice; in other words, a power exchange. Virtually all BDSM is sexual at the root. Enforced chastity focuses on the sex directly. Make no mistake, while withholding sex is the main activity, it isn’t the real reason we do this.

Most men would rate sexual release (orgasm) as one of the best experiences they can have. Surrendering the ability to orgasm is giving enormous power to the keyholder/top. Caged males are sexually submissive in the most literal sense. We have surrendered our ability to get release, not just for a weekend, but in my case, forever. Like all BDSM, enforced chastity is consensual. Mrs. Lion can’t and won’t force me to submit if I truly don’t want to.

But there is a catch. I have committed to being caged. Demanding release is a serious and potentially relationship-threatening move. Also, submission is always voluntary. Captives have no choices, submissives surrender their freedom willingly. Ironically, there are way more men who want to surrender and submit than there are people willing to accept that surrender. This is true in all sorts of power exchange. There are always many more bottoms than tops. I’ve written about that before.

So, enforced chastity is not about hardware, not about rules and contracts, not about how many orgasms a caged male gives or receives; not at all. It is about a power exchange that manifests through male sexual control. Generally, there are other surrenders as well. Once you realize that enforced chastity is voluntary, you also realize that chastity hardware doesn’t have to be absolutely secure. It just has to be effective.

I’m the security in my chastity. I won’t take the device off. Even if I don’t wear one, I won’t get off on my own or with anyone other than Mrs. Lion. My cage is useful jewelry. It helps at weak moments, but it isn’t what prevents me from masturbating. My commitment to my keyholder and love controls that. I happily submit to my dear Mrs. Lion.