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Tender Butt

Our posts over the last couple of weeks mention Lioness 2.0. For reasons neither of us understand, she decided to become stricter and less interested in whether I am enjoying what she does to me. Let me be clear that

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A New Level Of Arousal

I admit it. I’m confused. Here I am, the big, bad, former dominant (dormant dominant?) finding myself massively turned on by obviously subby things. It isn’t that the stuff 2.0 is doing to me is new. We’ve played at some

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February 1

Yesterday I assured Lion that his date would not change unless he did something incredibly stupid. He didn’t. He did, however, have something on his punishment list. A big something. I grabbed the nasty bloodwood paddle with the rough stuff

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Bobble Head Lion

We had a busy weekend. Each day I looked forward to not having to go out, but we had errands in addition to chores. By dinnertime I was so tired of running up and down stairs doing laundry that I

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