I do some of my best thinking in the shower. Yesterday I had some good ideas.

Ever since I moved in I have been the breakfast maker. Lion says he can’t function at that hour. If you could see me in my sleepy stupor bouncing off the hallway walls on the way to the kitchen some mornings, you’d know that I frequently cannot function at that hour either. And sometimes it’s difficult to come up with something other than the same old, same old. On Sunday, Lion made French toast. Yum! While I was in the shower I wondered why can’t he do this more often? Ding! Lion will be in charge of weekend breakfast! Yay me! Excellent idea.

Yesterday afternoon I had to do some manscaping. Lion likes to be bare down there. Actually he likes to be bare from his belly button down to his upper thighs all the way around. Not really sure why. So I took out the hedge clippers and sheared him. When I got out of my shower, I decided to shave my legs. And the thought occurred to me. If I manscape him, why shouldn’t he womanscape me? Ding! Another excellent idea!

Lion had no problem with making breakfast on the weekends. He knows it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Cereal is ok some mornings. He is nervous about womanscaping though. He doesn’t want to cut me. I have assured him that with the electric razor there is little chance of hacking off my limb.

I’m very happy with my ideas. And a little proud of myself too. It’s been difficult for me to wrap my mind around topping him. Perhaps I just need to take baby steps.

View of the velcro "ties"that are wrapped tightly around lion's soft penis. Any attempt at erection results in pain as the "teeth" dig in.

View of the velcro “ties”that are wrapped tightly around lion’s soft penis. Any attempt at erection results in pain as the “teeth” dig in. To see lion model this painful wardrobe, click here

Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Lion unlocked me so that she could do routine hair removal. Every few weeks, my pubic hair is removed as well as the hair on my upper thighs and my butt, inside and out. She does this with a combination of tools: a Braun epilator that pulls hair out by the roots. She uses this on my main pubic region as well as my thighs and outer butt. That’s followed by an electric body shaver that takes care of my balls, shaft and crack. When she is done, I am as bare as a…well…lion’s bottom. After she finished she said that she wasn’t going to lock me up until my shower so that I can get a chance to wash without the cage. She said that she still didn’t want any unauthorized erections.

Having said that, she went to her cock and ball toy bag and removed some velcro cable ties we had purchased some time ago. She was drawn to them by their nice colors as well as the fact that they have very scratchy teeth on the inside. Over the years she has used these when we play. She takes the ties and fastens them tightly around my soft penis. She usually gets three along the shaft by stretching it as she applies the velcro. The velcro is tightly pulled, squeezing my shaft and the little teeth hurt as they bite in. Once she gets them on, she begins stimulating me, making me get very hard. The velcro doesn’t give. My cock is “strangled” by nasty hook-bearing strips. When hard, it looks like I have big dents in the shaft where the velcro digs in.

This really hurts! Wow does it ever. My lioness generally observes gently, “If it really hurt, you would be soft.”

Oh no! I am hard as a rock and hurting like hell. It’s a sexual irony. The pain is actually making me harder. Eventually she takes pity on me and releases the velcro. That is its own special brand of hell. When the velcro is released, the blood rushes into the dent the velcro made. That rush feels like my cock was hit by a hammer. She always smiles when she sees this reaction.

That is how she uses them for play. Today she put them on my soft penis quite tightly. She told me that if I try to get hard, I know what will happen: those little teeth will dig into my cock and hurt more and more the harder I get. They also hurt on my soft cock too. Every time I move in my chair, the hooks dig into the soft skin. I have to agree that this velcro cock bondage is an effective way to prevent lion erections. My lioness can certainly be diabolical when she wants. Another reason I love her so much!

cock teas t-shirt

We finally had an evening just for Mrs. Lion! She should get this t-shirt as an award for really pleasing her lion.

