Lion is able to work from home today. His office is near a mall so making his way past the Black Friday shoppers would have been impossible. I am lucky enough to have four days off.  It’s nice to have a long weekend with Lion.

On Wednesday he almost missed his window for contacting me. As you may recall, he must send some sort of message to me each workday before noon. The other day my email came at 11:50. Very close! While I was waiting I made a decision. I know he’s been very busy at work. He would have a valid reason for not finding time to email me. But I decided that if he missed the deadline he should still receive a punishment. However, his swats would not have been as hard as usual.

I thought it was important to maintain some sort of punishment even if he has a good excuse. Of course, I didn’t need to do it since my pet followed instructions. But now he knows there will be consequences even with a valid excuse. And I’m proud of myself for this. Usually I look for any excuse not to follow through on a punishment. Maybe I am evolving.

I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner. I generally do feasts. As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, she invited a coworker to dinner. I think that’s great. We had plenty of food and it was fun to sit down to a huge dinner. We had turkey, stuffing of course, a potato dish which is a “layer cake” of mashed white potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and biscuits. We had several kinds of pie available for desert. Way too much food. But that’s fine. I love Thanksgiving leftovers. If you celebrate this holiday, I hope you shared a feast with people you care for.

One thing we did yesterday was to clean the house and rearrange the living room. I know, not a chastity activity, but one that brought us both real satisfaction. Wednesday night was my orgasm night and the memory lingers tauntingly at the edge of my mind. It was wonderful. As Mrs. Lion said yesterday, it’s wonderful being married to your best friend. She takes wonderful care of me and indulges my kinky nature.

What more could an old lion ask! I am very happy that she is now very much her own lioness. She has learned to not give me a vote in what happens sexually. That’s not entirely true. I don’t get a vote, but she listens to me. If, for example, it is orgasm night and I am just tired and grumpy. I can ask to postpone and I am very sure she will. She may not move it to the next day. She might just move it to my next scheduled orgasm date. That’s a risk I have to accept.

Orgasms, by the way, are becoming a bit less important to me. It’s true that I get massively horny and desperate for them. But I am starting to enjoy the teasing and being horny nearly as much as finally squirting. Don’t get the idea that I will ever not want one. But I am having more fun between orgasms. Progress?

Lion and I worked our buns off to get the house and dinner ready tonight. Yesterday I invited one of my coworkers to share our Thanksgiving dinner since her plans had fallen through. The house was not ready for a guest. Between us we got the house clean. I’m thankful we work so well together.

I don’t have enough space here nor words to describe how thankful I am to have Lion in my life. Not just because he agreed to a last minute guest. He does so much for me. It’s true, I have made some big changes to make his chastity fantasy come true. But he puts up with me. That’s a much harder job.

I’m thankful that I married my best friend. I’m thankful we get along so well. And we really would do anything for each other. Having been in a much different marriage before, I can tell you that I’d much rather have Lion’s kinkiness than be fighting all the time. I prefer beating his sexy buns to walking on eggshells.

I’m sure we’ll both be too tired to play tonight. He even said earlier that he was glad last night was orgasm night. But tomorrow night we’ll be back in action. Maybe a nice spanking with some edging.

Today is Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for. Most recently, I had a very good orgasm last night. Mrs. Lion started out with nasty velcro on my penis. She followed that with clothespins on my nipples. This was accompanied by some nice hand action. For some reason I wasn’t enjoying the pain. Mrs. Lion pointed out that she was sure I would enjoy a blow job. I had to agree. That’s a universal truth. I loved it! She took her time; slowing down when I got close. Finally, she let me finish. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed that feeling. Well, by some standards not all that long, but an eternity to me. After the fireworks, I learned my next opportunity to come would be December fifth, nine long days away. It’s a long time for me. Don’t laugh! It is.

Back to Thanksgiving. Almost a year ago I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me into a chastity device. She agreed, and it stuck. Here I am still caged and our lives have changed for the better. I am thankful that I am married to an amazing woman who is willing to change her life to make me happy. Imagine that; just to make me happy. Every day I think about how much she does for me.  I can never repay her.

The thing is, enforced chastity is exactly the opposite of the way it appears. It may look like I am locked up and have to suffer lack of sexual satisfaction. But in fact I want to be locked up. I want to feel Mrs. Lion’s control and I accept that I feel it by losing the ability to get hard and come when I want. That doesn’t change the fact that I do suffer when I just have to come and I can’t. But I suffer because I want to. That’s the nature of enforced chastity and I am getting what I want.

Mrs. Lion, on the other hand, knows I am hurting and feels badly that she is the cause. That’s the thing about topping; you know intellectually that the bottom wants you to do all those mean things. Emotionally, however, it doesn’t feel good to hurt someone you love. Only time and my continued gratitude will help Mrs. Lion learn to feel good about being bad. That’s hard work and I am thankful she does it for me.

I’m thankful that we have a nice place to live and good food to eat. That means a lot in this world. I’m thankful that you take the time to read our blog. It means a lot to both of us that you are here. We also love your comments and email. I’m thankful we have a little community of like-minded people. It helps us learn and stay the course when things get tough. I hope that you also have a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy the day. I’ll be cooking turkey while safely locked in my cage.