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Orgasm Roulette

Yesterday was Valentine’s day. It was also my scheduled orgasm day. Mrs. Lion planned it that way. I was treated to a visit to our dungeon and was strapped into the sling. We then had a pegging and Flexall on

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Best Keyholder Ever

Mrs. Lion, or as she calls herself, Lioness 2.0, has made amazing changes to better support me and our enforced chastity / FLR relationship. For two years she worked hard to make me happy by providing me with the discipline

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A New Level Of Arousal

I admit it. I’m confused. Here I am, the big, bad, former dominant (dormant dominant?) finding myself massively turned on by obviously subby things. It isn’t that the stuff 2.0 is doing to me is new. We’ve played at some

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Creating a Monster

Lion mentioned yesterday was hump day. I told him he’d get a chance to hump last night. When I unlocked him I grabbed my bag of tricks with the clothespins, Velcro and rope in it. He made a face. He

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