One of the more difficult problems we face is dealing with sex. If you have been reading our posts, an amazingly big part of forced male chastity is sex. That is surprising since our cages prevent sex. But that’s not really totally correct. The cages allow our keyholders to control our sexual experiences, not eliminate them. Thank goodness! My lioness is not all that interested in initiating sex. I’m not all that good at it either. Before I was caged, we had an uncomfortable standoff. Mrs. Lion was willing to forgo sex rather than initiate and I would get more and more horny, finally hinting in a very unsubtle way that I needed release. The net result was that I got a handjob or two a week and my poor lioness got nothing. This made me feel very guilty, but I just couldn’t work out how to break this cycle.

My interest in forced chastity has been around for over fifteen years. I made the recent (February 2014) decision to actually try it, not because I thought it would cure our problem, but because the idea really turned me on. As you know, she agreed. What happened next is chronicled here. What happened Friday night can only be described as a breakthrough. Let me start from the beginning.

Every day my lioness and I exchange affectionate text messages, telling each other how much we love one another. We also send one-word messages: “KISS”. Friday, I was thinking how nice it would be to lick her to orgasm. I got a chance to do that last week and loved it. I always love to taste my lioness. So, instead of KISS, I sent her “Lick (if you let me)”. She replied “Maybe”. Promising! I had initiated in a way consistent with my role as her caged male and she had replied appropriately.

Friday night, she uncaged me and I asked her if I could lick her. She agreed. I spent some really nice time between her legs enjoying her taste and smell. Yum! When she had enough, I rolled over on my back to rest a bit and to enjoy her scent lingering on my face. A few minutes later she sat up and began playing with my penis. It didn’t take long to get me hard and excited. I was really getting into it when she stopped. She then climbed on to me, and began to ride me. I really love that! She does too; she has her best penetration orgasms in that position. She had a lot of fun. I did too. She asked if I could come this way. I really couldn’t. I liked that. It meant I could please her without getting off myself. She said I could come if I wanted, but I really couldn’t. Usually, this position is guaranteed to make me come. She continued riding for several nice orgasms.

When she was done, she climbed off and began masturbating me again. I surprised myself by saying, “You know, just because you came doesn’t mean I have to.” She kept playing with me for a bit, then stopped. She told me I was all sticky and said I should wash off and then I could go back into my cage. I went to the bathroom and washed. By the time I got back, I was soft and she immediately caged me. I was really horny! But, I was also happy.

One of the key points in forced male chastity is that the keyholder uses her male’s penis for her pleasure without regard for the male’s satisfaction. I really wanted my lioness to do that. For the very first time that is what happened. She had a lot of fun using both my mouth and my cock for her pleasure and then locked me back up without me getting to come. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to come. I am not one of those guys who wants to see how long he can go without squirting. I like it too much. On the other hand, part of my fantasy is for my lioness to use me for her pleasure and then lock me up unsatisfied.

My lioness is a very kind woman. She wants me to have fun more than she wants to have fun herself. She is giving and generous. I also think that she doesn’t let me know what her needs really are. Now, for the first time, she put herself first and took her pleasure from me. You know, It was more satisfying for me than coming myself. I may have had intermittent erections all night as I thought of getting off, but I went to sleep with a smile on my face knowing that I pleased my lioness unselfishly. I really want that to happen again and again. Mrs. Lion made me really happy in a new and wonderful way.

Last night my poor Lion was a little under the weather. Once he was settled in I noticed he hadn’t put on his diaper as required. He went in his home office to check on his websites and after about an hour I took out a paddle and left it on the bed so he’d see it. Eventually I asked him if he forgot something. He looked at me sheepishly and said he’d hoped I would forget about the diaper since he wasn’t feeling well. The truth is, because we have a busy weekend, I was thinking about letting him be diaper free anyway. And had he asked me if he could forego the diaper I would have taken pity on him. But he didn’t ask. He assumed. And to paraphrase the familiar saying, you gave your ass to me, dear Lion. So today my Lion will receive his punishment swats when the mood strikes me.