Last night I decided Lion needed to be teased. He hasn’t been very horny lately but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be unlocked and taken for a walk around the block, so to speak. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to him, but I grabbed my little bag of tricks after I unlocked him. It has clothes pins, a small rope, some clamps, and velcro in it. I choose the velcro.

When I put the velcro on his flaccid cock it does dig in, but the real challenge for him is when he starts to get hard. The harder he gets the tighter the velcro gets. The tiny little teeth bite in. And then I start to open it. A little bit at a time. I make him think about how much it will hurt when it finally lets go. Last night I had two pieces on him. I released the top one before the bottom one so I could play with him better. Then I draped the loose one over the head of his penis and attached the ends to the velcro that was still encircling the base. And I stroked him. This way the tiny little teeth bite into the head of his cock. Looks painful. Lion says he hates the velcro but like I always say, if he really hated it he wouldn’t get hard with it on.

Then I decided to edge him a few times. I asked if he was horny and he said not really. I need to get him back to tree humping horny again. I’m hoping by this weekend he’ll be ready for his birthday present. The calendar still reads October 9 for his scheduled orgasm even though he’s had two since then. At some point I will reset it. I was waiting until we did his birthday present, but since I have allowed him to schedule that whenever he wants it, I think I should pick a new date. Maybe it will snap him out of his unhorny period.

Monday was another quiet day and night. I remained locked up. We did get to snuggle for a while. That felt really good. I love feeling Mrs. Lion in my arms. My sexual energy is still low. I am not aware of the usual morning erection. Apparently I am somewhat dormant. This happens every so often. I seem to have some sort of cycle. When I am in the unhorny part of the cycle, I still think about sex and can be aroused, but there is no sense of urgency. This cycle is a long one. I think it lasts several months. There is only a week or so when my interest drops enough for me to notice. I am near the end of that week (I hope).

Another factor is stimulation. If I don’t get any direct stimulation I also lose some interest. This has always been true for me, especially when I am at the unhorny part of my cycle. When I am at the peak of the cycle, I get very desperate. I wonder if other males experience the same thing. I also wonder if anyone has studied this. Does it take longer to get hard when at the low point? Does time to orgasm change based on the cycle? Science has a lot to learn about males, I think.

I remain surprised that my enforced chastity is so well integrated into our lives. My body has adapted and I am comfortable with my cage. Mrs. Lion seems to have accepted it and to some extent the new power she has. In short, it’s just no big deal anymore. Males new to enforced chastity obsess over security, fit, fear of damage caused by lack of ejaculation, etc. In fact, for newcomers, enforced chastity becomes the center of their lives. Of course that has to change. The world is not that interested in whether or not my penis is in a cage.

Sex is something else. Being caged continues to put sex in the foreground for both of us. There are times every day when I am reminded that sex is for me, an intellectual exercise. Physically, I have no ability to enjoy it on my own. In reality that isn’t a problem. I have never even considered cheating on Mrs. Lion. Of course, before January I did masturbate. That option is out now. I think the hardest part for me is knowing that I can’t do anything sexual.

It’s a little surprising that this feeling isn’t disappearing. While other things are becoming routine for me, like peeing sitting down at home and dealing with the hardware, the “surprise” that I have no sexual control isn’t diminished. In fact, it’s stronger. It has taken a while to really soak in. Enforced chastity started, at least in my mind, as a sort of sexy game. It felt the same way that bottoming did. There was no sense of permanent loss, just an exciting, short-term adventure. Now, I am finally starting to realize that this isn’t my game anymore.

This is the first time I have truly experienced sexual submission. I’m a pretty independent sort of lion and have always been careful to keep my options open. While it is theoretically possible for me to escape the cage, it is difficult and detectable (I don’t think I could get back in while locked). So, even if I took it into my head to get off, it would be so difficult that I know I would quickly decide not to bother. Of course, it makes no sense to imagine that I would rebel from something I want, but then it is very different to want something than it is to actually live it.

Mrs. Lion has been very good about keeping my frustration level at a controllable level. This gives me the chance to adapt to my new circumstances. If she continues to challenge me, I will learn to more fully accept her control. Enforced chastity has turned from a game into an adventure.


Mrs. Lion has been struggling with the idea of disciplining me. I think this is a case of my failing to align reality with fantasy. As we all know, I like the idea of Mrs. Lion taking control. One way to demonstrate that control is to enforce rules. The problem with this idea is that Mrs. Lion knows I work hard to have a harmonious relationship with her. I just don’t do things that need discipline. I won’t, either. Our relationship comes first.

So what is a lioness to do? Recently on a forum, Tom Allen mentioned “funishments”. He, like me, enjoys control. So, his wife provides opportunities to “discipline” him. It’s all for fun, though I suspect his bottom, like mine, doesn’t always think it is so much fun.

We do something like this now. Mrs. Lion often swats me with a paddle for dropping food or my napkin. If I forget and eat first, that too can earn me swats. This works well so far. I admit that sometimes I don’t look forward to the swats, but mostly I am very happy I’ve earned them. So far, I haven’t earned extra wait days. I guess once we get back on track we can try those too.

Happily, I am getting over my virus so we can return to our adventure. It did have to be suspended while I was under the weather. It feels  nice to be back to my old self.

I love the fall. I love all the different colors on the trees. But fall is also somewhat depressing. Those beautiful leaves have to be cleaned up. It gets dark earlier and earlier. It’s cooler. Here, we transition to almost constant overcast skies that won’t completely go away until at least June. Every year I threaten to hibernate.

I think Lion being sick, along with the return of the rain, has us in the doldrums again. Once my sinuses get accustomed to the humidity levels again, I should be better. I was thinking of spanking Lion tonight, but after reading his post from this morning, I’m not sure he wants that. Ultimately I know it’s my call. If I think he should be spanked then he’ll be spanked. But, again, I think the common sense approach works best. If he wants to snuggle and work our way back to playing and sex then that works for me.

I feel like we’re in a sort of limbo. Neither of us is quite sure what to do next. So we’ll take it as it comes and figure it out as we go along. I’m sure we’ll be up and running in no time.

[Lion — I would like that spanking tonight, I think]