Today is Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for. Most recently, I had a very good orgasm last night. Mrs. Lion started out with nasty velcro on my penis. She followed that with clothespins on my nipples. This was accompanied by some nice hand action. For some reason I wasn’t enjoying the pain. Mrs. Lion pointed out that she was sure I would enjoy a blow job. I had to agree. That’s a universal truth. I loved it! She took her time; slowing down when I got close. Finally, she let me finish. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed that feeling. Well, by some standards not all that long, but an eternity to me. After the fireworks, I learned my next opportunity to come would be December fifth, nine long days away. It’s a long time for me. Don’t laugh! It is.

Back to Thanksgiving. Almost a year ago I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me into a chastity device. She agreed, and it stuck. Here I am still caged and our lives have changed for the better. I am thankful that I am married to an amazing woman who is willing to change her life to make me happy. Imagine that; just to make me happy. Every day I think about how much she does for me.  I can never repay her.

The thing is, enforced chastity is exactly the opposite of the way it appears. It may look like I am locked up and have to suffer lack of sexual satisfaction. But in fact I want to be locked up. I want to feel Mrs. Lion’s control and I accept that I feel it by losing the ability to get hard and come when I want. That doesn’t change the fact that I do suffer when I just have to come and I can’t. But I suffer because I want to. That’s the nature of enforced chastity and I am getting what I want.

Mrs. Lion, on the other hand, knows I am hurting and feels badly that she is the cause. That’s the thing about topping; you know intellectually that the bottom wants you to do all those mean things. Emotionally, however, it doesn’t feel good to hurt someone you love. Only time and my continued gratitude will help Mrs. Lion learn to feel good about being bad. That’s hard work and I am thankful she does it for me.

I’m thankful that we have a nice place to live and good food to eat. That means a lot in this world. I’m thankful that you take the time to read our blog. It means a lot to both of us that you are here. We also love your comments and email. I’m thankful we have a little community of like-minded people. It helps us learn and stay the course when things get tough. I hope that you also have a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy the day. I’ll be cooking turkey while safely locked in my cage.


Lion already knows when his next orgasm will be. I told him a few days ago when we were discussing his wait times. I thought about changing it, maybe making it longer so we can see if the six day issue is every six days. If he had to wait fourteen days then would day six and twelve be similar? For now I’ve left it at nine days. I can always extend the next wait.

For tonight’s orgasm he has requested that I do more of a buildup to the main event. Oddly enough, he doesn’t share my love of immediately going for gold. I’m being sarcastic. I hate when he does the same thing to me. Usually I do build up slowly, but I didntlast time. It resulted in a meager amount of ejaculate followed by a slow oozing for a while afterwards. Tonight I will pay more attention to him.

Sometimes I like to tease him to the point that I think he will just go out of his mind if I don’t finish him off. Not necessarily edging him. Just getting him so turned on that even if I stopped he’d be in danger of a full orgasm if the wind hit him just right. I bet he won’t be disappointed tonight. I’ve got some nice plans for him. And then he’ll have his nine day wait to look forward to.

I’ve never believed in male sexual training, until now that is. Since the only male I have sexual experience with is me, my evidence has been sparse. Since we started enforced chastity, I liked the idea that I don’t have any choice about my sexual activities. Of course, you know that. However, I’ve started to notice some things that suggest I am being conditioned. My chastity device, the Mature Metal Jail Bird, is so comfortable that I am rarely aware I have it on. It’s been locking me up for more than ten months with very rare and brief opportunities to to go wild. I can’t get aroused while it is on. So, I’ve gotten used to limited stimulation by Mrs. Lion at times she chooses.

Ok, sounds typical. It is. Here’s the thing; the other night after teasing, Mrs. Lion left me wild for a short time. I went into the bathroom to pee. I sat down on the toilet and did my thing. I stood up and got some toilet paper to clean off the cage. There was no cage! No biggie, you say. Absent-minded lion forgot. I did, but it was more than just forgetting. I realized that I am conditioned to be caged all the time and I am very sure that my ability to respond sexually is now limited to when Mrs. Lion wants me to get aroused. The change isn’t complete. I am sure that if left wild, I probably could masturbate. But would I?

At this point I am pretty sure I wouldn’t. It just doesn’t occur to me anymore. I am very sure that over time (years probably), I will simply never even think of jerking off.  I am surprised to say the least. This sort of conditioning takes time; a lot of it. After ten months in my cage, I am making noticeable changes.

This suggests that with consistent training, it is possible to teach me more difficult tricks. I don’t know how we would do this, but if she wants, Mrs. Lion can train me to orgasm only with her permission. I think this is the most powerful form of training I could get. Do I want it? I would like to try. Will I hate it. Probably. In the same way I like spanking, this could be big fun. On the other hand, Mrs. Lion may have no interest in this particular passtime. That’s ok too.

I think Lion is back to himself again. He was happier last night and that was even before I took Mr. Weenie out for some exercise. There really may be something to this day 6 phenomenon.

Lion thinks it’s funny that I call his weenie Mr. Weenie. He says he’s heard the term before, of course, but never with a title. I do it because it’s my weenie and my weenie is a VIP, very important penis, so he deserves a title. He is, after all, the center of attention in this chastity business. Will he get to come out tonight? Will he be edged? Will he get to ejaculate? Will he get bitten by the tiny teeth of velcro? Many men think their penis is the center of the universe. In our case, Mr. Weenie is the sun. Everything revolves around the cage and the precious cargo inside.

Now that may be an overstatement, but if there was no cage there would be no chastity. I’m not saying Lion would immediately go back to masturbating however often he did before. But there would be no reason not to. I couldn’t stop him. Whatever other activities we do, the key is that Mr. Weenie is safe in his cage. Or not, as the case may be.

If you think about it, Mr. Weenie could just as easily be called King Weenie. He wears a crown on his head. I know, that’s silly. A step too far perhaps. My point is that whatever I call it, his penis is my favorite toy, and even though I may whack it and otherwise abuse it from time to time, I respect it.

This concept may seem counter-intuitive. If the top is in charge, how can so much importance be placed on a penis? Shouldn’t the top be the most important? Why are we all here, talking about chastity if the penis isn’t important? We can all have different goals, but it all boils down to how much attention that weenie gets. He could be locked up for months without being allowed out. He may get to come out frequently, but never get to have an orgasm. Or, as in Lion’s case, he may get to have somewhat frequent orgasms. (Although I’m sure he doesn’t think they are frequent enough.)